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In the News 
Update on Charlottesville and Trump's Defense of White Supremacists & Symbols of the Confederacy. . . 
(including 109 U.S. public schools
across the nation named after confederates. )  

Is Secretary DeVos 
breaking the law? 

(Please refer to the letter sent
 by Senator Patty Murray & Representative Bobby Scott to Secretary DeVos  to learn about this topic. Click here  for ESSA review and public feedback processes and concerns.)

Also, in the news 
Public Comments on Education Regulations are due by August 21st. To learn more, click here  or here. 
Note (cross referenced):  " The Executive Order exceeds President Trump’s constitutional authority, violates his duty under the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, and directs federal agencies to engage in unlawful actions that will harm countless Americans. . ."  

Michigan Scraps A-F Grading System without legislative action. . .  
Click here to learn more. 

The Supreme Court:
Raising the Bar on  Special Education
here to learn more. The Court reasoned -- "instruction that aims so low would be tantamount to sitting idly…awaiting the time when they (students) were old enough to drop out."

​​ Coming Soon: Equity is a key feature in top school systems around the world   according to the experts in the field. Click on Singapore or Estonia for a preview. 

South Korea  
Coming Soon in 2017

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Excellent & Equitable Public School Systems
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Topics for Discussion (& Your Checklist)
How Does Your State, District & School
Define and Support   Student Voice & Empowerment?  


July 18, 2017

Watch Now Hearing on “ESSA Implementation:
Exploring State and Local Reform Efforts.”

July 13, 2017

Watch Now:  Hearing on “Opportunities for State Leadership
of Early Childhood Programs.”

May 24, 2017

  Watch Now:  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
testifying before a House Appropriations subcommittee on President Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget proposal

February 6, 2017

Watch Live Now: Debating Betsy DeVos' Nomination

February 2, 2017

Attend the Upcoming  School Choice Hearing
in D.C. on February 2, 2017!   (Time: 10 AM with an overflow room available... This event is 
open to the public.) This was an excellent hearing
with pertinent questions asked by Fudge, Davis, Adams, Scott, Takano, etc. Ms. Carter, as one of the witnesses, served the public well, too --- not only as an outstanding
parent in representing her son but also as a very knowledgeable witness. (None of them, however, talked about housing policies and lessons learned or the inclusionary housing policy option. They also did not discuss the  voluntary use of race to avoid racial isolation school choice option.  Moreover,  they did not even mention the " Unsafe School Choice" option for children who attend persistently dangerous schools. Betsy DeVos should know that parents want the best possible options for their children --- options and choices that reach beyond the idea of simply moving to another building without the supports in place that address positive student outcomes. In other words, she must discuss crucial facts and implementation insights based on proven results tied to student achievement if she is going to talk about school choice,

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COPACS is a collaborative of parents and community stakeholders (across races/ethnicities, gender, geographical regions, socioeconomic status and age groups) that was organized to support public school effectiveness.
This mission-driven goal moves beyond the “one size fits all” traditional school-based approach to parent engagement.  Instead, COPACS supports
parents as well as community stakeholders in gaining access to the latest gold and/or evidenced-based findings, best practices, lessons learned and/or the best possible solutions tied to positive student outcomes --- nothing less. 

To meet this need and/or to  further deepen parent and community stakeholder involvement in public schools, COPACS offers its members a wide range of programming ---  from capacity development opportunities aligned with research-based practices --- to "shared democratic spaces for knowledge creation, exchange and use." 

At its root, COPACS' purpose then underscores the importance of a culture of inquiry that guarantees  transparency and accountability in public school governance, discourse and decision-making connected to student achievement. 
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