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August 12,  2018

Charlottesville's Anniversary Against  White Racists, Terrorists & Murderers

Who is responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer? Trump and his so-called presidency, a presidency that racism built. . . should claim responsibility for this "murderous act of terrorism." He accomplished this task by creating the conditions for hate crimes to increase in this nation --- for without racism  --- Trump would not have been voted into office to feed racist sentiments or to serve as the occupant that merely sits in the office of the president  to cause racist messes. (What nation he actually represents, however, is not clear to most Americans and/or is being debated by still others. . .).

Furthermore, his unpatriotic, uninformed, racist, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists' supporters would not be confused about the "purpose" of the United States of America --- the purpose for which this nation stands --- if he knew or understood its meaning 
--- or, at least, read the U.S Constitution. 

And yet, to date (a year later) Trump and his supporters still revere the symbols of the Confederacy  --- symbols that represent treason. In this light, these symbols serve as reminders of evil such as  the  statue of Robert E. Lee, a statue that should no longer exist in any public
space, a statue that  represents the unrecognized Confederate States of America and its
dehumanizing promotion of slavery, including " the awful criminality of those who held slaves in bondage."

And so when Trump and   Laura Ingrahamm say they want to make America great again or that they miss the America that they once knew are they really announcing to the world that they long for the days of Jim Crow or even fantasize about the time of the unrecognized

Confederacy --- and, therefore, a divided nation? But, what does it mean when they choose to  overlook the sufferings of poor whites  who lived/live in abject poverty ( in shanty houses with outhouses) whose numbers are still the highest ( whites 41%, blacks 23%, Hispanics
28%. . .  ) for Americans living in poverty? Do they not realize that everyone knows that these whites are used for their votes but ignored by their leaders ---- leaders such as McConnell and Trump? Is it any wonder that they are dying by the thousands due to dispair caused by incompetent, cruel politicians who are  busy find ways to benefit themselves or the rich rather than serving their supporters?
If so, why do Trump, Laura Ingrahamm. . . McConnell, etc. call themselves Americans if they do not care about America or  Americans? Why are they such cowards. . . when they (Trump, Ingrahamm, etc.)  could just say that they do not support the United States of America and  the U.S. Constitution? 

If they did believe in America they would finally say Heather Heyer's name out loud and say she was murdered by a white supremacist or a terrorist. They would admit that they are the ones who stir up hate or create and/or promote  policies that confuse ignorant white voters who do not study the facts --- who believe immigration is the problem when it is really the policies of racist, lazy, greedy conservatives, overall who lie. They would have the moral strength and courage to finally stand with the majority of Americans who believe in the American value system.  In doing so, they would finally prove that they understand why their fellow Americans showed up in Charlottesville, on this day, last year --- as well as  today --- to support and promote American ideals tied to its purpose --- and not the ideals of racist terrorists.

David Landers