August 12,  2018
(Updated April 2019)

Charlottesville's Anniversary  
What is Trump doing to address white  supremacy
and homegrown terrorism after the death of Heather Heyer? 

Who is responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer? Is it Trump and the influence of his so-called presidency and his belief in the "very fine people" at the Charlotteville's white supremacist rally? If so, his irresponsibility in promoting divisions (on purpose) in the U.S. represents a presidency that racism built. . . with  ongoing "murderous acts of terrorism" from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh ( where he was not welcomed if he refused to meet certain conditions) and now Poway, CA.  Unfortunately, the American people do not know what Trump is doing --- to address this scourge of racism and anti-Semitism.

Can anyone name the   goals, plans, strategies or frameworks that he has in place to address the very racism and violence that his presidency is causing?  No. Why? He doesn't have any goals or plans to meet the goals or to implement the goals; he's too busy taking money from the NRA, an act that is clouding his ability to act on behalf of the American people. This means he (along with the Republicans) must prove, at some point, that he is acting in good faith to combat racism and, in turn, to protect the American people. 

He, of course, must first acknowledge that white supremacy ---- and/or homegrown white terrorism --- is a U.S. problem. If not, he is supporting and allowing --- if not  creating the conditions for his impressionable, emboldened followers to become, unbeknownst to them, responsible for turning ordinary citizens into martyrs --- while they are forgotten and he is remembered for homegrown terrorism and the rise of the U.S. gun culture. His neglect of this concern then is on purpose for he knows he is creating a dangerous space for the ongoing mainstreaming of white supremacy to exist, an evil that continues to grow since he has lowered the standards for U.S. morality to an all time low.  

And yet, he is still  feeding racist sentiments by forgetting that a nation divided cannot stand ---a key rule to remember for a bona fide president.  At the same time,  Trump knows that without racism  --- he would not have been voted into office. He, therefore, stands as a highly unpopular POTUS, who is known by his racist, weak stances --- stances that have already rendered him as one of the worst presidents in history for all time. To still others, he would not have won without the help of Russia acting on his behalf to change the outcome of a U.S. presidential election, a fact that he still denies.  Is it any wonder then that 58% of the nation is now saying he is lying about his ties to Russia and his and their interference in an U.S. presidential election? (What nation he actually represents, however, is still not clear to most Americans and/or is being debated by still others. . .) Who believes he is innocent on all accounts? 

With this question in mind, Trump's presidency will always be known by his unpatriotic, uninformed, racist, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists' supporters who represent a minority who remain confused about the "purpose" of the United States of America  --- the purpose for which this nation exists (to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity). As their stand-in, Trump does not, to most historians, understand its meaning, either. Moreover, there is doubt among Americans about whether or not Trump has even read the U.S Constitution. This, probably, also means that he has not read or embraced  the words of Abraham Lincoln who taught the world long ago: a house divided cannot stand. Trump, however, only serves (or pretends to serve) his supporters and does not  care about the   public trust.  

And so, to date (a year later) Trump and his supporters still revere the symbols of the Confederacy  --- symbols that represent treason. In this light, these symbols serve as reminders of evil such as  the  statue of Robert E. Lee, a statue that should no longer exist in any public
space, a statue that  represents the defeated and unrecognized Confederate States of America and its  dehumanizing promotion of slavery, including " the awful criminality of those who held slaves in bondage." That Trump tries to deflect from the statues by saying that George Washington owned slaves is a telltale sign that he wants to mainstream racism as something "natural" to the United States of America. Yet, Trump fails to mention that Washington knew the difference between right and wrong when he worried about his own soul in regard to his ownership of slaves.  In other words, Trump says nothing about the fact that Washington freed all of his slaves and made certain that they would be able to take care of themselves through a trade. He also protected the elderly ones as well as children "without parents" were taken care of --- including ensuring that they were taught to read and write, "which were all powerful public statements of Washington’s antislavery views." As Richard Allen stated: "Washington dared to do his duty, and wipe off the only stain with which man could ever reproach him.” Washington also (on receiving a poem from Phyliss Wheatley and recognizing her outstanding talent ) signed a letter to a former slave by sayng: " I am, with great respect, your obedient humble servant.”

And so when Trump and   Laura Ingrahamm say that they want to make America great again are they really announcing to the world that they long for the days of legalized white supremacist practices  ---  (something an evolved President Washington wanted nothing to do with. . .)? Are Trump, Ingrahamm, etc. showing the world, instead, that they
prefer a divided nation rather than a great nation since America is already great? In this light, Trump & Co. would do well do heed President Washington's words on this subject,which include: ”to love your country—to obey its laws—to seek its peace—and to keep yourselves from attachment to any foreign nation.” 

But, what does it mean when they choose to  overlook the sufferings of poor whites  who lived/live in abject poverty ( in shanty houses with outhouses) whose poverty rates  are still the highest among  whites (41%), blacks (23%), Hispanics ( 28%). . .   or for Americans living in poverty? What does it mean when they overlook the safeguards that their own supporters so desperately need and want? What does it mean when they try to reduce ---- healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.? Do they not realize that everyone knows that these whites are used for their votes but that their crucial needs are ignored by their leaders (unless the press exposes t ---- leaders such as McConnell and Trump? Is it any wonder that they are dying by the thousands due to dispair caused by incompetent, cruel politicians who are  busy find ways to benefit themselves or the rich rather than serving their supporters?
If so, why do Trump, Laura Ingrahamm. . . McConnell, etc. call themselves Americans if they do not care about America or  Americans? Why are they such cowards. . . when they (Trump, Ingrahamm, etc.)  could just say that they do not support the United States of America and  the U.S. Constitution? 

If they did believe in America they would finally say Heather Heyer's name out loud and say she was murdered by a white supremacist or a home-grown terrorist who stands against American ideals. They would admit that they are the ones who stir up hate or create and/or promote  policies that confuse ignorant white voters who do not study the facts --- who believe immigration is the problem when it is really the policies of racist, lazy, greedy conservatives, overall who lie. They would have the moral strength and courage to finally stand with the majority of Americans who believe in the American value system.  In doing so, they would finally prove that they, too understand why their fellow Americans showed up in Charlottesville, on this day, last year --- as well as  today --- to support and promote American ideals tied to its purpose --- and not the ideals of racist terrorists.

David Landers