August 12,  2018
(Updated April 2019)

Charlottesville's Anniversary  
What is Trump doing to address white  supremacy
and homegrown terrorism after the death of Heather Heyer? 

Who is responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer? Is it Trump and the influence of his bully pulpit that's causing the spread of his belief in the "very fine people" at the Charlotteville's white supremacist rally? If so, his irresponsibility in promoting divisions (on purpose) in the U.S. represents a presidency that racism built. . . with  ongoing "murderous acts of terrorism" from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh ( where he was not welcomed if he refused to meet certain conditions) and now Poway, CA.  Unfortunately, the American people, to date, do not understand or know what Trump is doing to address this scourge of racism and anti-Semitism that continues to increase in the Unitied States ever since he became the POTUS.

If he has any plans (to rid the nation of this scourge of racism and anti-Semitism) he has kept them to himself.  Americans, however, are patient. They are still expecting more from him than an overused slogan without substance (since America has always been great) and are waiting patiently for him to name, explain and share (with them) what he is doing to address racism and anti-Semitism, a charge he must surely know belongs to him as the leader of the free world.

As it stands, he will first have to explain how he will address his dependency on racism. If he doesn't know he should know that everyone knows he depends on racism to feed his followers. It, is, therefore, time for him to stop being shocked that other politicians do not feel compelled to use this toxic strategy to inform their decision-making as much as he does --- as if it is an understood tactic or a secret held amongst conservative politicians to protect a wildly abused weakness amongst his ilk. 

How will he kick this habit, a visible habit that's a contradiction in terms for a POTUS or a fact that's incompatible with his constitutional oath of office? Clearly, his usage of racism is demonstrating that his actions, unlike any other POTUS in modern times, are indicative of a POTUS who does not care what he has to do to promote " the idolatry of whiteness, the assumption of white privilege and supremacy." His followers love it.  After all, they are as much his  enablers as he is theirs. They egg him on to use more of this toxic mixture so they can feel fortified, certified, and normalized by a POTUS who, no less, shares their belief system complete with his approval and blessings. As a result, some of them are now distracted by a belief in an imaginary lily-white world that he will create through anti-immigration laws that will somehow solve their problems and allow him to stay in office forever as their God. (No one knows what any of them will do when they find out that Jesus was dark, not lily-white. . . in everyone's bible. . . with feet the color of bronze, a fact rarely mentioned if not distorted but more often hidden by any means possible --- for who knows how long, etc.) (Parents of public school children of color, therefore, have no reference point or explanation for his type of leadership.) 

It comes as no surprise then that "not one" American can  name or explain the   goals, plans, strategies or frameworks that he has in place to address the racism and violence that his presidency is causing (as other nations, in this same predicament, have already done).   Why? He doesn't have any goals --- or plans to meet the goals --- and implement the goals --- for he is too busy trying to make money off his presidency, an act that is preventing him from acting on the behalf of the American people. This means that he, must prove, at some point, that he, at least, understands his job description, even if there is no proof that he believes in it. As it stands, his heart seems unyielding and hardened even as Americans wait, and wait and wait for a sign of his change of heart --- still there is no proof (yet) of this change. Will he ever develop plans to address racism? Will he ever follow through on his presidential duties. . . ? (Currently, he seems to be doubling down on racism and this is not a good sign.)

It is not a good sign on many fronts. Why? Before he can address these crucial goal(s), he must admit and acknowledge that white supremacy ---- and/or homegrown white terrorism --- is a U.S. problem. He, of course, can run but he cannot hide from these bonafide facts. The damage that he has already caused proves that he is willing to keep on keeping on creating the conditions  for his impressionable, emboldened followers to remain racists and, therefore, anti-American. He has also, in the process, set in stone his legacy as the leader who will forever be known as the president of homegrown racism and terrorism. But, it is not just his followers who have allowed this to happen. Congress and each generation with members over eighteen as a whole cannot change the fact that his presidency, during their lifetime, is already well supplied with  historical documentation proving that the rapid rise of a U.S. racist culture took place when he took office. It will also show that he lowered the current standards for U.S. morality --- for all time --- unless he does something differently --- and quickly to change this fact before the next election. (Think King Ahab.)  

And yet, he will not stop  feeding racist sentiments. As a result, he keeps proving that he believes that the cost of his presidency is worth sacrificing an entire nation with no guilt even though he knows that a nation divided cannot stand. (Think Night King, Game of Thrones)  In fact,  Trump acts as if he believes that racism is his ticket to Night King status for without racism he has no directional pull from Fox News and his followers who have made him believe  that he is not good enugh or smart enough to win the presidency again in his own right and/or without sacrificing his soul to them. But, at the same time, he also knows --- that every single American knows (even his followers know) --- that he  knows that: he never really won  the presidency in first place (A President Carter sentiment) --- for without the Russia's acting on his behalf  Hiliary would have, surely, won easily. The POTUS knows this. . . and his actions keep proving that he knows it --- for why else would he keep pushing forth racist ideas and the need for the Russians to show up once again in a presidential election to do his bidding? This is how a loser would act (who's back into a corner), a loser who believes he is a loser.  Is it any wonder then that 58% of the nation is now saying that he is lying about his ties to Russia and their interference in an U.S. presidential election? 

Moreover, Trump needs to be associated with or known by his unpatriotic, uninformed, racist, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists' supporters who remain confused about the "purpose" of the United States of America. Why? These are the only people who will vote for him. He has, therefore, forfeited his previous in-crowd definition for a lessor one attached to automaton people who lack their own thoughts (Think  Night King followers) so he can use their votes. This includes never really standing up for the purpose for which this nation exists, which is to: form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. That most Americans doubt whether or not Trump understands these words is not the point. He knows that his followers have never read the U.S Constitution. He knows that his followers do not know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican (a fact he just recently learned as well) or understand the very "role" of the   public trust in supporting the U.S. Constitution --- so why should he?  

And so, to date (a year later) Trump and his supporters still revere the symbols of the Confederacy  --- symbols that represent treason. In this light, these symbols serve as reminders of evil such as  the  statue of Robert E. Lee. This statue should no longer exist in any public  space for it is clearly a statue that  represents the defeated and unrecognized Confederate States of America and its  dehumanizing promotion of slavery. It represents " the awful criminality of those who held slaves in bondage," statutes that send an awful message to black children about white adults. 

That Trump tries to deflect from the statues by saying that George Washington owned slaves is a telltale sign that he wants to mainstream racism as something "natural" to the United States of America. Yet, Trump fails to mention that Washington knew the difference between right and wrong when he worried about his own soul in regard to his ownership of slaves.  In other words, Trump says nothing about the fact that Washington freed all of his slaves and made certain that they would be able to take care of themselves by ensuring that they each had a trade. He also protected and took care of the elderly blacks who still needed his help as well as the black children who lived "without parents" on Mount Vernon --- including ensuring that they were taught to read and write." Historians state that these particular examples were "all powerful public statements of Washington’s antislavery views." ( Could it also be a sign that Washington knew that he was living in a world of evil if not insane white men whose need to own other humans was a sign of their insantity? He, therefore, tried to protect blacks from a culture that he did not support.   Was it his decision to make? )  As Richard Allen stated: " Washington dared to do his duty, and wipe off the only stain with which man could ever reproach him.” Washington also (on receiving a poem from Phyliss Wheatley and recognizing her outstanding talent ) signed a letter to a former slave by sayng: " I am, with great respect, your obedient humble servant.”

And so when Trump and   Laura Ingrahamm say that they want to make America great again are they really announcing to the world that they long for the days of legalized white supremacist practices or a return to the days of slavery  ---  (something an evolved President Washington wanted nothing to do with. . .)? Are Trump, Ingrahamm, etc. showing the world, instead, that they
prefer a divided nation caused by racism rather than a great nation existing with the fear of God (where wisdom begins) in mind.  In this sense, America is and will always be great. These are the things that Trump and Co. need to ponder. . . They need to ponder these things for they are selling their souls to the devil to keep  a certain type of anti-American prototype alive and well --- which includes but is not limited to an attachment to racism and a foreign nation's involvement in a U.S. presidential election. In this light, Trump & Co. would do well do heed President Washington's words on this subject, facts that include: ”to love your country—to obey its laws—to seek its peace—and to keep yourselves from attachment to any foreign nation.” 

But, what does it mean when they choose to  overlook the sufferings of poor whites  who lived/live in abject poverty ( in shanty houses with outhouses) whose poverty rates  are still the highest among  whites (41%), blacks (23%), Hispanics ( 28%). . .  ? What does it mean when they overlook the safeguards that their own supporters so desperately need and want? What does it mean when they try to reduce or end ---- healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. for their supporters? Is it any wonder that Trump's supporters are dying by the thousands due to dispair caused by incompetent, cruel politicians who are  busy finding ways to benefit themselves  rather than serving their supporters?
If so, why do Trump, Laura Ingrahamm. . . McConnell, etc. call themselves Americans if they do not care about America or  Americans? Why are they such cowards. . . when they (Trump, Ingrahamm, etc.)  could just say that they do not support the United States of America and  the U.S. Constitution? 

If they did believe in America they would finally say Heather Heyer's name out loud and say she was murdered by a white supremacist or a home-grown terrorist who stands against American ideals. They would admit that they are the ones who stir up hate or create and/or promote  policies that confuse ignorant white voters who do not study the facts --- who believe immigration is the problem when it is really the policies of racist, lazy, greedy conservatives, overall who lie. They would have the moral strength and courage to finally stand with the majority of Americans who believe in the American value system.  In doing so, they would finally prove that they, too understand why their fellow Americans showed up in Charlottesville, on this day, last year --- as well as  today --- to support and promote American ideals tied to its purpose --- and not the ideals of racist terrorists.

David Landers