Trump, ICE Raids Without Warrants, 
& Brown Immigrant Families
(What type of POTUS creates one humanitarian crisis after another crisis on purpose?)

(Updated on October 2, 2018)
(Updated on January 22, 2019)
(Updated April 30, 2019)
(Udated July 2019)

Trump does not want brown and black immigrant families in the nation even though the nation needs more immigrants . Social Security will be impacted without more immigrants. Medicare will be impacted without more immigrants. Employment rates will continue to be impacted by every racist decision that he makes. As it stands, he already has a guaranteed place in history as an immoral leader when it comes to immigrants and human rights.  These leadership messes --- no doubt, will be left for other presidents to clean up since decency is not a part of his modus operandi on multiple fronts.  

This includes separating children from their parents to
deter immigrants from coming to America. It includes the upcoming 
ICE raids  without warrants . (Note: " The Trump Administration  is also 
making up things about the asylum hearings.)
 Given these facts, there's no way to fix a broken immigration system if the POTUS is a racist who's hellbent on causing one " humanitarian crisis" after another on purpose. What type of leader loses children? What type of POTUS would allow children to be moved under "the cover of darkness"  --- to a tent city without any transparent and accountable processes and structures in place? What type of POTUS places children in cold, overcrowded cages and allows them to be given rotten food? What type of POTUS fails to explain to the American people his decision to place children in overcrowded cages without access to water whenever they want it? When will they be moved again? When will the squalid conditions be addressed that he has created on purpose? How will they be protected against predators? When will they be reunited with their families? Will they receive educational  services while they wait there for who knows how long?   

The American people must keep on asking about the missing immigrant children --- that Trump lost. The American people must keep on demanding that he must find them now. When  he says he needs two years to find the missing children the American people must demand that Trump must find them now. after all, losing children on purpose should not be interpreted in any other way than as criminal behavior.  Clearly, this unbelievable chaos is, part and parcel, of an unfit U.S. president, along with a group of conservative senators who have dropped so low into an abyss that promoting a  racist legislative agenda against children can only be perceived of as anti-American.  Trump is proving this fact over and over again by breaking the law again and again and again. Does Trump have any respect for American laws pertaining to asylum-seekers? Does he believe in  America or equal protections for people of color?

(Trump's racism also extends to the victims of Maria "the deadliest hurricane
to hit the United States in more than 100 years  with  2975 overlooked American deaths --- rather than the 64 deaths he spoke about 
based on his inability to care about the facts. )

Most Americans cannot support the Republicans either. . . for they have already lost their minds (and souls) by remaining silent about Trump's policies. The Republicans can try as they might to feign ignorance about Trump's policies but they are complicit in a busing the rights of immigrant babies and children --- a fact that includes the actions and/or crimes that  allow children to die on purpose by being   careless with their lives.  When will Trump and Company be held accountable for committing these crimes against children? After all, these crimes would not have happened without Trump & the Republicans involvement.  

Trump, however,  is the one who keeps devising the plans that create the conditions that intentionally place children of color in harm's way --- while the Republicans do nothing to stop him. Silence is complicity though, an act that should be remembered in the voting booth.  (Consider Pence , the anti-Christian, who did not speak to one person who was trapped in one of Trump's cages and
who had no problem lying about what he saw.) 

But, neglecting immigrant children and allowing them to die on purpose, as a deterrent against immigration, should contantly be mentioned and called a crime. 
It is a crime that should be acknowleged by anyone who calls himself or herself a United States representative. The only way it is not a crime is if Trump and the Republicans do not believe in the humanity of children of color and, therefore,
(This applies to politicians on both sides of the aisle.)  

To date, their beliefs, based on their actions pertaining to brown and black immigrants are, of course, not a mystery. The dead give away is their constant perpetuation of a pattern of racism against people of color (that cannot be denied). Under this spotlight, should Trump and the Republicans be referred to as American leaders in name only or simply as Republican leaders until the American people vote them out of office (such as   DeSantis, etc.  --- who was able to gain power by referring to black people as monkeys and apes. . . better apes than embracing the ways of a  devil as he is doing) so that they are never placed in a position  to create the policies that harm  people of color ever again? 

No matter what Trump says his "_ white extinction anxiety_, " is on display when he makes decisons pertaining to brown and black immigrants, a type of anxiety that seeks to decrease the number of people of color in the nation as a way to fight this imaginary state of  being. A wall will not help this malady or
his white extinction anxiety.

In other words, Trump is so afraid of brown and black people outnumbering whites (as if we are not God's creations) that he is ignoring the real causes for the decrease of the white population in the U.S. If he was really interested in protecting the white population he would focus on the opioid crisis, the suicide crisis, the alcoholism crisis, the low birth rate crisis (or the infertility epidemic), and the premature deaths of whites crisis --- all problems impacting the lives of Trump's white voters disproportionally. Could all of these epidemics be biblical (or a response tied to white racism)? I don't know. It could simply be Trump's inability to lead, which means he has slammed the doors shut on any real remedies tied to these problems since he is wasting his time
on the wrong solutions
(for instance, a wall and ICE raids).  

With this said, Trump's hatred of people of color is causing him to Box with God, so to speak, as if he has the ability to change the make-up of the nation (much in the same way that Hitler thought that he could do in Germany. . .  He might also want to revisit how the U.S. Civil War ended. . .)   This is a God no, no. This need is futile
In fact, it will lead to an increase of brown and black migrants trying to enter the nation, a fact already in play that he cannot stop. (He might also want to study the " shifting population trends " all over the world or who will soar in "begetting" who,
in spite of oppression. 

Unfortunately, Trump is a racist who only calls immigration a problem when the asylum seekers are not white. In fact, he does not care about the socio-economic status or asylum-seeking status of white migrants. As a racist POTUS, he does not speak about the rule of law when it comes to undocumented white immigrants.  
This distinction or his uequal treatment of brown immigrants is based on a limited, evil view of humanity, a sinful practice that all Americans are expected to readily understand and support.  But Americans with a sense of morality already know this evil leadership practice cannot stand. They already know that since he is a racist and he does not read or know about population trends he will never understand
why it is a miracle that the brown and black migrants ended up here.) 
Separating brown children from their parents then only proves that Trump
--- as the President of the United States ---
is unfit to lead or just plain cruel:
a real moral leader leads based on competence not incompetence . . .
A moral leader would never play deadly games with the lives of any children. 

That he wants the  the ACLU to undo what he has done --- or  do what he will not do :
reunite parents with their children is a now a part of his legacy as a POTUS.
"This means his actions keep testing the depths of depravity."
This means his  actions are proving  that he supports the systematic
oppression  of children without any type of concern for their
well being. . .  actions that prove Trump is a true
sociopath who treats people of color as if we are all his enemies 
while Republicans look on and pretend he is normal. 

What is just as troubling is the weak response from his supporters or Americans who have not called their elected officials to tell them to utilize any and all U.S resources or whatever it takes (with a sense of urgency) to find and reunite the parents with their babies and children. . . In this light, their low moral standards are on full display for the world to view since they must close ranks to support and protect a culture that thrives on Trump's racism, cruelty, 
incompetence and/or inhuman policies.

Currently, these Americans will always be remembered as the Americans who turned their backs on helpless babies with outstretched arms and despair on their faces. . .  That he cares nothing about babies who cry and curl up into fetal positions based on his  child abandonment" policies is  a sign he does not represent anything that resembles America.

Profound moral weaknesses then are the dominant feature of Trump's presidency 
--- immoral weaknesses that overshadow everything else that he does --- weaknesses that are fully documented for everyone to question 
who cares about America. Someone ought to tell Trump, however, that the more he messes with immigrants the more he is messing with his own supporters' Social Security benefits and Medicare --- for without workers or immigrants these programs will be reduced. 

Clearly, this code, Trump and his supporters are trying to normalize by their silence about immigrant children, is not based on decency. It is not based on any "good faith effort" to make America great again, either. It is simply based on racism.   (We expected Ivanka to speak up for children but her  modern day disguised slavery strategy overseas or paying her workers slave wages is evidence of her inability to recognize the humanity of all human beings .)

A bonafide, popular intelligent POTUS would already know that

he or she should be  immune from the disease called racism, a
disease that produces   racists and all the term implies.   
  Note: "racism— is the practice of racial discrimination, segregation, 

In the case of Trump and Company --- all of the above, of course, apply ---
based on their racist natures --- and their views on immigration --- 
at the expense of their own

David Landers