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Is Trump evil or is he a  coward for creating one  " humanitarian crisis" after another one on purpose? (This includes Maria "the deadliest hurricane to hit the United States in more than 100 years, and one of the nation's deadliest disasters ever. . ." with 2975 overlooked deaths --- rather than the 64 deaths he spoke about based on his inability to lead during a crisis.)

Is he a  poor excuse for a human being who does not mind abusing the rights of babies and children, including  allowing them to die by being careless with their lives  ---- with the blessings of conservative politicians (who all seem to fear immigration for unfounded reasons   . . .rather than being more concerned about their own souls)? Who are "these" irresponsible  people
(DeSantis, etc.) who would do anything for votes ( a tactic that will backfire), including
forfeiting their own sense of dignity to do so by promoting racism?

Is Trump afraid to compete with people of color on a level playing field? Is this why he is so concerned about whites becoming a minority, a matter that seems to be more about fairness and equality (as much as it is about white skin)? Does he understand that equality is an integral part of the U.S. Constitution in spite of his predilection for the promotion of racist practices? 

I s he the (wanna-be) superior elitist who cannot even defend his own weak arguments or who cannot stand in the face of real leadership (or competency) on a variety of subjects --- a president who must make up things and declare anyone who does not pretend he is competent --- an enemy (because he can. . .if he remains in his own bubble) ? Is he the  liar no one can trust?  Is he the  gangster who is doing nothing to prevent Russia's interference in an election?  Is he the hardcore, incompetent, 
inarticulate. . . the infamous occupant in the White House who  acts more like he's leading the unrecognized c onfederate States of America with his low information
confederate-like supporters by his side than representing the United States of America. . . etc., )?  Many are asking these questions for what type of a leader would intentionally separate babies and children of color from their parents? Unfortunately, Trump would . . . and did. . .  and is still doing the unthinkable.

He now wants the ACLU to undo what he did or  do what he will not do :
reunite parents with their children. Say what?  This means he is playing games with the lives of children by diminishing their very  humanity. 
This means his actions are "testing the depths  of depravity. . ." 
This means his  actions are proving  that he supports the systematic oppression of  people of color," including of children without any type of concern for
their well being. . .  actions that prove
Trump is a true sociopath. 

What is just as troubling is the weak response from his supporters or Americans who have not called their elected officials to tell them to use U.S resources or whatever it takes (with a sense of urgency) to find and reunite parents with their babies and children. . . If not, his supporters must also take the blame for destroying the lives of babies and children. These Americans are fooling no one for their low moral standards are on full display for the world to view, especially since they must close ranks to support and protect a culture that thrives on Trump's racism, cruelty and incompetence and/or inhuman policies.

As it stands, these are Americans who are just as capable of turning their backs on helpless babies with outstretched arms and despair on their faces. . .  who cry and curl up into fetal positions based on Trump's "child abandonment" policies that support the separation of parents from their children. They are Americans who  lack the ability to understand the meaning of humanity. 

Profound moral weaknesses then are the dominant feature of Trump's presidency  --- moral weaknesses that overshadow everything else he does --- weaknesses that are fully documented for everyone to question who cares about America. In this sense, he has been very consistent in working against American standards for decency. Should his exploitation of women and the unfair, racist treatment of people of color be used to explain his need to hurt children and their parents, too?  Does this low moral code guarantee that anyone who supports him is seeking to divide the nation   ---
(something true Americans could never support)?

Clearly, this code, his supporters are trying to normalize by their silence, is not American. It is a code that supports white nationalism built on a strange interpretation of Christianity, a code traded and reinterpreted for Trump and his cruel, inhuman leadership decisions. . a new form of white nationalism serving as their new god, a code very few people can support. . .  Does this low moral code create the standards for everything he does, including  his extreme ineptness and corruption as a leader, too (e.g., the tax plan for the rich while
ignoring safety net programs for his supporters, etc.), 
unAmerican stances
unbefitting of a bonafide POTUS?  

Surely, a popular POTUS (confident in his ability to win) would have never considered treason as an option. . .to win an election . . .  A bonafide, popular president would have never confused the American value system for a Confederate value system
(as if he longs for the immense profits  of morally weak, incompetent slave masters
who only became rich due to the free labor of African Americans.  
a nose job, clothes or things cannot replace a missing soul anyway.)

A bonafide, popular POTUS would, of course, be immune from a disease called racism that produces   racists.   Note: "racism— is the practice of racial discrimination, segregation, persecution, and domination on the basis of
feelings and ideas of racial superiority —  which is mainly a
product of learned behavior. 
Racism is a mental illness characterized
by perceptual distortion, a denial of reality,

delusions of grandeur (belief in white
supremacy), the projection of blame (on the
victim), and phobic reactions to differences. . .
To make racism work it is necessary to destroy
the victim’s identity and to claim superiority for
the oppressor. Former colonizers accomplished this
aim by destroying the history and the culture of
their victims and rewriting history to assert their
own claim to superiority." 

This disease or his sick belief system remains a national security issue. It is a sick belief system that Trump does  not want to cure even as his symptoms are displayed in ugly,  abject  ways time and time again in order to feed and win the support of  
his racist, uneducated, uninformed supporters. 

A bonafide, popular president would not find himself trapped into serving his racist supporters. He would not be trapped into serving as a Russian asset.  He would not have to hide his true intentions in relation to Russia or give himself away thereby proving his guilt or his capacity for treason by doing nothing to address Russia's interference in American elections. Americans would not have to figure out who he is or who represents either. He would never work against American institutions or Americans, overall to support questionable immoral actions and decisions that demonstrate that he lacks the ability to lead or represent America. For instance, is he serving Putin rather than the United States of America? Is he trying to create another unrecognized Confederate States of America based on his racist actions (unbeknownest to American citizens)? 
The only question left to ask is:
who is this man called Trump who is pretending to be the POTUS? 

This is a necessary question to ask for these crimes against humanity also include crimes against his own supporters who will one day figure out that he is insulting them on a daily basis. In fact, ignoring their concerns or implying that they are so stupid that he could shoot them and they would not care is further proof that this man is not morally sound to be called a POTUS. In this light, the Republicans (overall) are of no help to the American people for they, too lack moral codes and are essentially serving as his lapdogs  --- Republican lapdogs who have, in the process, redefined the meaning of public servants. 

When all is said and done,  his supporters lack an understanding of the true nature of
American patriotism and/ or the necessary wherewithal to distinguish between a genuine president (who's competent) and one playing a fictional role (or who's pretending that he supports the United States of America). This means there's no one left in the Grand Old Party who cares about right and wrong, facts or the truth and/or who wants to study the facts. It is, therefore, a failure of their morality, overall

to grasp or understand that for every hour, minute and second that a child or baby is separated from their parents they are all admitting --- to the majority of American citizens --- their disbelief in the U.S Constitution, the American value system, its democratic principles, its institutions, its free press, its diverse citizenry, (including
the "better angels of our nature" as Lincoln called on Americans to embrace), etc.

Trump, however, does not support America --- or what makes America. . . America 

(He did not know Lincoln was a Republican, etc. either) Why? He does not believe
in this nation for if he did c are enough about this nation he would study its history. 
His win was, therefore, a loss for America as a whole. Why?
H e has not even bothered to pretend that  he understands the  fundamental purpose of the  States of America for he simply does not support it. He would have never separated children from their parents if he did. . .   

David Landers