What Has Trump done with the Immigrant Children?
(What Type of Person Separates Children
from their Parents?)

(Updated on October 2, 2018)
(Updated on January 22, 2019)
(Updated April 30, 2019)

What is the meaning of immigration in the United States of America?  
Does it mean children can be separated from their parents?  Does it mean that asylum seekers cannot expect the U.S. to abide by its laws?  Does it mean white racist practices can set the standards for the treatment of immigrants of color?  

Based on the actions of con servatives the answer to all of the above is yes
for their silence is deafening.   Their good faith acts and efforts --- are nonexistent
--- proving that Trump, McConnell, etc. still think it's1819 rather than 2019 ---
due to their ongoing moral bankruptcy or  their inability to understand
crimes against humanity.      

 "Conservative opposition" to fixing a broken immigration system is, therefore, causing immigrant children to experience yet another " humanitarian crisis" on purpose. The American people must keep on asking about the missing immigrant children --- that Trump lost. The American people must keep on demanding that
he find them, now. 

The American people must ask why he says he needs two years to find the missing children.  Clearly, this unbelievable chaos is, part and parcel, of an unfit U.S. president, along with a group of conservative senators who have dropped so low into an abyss that promoting a  racist legislative agenda has become natural to them.  

Trump is proving this fact by breaking the law again and again by preventing asylum seekers from entering the nation. Yet --- any "attempt by President Donald Trump to keep migrants from claiming asylum in the U.S. is unlawful."

(Trump's ineffectiveness also includes Maria "the deadliest hurricane to hit the United States in more than 100 years, and one of the nation's deadliest disasters
. . ." with  2975 overlooked American deaths --- rather than the 64 deaths he spoke about  based on his inability to care about the facts. )

What type of leader would allow children to be moved under "the cover of darkness" anyway --- to a tent city without any transparent and accountable processes and structures in place? What type of conditions are the children experiencing under the leadership of POTUS? How long will they remain there? When will they be moved again? How will they be protected? When will they be reunited with their families? Will they receive educational  services while there? 

A busing the rights of babies and children, including  allowing them to die by being careless with their lives is now a part of the Republicans' abject record. Their racism and   unfounded reasons  for harming children show how low the Republicans will go  to prevent the nation from becoming more diverse. Should they be called leaders if they ignore the human rights of children? Should politicians such as   DeSantis, etc.  ------ who was able to gain power by referring to black people as monkeys and apes (better apes than embracing the ways of a devil as he is doing) _, be placed in a position to make decisions on behalf of children of color? 

No matter what Trump says his "_ white extinction anxiety_, " is on display, a type of anxiety that seeks to decrease the number of people of color in the nation as a way to fight this imaginary state of  being. A wall will not help this malady or his white extinction anxiety. In the meanwhile, Trump is ignoring the real cause of the opioid crisis, the suicide crisis, the alcoholism crisis, the low birth rate crisis (or the infertility epidemic), and the premature deaths of whites, mainly white women --- all problems impacting the lives of whites disproportionally. Could it be biblical (or a response tied to white racism)? No. Unfortunately, Trump alone has s lammed the doors shut on any real remedies for these problems by wasting time on the wrong solutions (for instance, a wall).  As it stands, Trump's hatred of people of color is causing him to ignore or overlook the real solutions that would address these epidemics.   

That he wants the  the ACLU to undo what he did --- or  do what he will not do :
reunite parents with their children is a now a part of his legacy as a POTUS. 
This means his actions are "testing the depths  of depravity. . ." 
This means his  actions are proving  that he supports the systematic
oppression  of children without any type of concern for their
well being. . .  actions that prove Trump is a true
sociopath who treats people of color as if we are all his enemies 
while Congress looks on and pretends he is normal. 

What is just as troubling is the weak response from his supporters or Americans who have not called their elected officials to tell them to utilize any and all U.S resources or whatever it takes (with a sense of urgency) to find and reunite the parents with their babies and children. . . As it stands, their low moral standards are on full display for the world to view since they must close ranks to support and protect a culture that thrives on Trump's racism, cruelty, 
incompetence and/or inhuman policies.

Currently, these Americans will always be remembered as the Americans who turned their backs on helpless babies with outstretched arms and despair on their faces. . .  who cry and curl up into fetal positions based on Trump's
"child abandonment" policies that support
the separation of parents from their children.

Profound moral weaknesses then are the dominant feature of Trump's presidency 
--- immoral weaknesses that overshadow everything else that he does --- weaknesses that are fully documented for everyone to question 
who cares about America. 

Clearly, this code, his supporters are trying to normalize by their silence about immigrant children, is not based on decency. It is not based on any "good faith effort" to make America great again, either. It is simply based on racism.   (We expected more from Ivanka but her  modern day disguised slavery strategy overseas or paying her workers slave wages is  evidence of her missing soul, too --- a nose job, clothes or things
cannot replace it either.)

A bonafide, popular intelligent POTUS would already know that

he or she should be  immune from the disease called racism, a
disease that produces   racists and all the term implies.   
  Note: "racism— is the practice of racial discrimination, segregation, 

In the case of Trump and Company --- all of the above, of course, apply ---
based on their racist natures. 

David Landers