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For excellence and equity in public schools
Trump's America: Distracting His Base By Discriminating Against People of Color ​

  Happy July 4th! 
All Matter. . . including   here --- even if you are an atheist. 



What is Trump doing now to distract from his inability to lead ---  (a concern also tied to his inability to maintain, if not, to improve the foundation for which the public education system must stand)? "Trump is encouraging the nation’s school superintendents and college presidents to adopt race-blind admissions standards, abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses,
Trump administration officials said."

Call your school superintendents, college presidents, elected officials and/or the White House switchboard: 
(202-456-1414). . . Tell them that race must be a factor in diversifying their campuses . . . Tell them that  racism thrives  in places where it is not acknowledged or challenged. 

Unfortunately, Trump wants his supporters to worry about many things but never the right things. In fact, it is easy for Trump to blame people of color or immigrants for the shrinking white population (the real elephant in the room or one of many elephants in the room) since being a racist in the business of lies serves his uninformed voters well. 

However, this tactic originates from his belief that ignoring the U.S. Constitution or equal protections for people of color (including children) is the solution, etc. a  solution that he thinks will not only make his base happy but somehow translate into an increase in the white population to make America great again. But when he takes on this racist strategy and distraction (or sloppy action plan), it also means he is doing nothing to address the real problems associated with whites and/or  his supporters (a tactic that, in turn, ensures that liberals, Democrats, and Progressives will vote against Republicans in every single election the rest of their lives). Most importantly, it is a plan that does not care if his supporters truly understand  the long-term impact of his poverty-producing-policies on their status as the current majority race (or the goals of the 1%, who are the ones who have strategically impacted their status in many critical areas)  and/or the key facts about the shrinking white population, overall.

For instance, his white supporters could, instead, begin by questioning his feeble attempt  to address the white opioid epidemic, the white suicide crisis, the white alcoholism crisis, the white infertility crisis, the extraordinary number of whites dying prematurely, the increase in natural deaths, ("a link associated with  the  volatility of right-wing politics "). Also, please note: 

      Deaths now outnumber births among white people in             more than half the states in the country, demographers         have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-               expected transition to a future in which whites are no           longer a majority of the American population. . .                  Whites are dying faster than they are being born now in       26 states, up from 17 just two years earlier, and                   demographers say that shift might come even sooner.

They could also ask him to address  mass shootings as a high priority area, mostly  caused by white male entitlement

They could ask him why he wants to cut their Medicaid, and Medicare and/or healthcare (including omitting coverage for pre-existing conditions from their health plans). They could ask him why he is cutting housing assistance and food stamps. They could ask about the high number of whites dying from firearms. They could focus on white male joblessness and how it is tied to weak political leadership practices or elite capture of the agenda  --- key facts that have nothing to do with people of color. They could ask Trump why he wants to stigmatize whites who actually need public assistance because of joblessness and why he wants to call it welfare, instead. Note: whites use public assistance more than any other race in the U.S.

They need to ask Trump why he is not addressing the low paying job problem overall in the U.S. or why he is steering poor white children toward certain low paying jobs in the name of vocational training. 

To reinforce this goal, (or because he thinks poor whites lack depth and/or remain unfocused or are easily distracted) he wants to combine the labor and education departments. These departments, however, should represent and address critical priority areas for all Americans! These departments do not need to be minimized but need to promote strong oversight structures and processes that underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in job creation and educational effectiveness, especially when it comes to leadership goals.

Given these facts, his supporters must move beyond his adolescent-name-calling speeches and ask him to specifically explain "how" he is addressing "the low paying job problem" in the U.S. (Note: a job report ceases to be a real job report if it does not focus on jobs that actually allow Americans to make a decent living.)  They must ask him how he is building a strong educational system that is based on equality and equity for all students. This goal must be based on a strong commitment by U.S. leaders who have the know-how to implement an effective education system that can lead all students out of poverty or improve their life chances. 

Yet, Trump's plan or his tax plan does nothing to help poor whites and is, in fact, a document proving that he thinks very little of them as his supporters. . . a plan that sets out to keep them in poverty. And, what about gas prices under Trump or inflation overall, key areas that further burden America's poor? What about his tariffs that are hurting the farm economy or American businesses, overall?

In other words, they must stop black people of color for everything and ask what happens to America's value system when and where racism is allowed to thrive. Given America's racist past, they must stop blaming blacks for the high number of murders in the U.S.  when the majority of gun deaths are not caused by blacks but by whites, etc. They must start asking Trump why his racist policies and bans serve as distractions from Russian's interference in an election (Note: Americans already know his win was based on an unfair advantage. . . They also know that with Trump in office the Russians reduced the U.S. presidency to an easy win for Putin rather than the Republicans. But, it is a win with Trump still serving as the asset before --- and " the accessory after the fact , an asset exploited by his greed, stupidity, ego, and sexual appetite," --- facts that show he still knows it was impossible for him to win on his own. . .) --- and why he is doing nothing to stop it from happening again. They must ask him why he could offer his racist views to them, in particular,  a group who worries about losing their cultural identities (in a diverse America) even though they embrace a longstanding official unAmerican racist subculture that still thinks it must benefit from racism to survive. They must start asking why he still knows he can always count on their votes but, at the same time, ignore their "quality of life" concerns. They must start figuring out why they have mistakenly blamed people of color for their future standing as a minority race without even studying the facts  --- a conclusion that (again) has nothing to do with African Americans or even immigrants.

With all of this said, Trump's supporters must worry less about criticizing people of color and focus, instead, on the key problems impacting their lives. Clearly, they need to get their facts straight by studying the facts, something Trump rarely does for he has no plan to help them. Distinguishing between his lies and truth then is the first step that they must take to recognize that the majority of their problems have to do with other whites.    

This absence of facts is nothing new. Poor whites, in particular, have always blamed people of color for their status without wanting to understand the root causes of their problems. In fact, they were treated just like African Americans before, during and after Reconstruction by their own leaders (e.g., consider that during slavery they were the unofficial slaves who earned low wages due to slavery --- and who eventually turned to criminality to survive. . .) They, too had to pass tests before they could vote.

Today, many  whites  are still blaming blacks for their problems rather than their weak leaders --- as if a predominately white nation will save them. In the process, they have really taken on the roles of the   Dixiecrats who advocated for a small government, a government without safety nets such as public assistance, etc. (as if hurting people of color would help them feel better about themselves) built on weak transparency and accountability goals. Yet, as mentioned, whites need and use safety nets more than blacks do. They use these safety nets to compensate for feeble leaders (such as Ryan , etc.) who keep supporting structural inequalities and inequities that show they could care less about their supporters.

These conservative leaders keep missing the point --- leaders who do not understand that they are sharing a planet with other Americans who must be able to survive, according to American rules, by having a job, a quality job that allows them to take care of their families --- anything less is playing games with Americans, overall. This requirement is an urgent need that demands strong leadership decisions, not a low priority need that overlooks why whites are dying in unprecedented numbers  --- or ignores critical bipartisan agreements.  If Americans do not have quality jobs they need safety nets, it is that simple. 

From a historical standpoint, however,  African American leaders continue to be the ones who truly speak out on behalf of whites as a whole. Perhaps, Trump's supporters should start asking why Trump and other conservatives still ignore  the critical issues that have allowed them to become second-class citizens in their own minds --- or their population to decrease in size  --- issues that need to be addressed if their lives are to improve and change. When they have finished asking these key questions they should then ask why the teachings of Martin Luther King continue to do more for their cause than Trump will ever do for them.

Sadly, Trump is  --- the world renown master of distractions, the real-life U.S. presidential symbol of deception, a weak leader by American standards, who, to date, depends on his supporters' ignorance to remain in office.  In this light, it might be hard for Trump to reimagine America as an inclusive nation that embraces diversity --- but, unbeknownst to him, America is already the land of immigrants,  a nation  that can and will continue to live up to its ideals as one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all ---  in spite of his efforts to divide it . . .