Teacher Accountability in
 Public School Classrooms

             Exploring  what the experts are saying about
               teacher accountability in public school classrooms      


If you want to improve learning you have to improve

Are high school teachers teaching core subjects without college majors or minors in those subjects?

Can schools guarantee that teachers are offering their students high quality classroom instruction tied to high, quality standards?

Have their
students mastered the lessons that were taught?

Who's monitoring student learning
in the

TIf you want to improve learning,
you have to improve teaching. . .   Click here to learn more.   

Students should be tested more not less (to support learning)
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Are High School Teachers Teaching Core Subjects Without College Majors or Minors in Those Subjects? Click here to learn more.

Teachers' Preparedness for Classroom Requirements Click here to learn more:  
What parents should know about racial bias and how it hinders student achievement. . .
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Additional information to review pertaining to: 
classroom instruction and student learning. . .
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ESSA Educator Equity Best Practices Guide
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Quality Teaching & How It Can Be Measured. . . 
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The Authors found that most of the materials that teachers reported
using regularly for their classroom instruction was not
highly aligned with Standards.  Click here t o learn more. 

Eight Questions Parents Have About Your Curriculum. . . 
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Stanford researchers identify troubling patterns of
teacher assignments within schools. . . 
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How Can Parents Tell If Teachers Are Doing a Good Job?
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