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July 15, 2019

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The 2018 Midterms
Make sure you are not purged from the voter rolls in your state by racist officials. Note. . . Lessons Learned from the 2018 Elections ---  Winning by voter suppression is not winning.   V oter purges and    extreme gerrymandering. . .   should be illegal.  For instance, why did Democrats receive  12 million more votes than the Republicans  (overall) for US. Senate races but still did not gain control of the Senate?   Clearly, the U.S. needs   a constitutional amendment to prevent this license to steal an election from the bona fide winners.   Support  " oversight and accountability" in the election process "Vote for Democracy ," the very foundation  of our nation!

" What's Up "--- in July of 2019?
July 12th
Please refer to the updated blog focusing on:
Trump, ICE Raids Without Warrants & Brown Immigrant Families
(What type of POTUS creates one humanitarian crisis
after another crisis on purpose?)

July 11th
Poverty & Race Policy Research Council
The Democratic Candidates’ Positions on School Diversity
& Related Educational Equity Issues
By Philip Tegeler & Abi Hollinger
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Also read: 
High-Opportunity Partner Engagement:
Creating Low-Income Housing Options Near Good Schools
By Peter Kye, Poverty & Race Research Action Council
Megan Haberle, Poverty & Race Research Action Council
Laura Abernathy, National Housing Trust
Scott Kline, National Housing Trust
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July 6th
This goal begins with at least mentioning Trump's attempt to steal the United States of America's July 4th official birthday, an attempt that failed  since it appeared to resemble a dictator-led event and Americans do not like dictators or the flaunting of tanks. Yet, he used taxpayer dollars to support this Republican celebration.

This type of pure chaos or madness is ongoing and includes his current fascination with  the U.S. Census and his defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, which will lead to a constitutional crisis (but maybe not if his madness is overlooked). That he also wants to  undermine the accuracy of the US Census data --- without the required field test --- for the form --- is another indication of this fact. Will businesses promote the 2020 Census and risk being tied to Trump if he destroys the whole concept of the US Census?  Will people answer his citizenship question, which is at issue? Will they  honor the original  purpose of the US Census which is to recognize that everyone living in America must be counted since the US Census "is a tool of political empowerment for the governed over their government  --- to use this (population) count to determine representation in the Congress? "

In other words,  " The Constitution calls for a count of --- the whole Number of free persons --- not citizens --- in the United States."   Moreover, please note:  "a citizenship question has not been asked since the Jim Crow era, as experts from across all political perspectives agree that the presence of that question would severely negatively impact the validity of the result." 

Nevertheless, Trump says " the American people deserve to know who is in this Country ." His statement, in and of itself, however, is an insult to all Americans. It is an insult since it is not about counting people it is about dismissing and excluding other human beings based on his definition of who has a right to be called an  American citizen (as if such a national standard exists for the US Census complete with a focus on these lesser humans who must be recognized as an "understood" threat to his ilk or kind).  (As I have mentioned in previous posts these are all signs of Trump's white extinction anxiety, which he really must have treated.)

The value (to him) of the citizenship question supports this assumption. Why?  Trump, along with the Republicans think a citizenship question will help to deter certain people from taking part in the US Census and, therefore,  distort a simple count --- which will, in turn, promote the miscount of everyone living in the U.S.  This miscalculation of the count is, of course, the president's nefarious plot, a plot that will lead to a a miscalculation of the democractic representatives who should serve Americans in Congress. But  "a miscount necessitates a recount" if the President of the United States of America, no less, is so desperate that he will purposely corrupt the process of the U.S. Census due to his very own belief that he  cannot win anything without creating the conditions for cheating to occur.

When he says the American people deserve to know who is in this nation, he is right.  Yet, as usual, he sets himself up for any and all of his distractors to ask questions (at once) about his status. For instance,  does this include a POTUS who grabs women by the private parts or who is accused of rape? Does this include a POTUS who is accused of obstruction of justice? Does this include  a POTUS who separates children from their parents and  who commits this act  --- this evil act, intentionally --- as if he believes this very act turns him into a model citizen? 

What does this have to do with the US Census? If the truth be told it has everything to do with the census for if Trump can add any question that he likes to  the census  beyond the official count of human beings then pertinent questions about the POTUS should be included, too --- by the American people. Americans deserve to know who their POTUS is. . . so that they can understand his leadership decisions on a wide range of matters such as the US Census. The Supreme Court ruling substantiates this need since Trump's explanation for the citizenship question was deemed: contrived. The Justice Department's attorneys, who vanished without  any explanation,  are also evidence of this claim. Moreover, while it is true, without question, that the nation needs the "whole number of persons counted as the US Constitution states, Trump's ungodly attempt to " disadvantage specific racial groups and immigrant communities throughout the US based on the US Census " ​should not be a part of this equation  --- if we currently
classify the U.S. as part of the civilized world. 

As a result,  someone ought to tell  Trump that humans (men, women and children) live here --- even though his  comment seems to imply that certain people are not wanted here. He, however, is not in a position  to think for "We the People." In this sense, the "American Dream," enters the picture for it is what everyone living here has in common. It stands out as one of the true  motivating features of the US Census. Everyone, therefore,  must and should be a part of the US Census for it excludes no one. It is the call for people living thoughout the United States of America to stand up and be counted. Since its underlying purpose is larger than just one person, it moves beyond Trump's census concept that leans toward an imaginary model citizenship concept (rather than hope), (an idea that he could never meet and could never respond to --- anyway) --- it, insteads, says
every counts, period ---
a fact we should all explore and ponder 
and ponder. . . 

July 4th
4th of July -   A Simple Song, (Lyrics): ( To Learn More Click  Here   and Here .)
A great nation does not go out of its way to cause unnecessary war(s) --- nor does it place soldiers in harm's way --- due to a POTUS who lacks the ability to understand the meaning of diplomacy or the principles of basic human relations  

A great nation does not create divisions between its citizens
or manipulate and  harm its own citizens. In this light, Trump acts more like a dictator than the leader of the United States of America.

As a result, Trump's silence or (allowable) barbaric treatment of unarmed
unarmed church, synagogue and temple members, moviegoers, concertgoers, night club goers, etc. ---  as well as the barbaric treatment of migrant asylum seekers),
proves it is neccessary for him to review the Fredrick Douglas July 4th speech 
focusing on freedom
(or the enjoyment of U.S. rights and privileges by all Americans). 
 Here is an excerpt: Go search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms of the Old World, travel through South America, search out every abuse and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy,
America reigns without a rival.
( Note: "Leonard Bernstein composed Mass  ("a Simple Song") on commission, to
memorialize John F. Kennedy, America's first Catholic president.") 

Getting Ready for the 2019/2020 School Year
Research in Review
Has anything changed since " data revealed that more than 40 percent of schools that received federal Title I money to serve disadvantaged students spent less state and local money on teachers and other personnel than schools that did not receive Title I money at the same grade level in the same district? ---- Transparency on resource allocation within school districts is critical to ensuring every child has access to the same educational opportunities."

Parents and community stakeholders must, therefore, ask key questions on behalf of children to ensure that change happens. This begins with asking state, district and school officials as well as elected officials and presidential candidates to explain actual district and school spending data. This includes explaining the 
"per-pupil expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, including actual personnel expenditures and actual nonpersonnel expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, disaggregated by source of funds, for each local educational agency and each school in a State for the preceding fiscal year."

This goal also includes asking them to explain "the differences" in educational systems throughout the nation so that the public understands how children are treated based on longstanding national equity and equality concerns. They must also ask how the U.S.  educational system compares to  international public school systems --- and in what specific ways or why Who then has the national and international experience to guide the U.S. public school system forward  since
the effectiveness of an educational system can change the world? 

Getting Ready for the 2019/2020 School Year
Have you asked your state and local school officials how they will promote the fair distribution of effective teachers for the 2019/2020 school year?
Note. . .  Most ineffective teachers are placed in nonwhite schools.

Were you involved in the discussions focusing on the ESSA mandate that " required states to provide a single definition of --- ineffective teachers --- in the plans they submitted to the federal government ?" Do you know how they are currently  "describing how they will ensure that poor and minority students aren't being taught by a disproportionate number of ineffective teachers?"
Has your state ignored this mandate? 
To learn more about this topic, please click: 
here,  here,  here,   here,   here,  here,   here,   here here and   here .

How does your state define teacher effectiveness?

From the Archives. . .
 "Teacher Effectiveness in the Every Student Succeeds Act: A Discussion Guide
To learn more, please click here

June 28th
(Getting Ready for the 2019/2020 School Year)
Five Ways to Determine if Your Child Has a High Quality Teacher
To learn more, please click here

June 26th 
Getting Ready for the  2019/2020 School Year
​This article  asks: Where  are the policies that focus on "sufficient funding for Title One? (Is Joe Biden trying to address this concern?) Where are the clear definitions and metrics for desired outcomes, and better guidance about effective programming, which means continued investments in research to identify effective and ineffective programs? Where are the peer-review panels that need to assess state plans; for states to review local plans to ensure they are identifying and implementing evidence-based methods and are monitoring and evaluating their implementation, and for local agencies to
collect and use data to adjust programs?"

June 25th
Global Family Research Project joined with four other organizations as part of the LEGO Idea Conference to take an in-depth look at letting families guide the creation of programs and services that best meet their needs
To learn more, please click here

In regard to Joe Biden's "boy" statement. . . he was probably mincing his words for  segregationists generally reserve words such as "boy" for black men but : ni_ _ _ _ lovers for white liberals as a preference. Things being what they were (or are), he was (and is), more than likely, privy to this type of name-calling, which is why he, probably, mentioned it (for the sake of its contexual value). (It reminds me of the time a Jewish friend of mine shared with me the views of some white teachers who were discussing --- while in the teachers' lounge: their black students.
Their views offered a detailed glimpse of the stereotyping of black children or  poor white/black race relations in the school.)  No matter what their motivation was for interacting with Biden, they, at least,  knew that he had the courage to show up and share what he believed in. . . . 

As MLK said in his " Letter From Birmingham Jail : "I am thankful, however, that some of our white brothers have grasped the meaning of this social revolution and committed themselves to it. They are still all too small in quantity, but they are big in quality. Some, like Ralph McGill, Lillian Smith, Harry Golden, and James Dabbs, have written about our struggle in eloquent, prophetic, and understanding terms. Others have marched with us down nameless streets of the South. They sat in with us at lunch counters and rode in with us on the freedom rides. They have languished in filthy roach-infested jails, suffering the abuse and brutality of
angry policemen who see them as "dirty nigger lovers . " They, unlike many of their moderate brothers, have recognized the urgency of the moment and sensed the need for powerful "action" antidotes to combat the disease of segregation."

Also, let us not forget how the Elementary & Secondary  Education Act of 1965 was passed.  President Johnson crossed the aisle and negotiated with

How strange it is that some individuals have forgotten that we live in a nation that was founded on abject racism --- and still remains knee-deep in racism, a type
of racism that calls for blacks to interact with the same people who support it. . . 
(though these types of interactions are seldom defined and acknowledged).
Also, consider the fact that most conservatives and many liberal whites
fought school integration and/or ignored the conversations on school busing (e.g. as a remedy for segregation and ineffective schools) by moving to  white segregated areas to ensure that their children would attend 
white segregated schools.

Under this light, who, among this group, will throw the first stone --- a group that's comfortable with the status quo ? (At least, Biden redeemed himself, under the Obama Administration, by supporting  voluntary school integration.) Unfortunately, many whites who have no experience in diversity still want to run a diverse nation (or on a smaller scale run the programs focusing on diversity) without understanding the needs of a diverse nation. Is it really surprising then that the nation keeps failing to serve African Americans?
As John Louis recently stated : "During the height of the civil rights movement we worked with people and got to know people that were members of the Klan, people who opposed us, even people who beat us, arrested us and jailed us,” Lewis said.
“We never gave up on our fellow human beings, and
I will not give up on any human being."

June 17th (Song - Water From the Same Source)

Watch Live Now : The Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum | MSNBC
More than 140 million poor and low-income people are living in the United States.
To learn more, please click here .  

Chris Matthews of MSNBC will hold a townhall in Dayton, Ohio tonight (Hopefully, they will discuss the public education system there.). Already the previews show that many Daytonians are capable of looking the other way to support Trump's crimes. (Please "read" the Mueller Report  to better understand why he was not cleared of his crimes.  To "listen" to the Mueller Report, please 
click  here  or to listen to a summary of the report, please click  here.
Their silence on these issues, of course, represents complicity (and speaks volumes about their own immorality when it comes to racism or how low a POTUS is allowed to go before they will reject him if ever), an already established historical fact that has placed them in a position to be remembered as his enablers. Where would Trump be without them and/or their complicity? 
As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” Surely, the majority of Daytonians, however, can tell the difference between right and wrong. 

June 1st
Please refer to the updated page focusing on tying teacher evaluations to
student test results and why this remains an important goal for states across the nation. For more information, please click here.   

May 30th
According to Daarel Burnette II :  
        Excerpt: "There's been little media coverage of spending disparities between schools, and few school boards  appear to be using the numbers to craft their budgets for the coming school year. . . Frustrated civil rights and school funding supporters are pushing state education officials to better publicize the school  spending amounts and urging journalists and local advocacy groups to do their own detailed reporting on the newly available data."

Note: This is happening even though parents should know, by now, that there is a
23 billion difference in funding between U.S. white and nonwhite districts. 

May 29th
Excerpt: Biden says he would triple funding for the Title I program, which benefits schools with a high percentage of students from low-income families,
to close an estimated $23 billion funding gap between
majority white and nonwhite school districts. 
BY TAL AXELROD  (Click here to read this article.) 

May 17th
In celebration of the " Anniversary of Brown vs. the Board of Education,"  please watch Sherrilyn Ifill on AM Joy discussing the importance of  the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision by clicking here .  

Also, please watch this  video  to discuss the relevancy of the  
Brown vs. the Board of Education decision in spite of the divisions (rather than unity) that Trump is trying to create in the U.S. . .

Has America (including the Democrats & Republicans) given up on school integration since public schools are more segregated than they were in the 1960's?

How did we get here? Please consider pondering the following speech on race relations and/or how white racism hurts whites (with Trump in mind) by clicking  here .   Also, please be sure to  buy the DVD and read the
Henry Louis Gates book entitled: Stoney the Road (in order to explore the history between  Reconstruction and the Jim Crow period,   (a road leading to the Supreme court decision that ruled against segregation).

Finally, what is your state doing to address the challenges that are still facing segregated schools? Please ask your state officials, administrators and teachers to explain their state policies that focus on integration and how these policies are being implemented.  Here is what one state is doing to support integration.  

We must never back down from realizing the high purpose of 
Brown vs.  the  Board of Education 
in spite of  U.S. racism. 

May 16th
Watch this Event: Living with ESSA's Changes
Click here to learn more. 

April 28th
Refer to the updated Charlottesville Blog

April 21st
Happy Easter!
(Please refer to " Total Praise " by Richard Smallwood 
"(Jesus is) " Amazing" by  Ricky Dillard & New G. and
" Ride On, King Jesus," a traditional spiritual/arranged by Moses Hogan/directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras.

April 18th
The Mueller Report
To read it, please click here and here
This report confirms that Trump has " repeatedly tried to obstruct justice." 
Congress must now follow through on its oversight duties and impeach Trump .  
If not,  are most of our elected officials moving away from what Americans have come to  know or expect from the American value system, the U.S. Constitution (Article One), and/or God ( as if he is an estranged father) and country. . .?
For more info, please click here

April 15th
Report: A Bold Agenda for School Integration
 By Richard D. Kahlenberg (The Century Foundation)
Click here to learn more. 

April 13th
Senator Warren must update her "DeVos Watch." It is an  excellent resource for parents. Please click here to learn more. 

April 12th
DeVos has decided to cut all funding for literacy programs. 
She says states should take over this role.
What is needed is more oversight over DeVos and the states. 
Please note:  "When NCLB required schools to meet their states’ standards --- did states invest in professional development, instructional materials, and preventive and remedial instruction to reach those goals?  In many cases, state policymakers just lowered their standards ." Way to go state policy makers. Based on lessons learned, things will get worst with the DeVos funding cuts. 
DeVos should also address why teachers keep complaining about their Colleges of Education, which they say have not taught them how to teach reading.
Confirming this fact, Hanford states: "Scientific research has shown how children learn to read and how they should be taught. But many educators don't know the science and, in some cases, actively resist it.
As a result, millions of kids are being set up to fail."   
To read these articles,  click here ,   here,   here and here

April 11th
How do parents know what they do not know if parent groups keep failing to ensure that they have access to information and/or empower them to ask key questions about  federal, state and local school concerns? Are these parent leaders unmotivated, lazy --- or simply incapable of understanding the urgency and importance of  promoting accountability in schools, especially in regard to children of color? If so, why do these parent programs exist? 

Please review the following articles that underscore the importance of this subject.

Excerpt: "Rep. Bobby Scott is concerned that the Department of Education is not adequately requiring states to implement the law with fidelity. . .  He cites the department’s approval of state accountability  plans that he says don’t follow the law." To read this article, please click here

Why aren't Md. parents talking about the Kirwan Commission?
To read this article, please click here

Andd, of course, the D.C. attendance and graduation scandals. . . (Archived)
Excerpt: "The selective outrage of partisan ideologues in the education space is a well-known phenomenon and nowhere is that more on display than in the muted reaction to the scandal surrounding graduation rates."
(What will prevent this from happening again? It helps to have people around who do not want to live in a political "automaton" bubble where everyone must think alike but prefer, instead, to be public servants in the truest sense of the word.) 
Click here and here to learn more.

April 9th (Updated)
Trump is still promoting the "slavery era  practice" of separating immigrant children from their parents. (Hitler promoted this practice as well.) We can only wonder how Evangelical Christians who support Trump's policies (and ignore Matthew 25: 31-46) are interpreting Jesus' teachings ---- teachings that would
place them in the "bound for hell" category or the category for goats
(according to this Bible passage). . .  

Would their interest in the welfare of children change if the children were white children? If so, their hypocrisy continues to demonstrate how racism shows up in America. And, of course, their form of racism always shows up in their inability to recognize that the best solutions were never even deliberated.
This means at a much more  below the firmament way --- that Trump and his ilk simply are not capable of recognizing higher ground  --- an awareness that should come naturally to them. The real solutions are, therefore, ignored --- at their root --- by design due to the historicial origins of the problem. 

Clearly, Trump's inhumane treatment of immigrant children of color should be a top priority for the American people. Every man, woman and child should, therefore,  write to their elected officials and let them know that  Trump  must change  his family separation decisions. (Unfortunately, his followers, to date,  keep proving that they cannot tell the difference between a sane man and an insane one or one who embraces moral choices rather than immoral choices. . .) 

So, when all is said and done: family separation policies belong to Trump & his administration alone. That he now wants Obama to take the blame for his own cowardly actions is a sign of his ongoing mental deterioration. . .

(Note: At this point, we already know that Trump cannot handle his own bad decisions. Trump's insanity, of course, is reflected in the depth of his own 
lies --- lies that are his way of hiding from  the reality (. . . or pain? abject lowness? embarrassment?) of his own acts. For instance, another Trump lie of monumental significance can be traced to the midterms when he said that the Democrats were "not" for the coverage of preexisting conditions tied to the Affordable Care Act or the ACA period (when they created it!). His followers, who are for the ACA, must have been astonished that he not only lied about the origins of the ACA but also created an elaborate backstory to  support his lies.)  

To learn more about key facts tied  to family separations and what has happened and is happening to address Trump's actions --- click here , here here ,   here , here,   here,   here.  and here.  

April 8th
Do school funding reforms improve student outcomes? Yes.  
To learn more, please click   here and here

April 3rd
Here's the controversial study employed (by DeVos) to justify overturning the 
Obama Administration's discipline guidance. . .
By Lauren Camer

April 2nd (Updated)
It is very one-dimensional of Betsey DeVos (along with school officials who have not complained about DeVos' promotion of racist practices)  to overturn a policy merely because she thinks she has discovered (unproven racist) research that she  can use against black children. That this research says that the whole black race and, thus, black children are born with a certain type of temperament that causes them to be suspended or expelled from school speaks volumes about DeVos as a racist. (Please notice that she leaves the history of  White America out of this equation.) *She has forgotten that children of color are not stupid. They know who is equipped to teach and who is not. They know who they can trust and who they cannot trust   ---  the racial disparities in how children are treated prove this point.  DeVos who has only lived in a bubble is, therefore, harming the life chances of children and is, in turn,  supporting the school to prison pipleline on purpose.

Why is this happening? Could it be that Ms. DeVos is just one more white educator who does not care about children of color? As a result, she is sitting in the wrong office (since she does not care about "all" children), occupying the wrong job position, talking to the wrong audience  about a subject that has nothing to do with addressing the urgency of school effectiveness --- whatsoever!? If some of us have grown bored with this scenario it is because it happens too often. This means --- "a woke" nation --- must finally ask: Has the achievement gap ever been addressed at the federal, state and local levels --- or ---- on a grand scale? (One study says that it has not  been addressed since 1992 in spite of the excellent research conducted by experts and educators (black and white) who have been trying to address it for decades. Implementation standards remain a problem. )  

Here's what we do know: Ms. DeVos has no business leading a nation in the field of education or pretending that she is equipped to represent
public school children of color across this nation. Yet, she is showing signs that  she is disappointed that  people of color view her as a: "racist who has decided that she can overlook best practices tied to basic human relations and lessons learned   --- as if the whole nation still embraces Jim Crow laws,"
an error that a true Christian would never try to normalize ---
although she says she is one.  

Moreover, she has already lost 1 billion dollars on her experimental ideas and wants to cut  9 billion from the educational budget based on real ideas. Her myopic ideas about people of color cannot be ignored since she now  meets all of the requirements of a bona fide racist who keeps proving she could care less about improving U.S. race relations. Instead, she has gone out of her way to act as if black babies are all born with anger issues. At the same time, she wants  parents and children of color to pretend (whether or not she knows it) that the white race does not have a history filled with violence in spite of slavery (kidnapping, human trafficking, forced labor, breeding of humans, wide-spread rape, including the promotion of prostitution or the slave "fancy trade," beatings and , of course, lynchings and/or wide-spread murder of men, women and children),  Jim Crow
(the lack of equality or equal protections under the U.S.  Constitution) or
lingering white supremacy tendencies, etc.  
She is, therefore, " Playing in the Dark" and, in the process, keeping
racism alive and well in America   --- with plenty of
documentation to prove how she is accomplishing this task.  

Please review Congresswoman Katherine Clark's questions to
DeVos on this subject in the previous post. 

March 26th - April 1st
Congresswoman Katherine Clark would like Secretary DeVos to resign.  
Anyone who cares about a fair and equitable education for all children should call their elected officals to let them know that they also think
Secretary DeVos should resign. Click here , here  here to learn more.
(Also refer to: Questions You Should Ask Politicians and School Officials,
February 2, 2019 post by clicking here.) 

March 29th
Bravo! Senator Adam Schiff is still standing up to the  Republicans who want him to resign. It never made any sense for the Republicans to want him to resign anyway. Most Americans disagree with their premature victory lap as well --- a victory lap based on their interpretation of the Mueller Report (an interpretation that omits, to date,  the public's interpretation of the report).  To learn more, click here

March 28th
It doesn't seem right that Trump is criticizing  Jussie Smollet. After all, all charges against him were dismissed. (It also seems strange that Rahm Emanuel  was quick to respond to this self-contained case but slow to respond to a murder case.)  On the other hand, Trump has committed actual  crimes against whole races, (including children --- especially anyone of any darker hue)  ---- from grabbing women by the p _ _ _ _ (or  being accused of felonies) to   advocating violence against the people who criticize him. He has even supported the separation of asylum seeking children from their parents and then carelessly  lost them --- and
allowed thousands of Puerto Ricans to die on purpose.

In other words, Trump has committed crimes against humanity on a grand scale.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he has also been accused of committing more crimes than Nixon --- and, of course, Nixion had the moral decency to resign.  In fact,  if anyone --- anyone, including Trump was to actually  "weigh" his list of crimes and lies against any moral standards even weak ones on any scale --- the scale would break. With this said, it seems beyond silly --- to teetering on the brink of insanity for anyone to even mention 
Smollet's charge since it has already been dismissed.

March 26th
Education Secretary DeVos & the President's
2020 Budget House Hearing Mar 26 2019. . .
9 billion dollars worth of cuts. Her explanations and arguments show that she lacks an understanding of the  U.S. Public School System. 
(The 1 billion she has already lost on  
Why is this happening? She failed to understand the number one rule of the U.S.: monitor the grants and provide effective oversight for everything, (translation:  create the structures and processes that support transparency and accountability), especially pertaining to charter schools whose leaders are given more flexibility to run their schools. These  individuals who are mismanaging the money are having a field day gaming the system
with DeVos as the Secretary of Education. 
Click here  to view the  hearing. 
Congress will not pass this budget. 

March 25th
We Have a National Reading Crisis
By Steve Braden
To learn more, please click here .

(From the archives) Also, click here to read ---
Curriculum: The Great Divide Among Ed Reformers

March 25th
If Trump Obstructed Justice, He Can’t Be Exonerated
By Jonathan Chait
To learn more, please click here.

March 24th
Since Trump was never exonerated of the obstruction of justice charges how can he be exonerated of colluding with the Russians? (We can all expect a wild ride with distraction after distraction as Trump tries to distract from  questions about his possible status as an asset or as the peculiar  best friend of Putin, the person who interfered in a U.S. presidential election. It is only a matter of time before Putin starts bragging about this relationship.) Trump, of course, is saying he was exonerated  of everything.  Trump's chosen --- or  Barr's interpretation of the Mueller Report, in a nutshell, states that the report reaches no conclusions about anything --- so that is that --- in the Trump court of law except Americans want to read the report on their own for obvious reasons.  The Trump/Barr interpretation of the report simply doesn't count since Trump has lied, to date,  over 8000 times and
most Americans do not trust Trump or anyone he has hired. 
With this said, the popular vote should tell Trump that the 
American people cannot be easily manipulated into accepting the viewpoints
of  a standin for him, either --- on anything. Let us remember that Trump fired or will fire anyone and everyone he cannot control so  what does that say about Barr?   In other words, for the sake of God and country,  the American people need to read Mueller's "thorough" report on Trump while also remembering that  Trump is still in jeopardy with the    "Southern District of NY who will  carry on the job of holding him accountable for his actions.  
Click here to learn more. 

March 24th
The Past Lessons We Did Not Learn/
What Robert Mueller's Predecessors Tell Us. . .
By Carlos Lozada
To learn more, please click here .  
Excerpt: When the executive branch provides false, incomplete or misleading information to Congress, 
“the rightly celebrated constitutional checks and balances are inadequate, alone, to preserve the rule of law.” 
How then, to prevent such actions? “Law is not self-executing,” Ervin admitted.
“Unfortunately, at times its execution rests in the hands of those who are faithless to it.” To deserve public office, then, individuals must “understand and be dedicated to the true purpose of government, which is to promote the good of the people, and entertain the abiding conviction that a public office is a public trust, which must never be abused to secure private advantage,” Ervin wrote. They must also possess intellectual and moral rectitude. “The only sure antidote for future Watergates is understanding of fundamental principles and intellectual and moral integrity in the men and women
who achieve or are entrusted with governmental or political power.”
In periods of intense partisan and cultural division, traditional safeguards break down because traditional representation is lacking. Political parties, for instance, usually serve as a mediating force between constituencies and those who govern, but “when the parties do not function well, individual citizens feel a loss of control over politics and Government,” Weicker wrote. “They find themselves powerless to influence events. Voting seems futile; politics seems pointless. The political process crosses the line . . . and things go badly for America.” That seems as true in the late 2010s as it did in the early 1970s.

March 24
Since Trump was never exonerated of the obstruction of justice charges how can he say he was exonerated of colluding with the Russians? One of the statements wipes out the other one --- and it is, of course, the obstruction of justice statement  that overtakes the  "colluding with the Russians" statement.  This means that Trump cannot be cleared of colluding with the Russians if he was never cleared of obtructing justice. 

March 24th
For questions about the Mueller Report, click here.  click here

March 23rd
The movie based on James Baldwin's: If Beale Street Could Talk was written about and for men such as Trump (a man who still calls black men guilty who have been proven innocent. After all, he is a POTUS with a family history of racism)  and Pence (who was forced to release an innocent black man from prison but only due to public pressure).  One of the characters in the movie is surely referring to men likeTrump and Pence when he says:  "America sure doesn't like ni_ _ _ _ _ while another one says: "The white man is truly the devil."

But --- all white men are not Trump and Pence or their followers who support racist  practices as well as xenophobia, etc.  We should, therefore, give thanks for this very blessing and fact.

March 20th

Does your state have a statewide family engagement center? Probably not.
Click here to find out. If your state is not on this list call your elected officials to better understand the answer to  this question. If it is on the list you still have to ask how the achievement gap is being addressed across this nation (or in your state/district/school) and why certain funding awards do not always mean parents are being served (or if they really know and understand what is going on in schools). For instance, in MD half of their students are not proficient in reading or math. These centers are worthless if they are not teaching parents how to hold school officials accountable for school effectiveness  --- especially since some U.S. schools do not have one proficent student in reading or math.  
(For more information, click here )

March 18, 2019
(From the Archives)
To provide some perspective on Trump's education ideas, you should know that "students in countries where private schools don’t exist often fare better than their counterparts around the world. . ." Click here to learn more. Why is this happening? This is not just about choice or what people can afford. It is also about the choices some humans make to pretend that they deserve more than other humans. For instance, according to a research study, " some middle class and upper class mothers set themselves "above others" by maintaining explanations that not only mimic cultural deprivation theories but that imply harm for their own children ." In fact "Brantlinger and colleagues (the authors of the study)  have caught high profile people in the act of breaking the golden rule -- they don't want to have done to others what they have done for their own because that would lessen the impact of their efforts. And worse yet, they show the ways that they try to cover up their trail." )  Note, most of us would not want to imitate these parents. 

March 15th
Students worldwide skip school to demand tough action on climate change
Click here to learn more.  

March 14th
Lawsuit By Sandy Hook Victims Against Gun Manufacturer
Allowed To Move Forward. . .
By  Ryan Lindsay
To read this article, please click here .

March 14th
FBI states that dozens of wealthy parents, coaches indicted in
U.S. college admissions bribery scheme. . .
To view this video, please click here

"College-bribing parents" --- and a lawsuit involving 
thousands of students as planiffs.
Click here to learn more.  

What you should know about  yet another loophole that rich parents use to game the system. . .
Click here to learn more.  

March 13th
For information on college rankings, click here . Also read: The Problem with College Rankings by clicking here

February 26th 
Here's a key question to ask your state leaders and elected officials: Why do nonwhite districts receive
23 billion less than white districts ?  The people who have allowed these racial inequities to happen and to keep on happening decade after decade are not very nice people. Please remember that Senator Lamar Alexander said it was not feasible for the nation to address the differences in spending between schools  since it would cost too much money or 3.9 billion to do so. 

February 24th
The Civil Rights Movement Continues!
Civil Rights Cold-Case Bill Drafted by High Schoolers Becomes Law. . . 
Click Here,  Here, Here and Here to learn more about this topic.
(Recognizing the lives of these civil rights movement martyrs  promotes transparency and uplifts the moral standing of this nation. )

February 21 - 22, 2019 (Revised)

Is Trump making the best decisions, as the POTUS, on behalf of American families?

For instance, the POTUS prioritized the Jussie Smollet incident over more pressing matters such as the discovery of a possible white homegrown mass murder plot in Maryland. (Note: The Smollet incident remains an isolated case of deception that was easily contained without any imitators or copycats in sight or any hints of violence or insults directed at anyone --- except --- Smollet ---if he is, indeed,  counted as the cause of his own victimhood, which still needs to be determined.) In other words, it is  profoundly illogical  for a POTUS to  ignore a white supremacist's plot or  "planned"  mass murder of American children, women and men (including of House Speaker Pelosi,  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Richard Blumenthal, along with U.S. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters and former House member, Beto O'Rourke, MSNBC hosts Chris Hayes and Joe Scarborough, as well as Don Lemon and Van Jones from CNN, etc. ).  Parents should call their elected officials  to better understand Trump's cavalier response to this development.  They should ask them about his ability

 Informed  American families, then,   should keep believing in the U.S. Constitution  ---  and what "it" says about  the free press and its purpose (which can include exposing white supremacy  stances tied to the POTUS, etc. ). They should know and understand that the prss should represent "the public dialogue without interference or constraint by the government or the POTUS."As a result, American families and/or citizens must recognize their own rights rather than believing the POTUS's stance on the press --- as the enemy of the people --- since he is, in the process,  redefining the United States Constitution. In this light,  it is easy to believe that the POTUS is not protecting or representing American families  --- for a true leader (by now) would have said that this nation will never tolerate any home grown terrorists or white supremacists who seek to harm American citizens or divide this nation based on race. He would have said that the race war that white supremacists, etc. want will not be between whites and blacks (blacks are not interested in a race war anyway): it will be between white supremacists and the United States of America and the white supremacists will lose. In other words, this nation will never allow any race war to occur in this nation for this nation is too civilized to support such a primitive idea.  But, to date, the POTUS is still silent  on the remedies that will  protect Americans from this gun culture  thereby  placing the safety of American families in jeopardy as if he is incapable of  recognizing his role in keeping Americans, (including children) safe. 
(Arming teachers, etc. to challenge these terrorists
is not the solution.)
His decision to remain silent on moral issues confronting families extends to the way he treats helpless children overall, including but not limited to his policies focusing on the separation of  migrant children from their parents.  The press has covered this inhumane treatment of children  and must keep on addressing it.
Trump, however does not seem to care where the missing migrant "children of color" are. We do not know if they were murdered. We do not know if they were  the victims of human trafficking. We only know that
they are still missing and Trump doesn't even discuss the children that were placed in his care
as if they never existed. . . Instead,  he discusses a wall that will not keep drugs out of the U.S. (??????),  a wall that he wants anyway, a nonfunctional wall without a purpose that  he has illogically prioritized over missing children or families, overall.

Whether it is his silience on issues confronting humane concerns or his impulsive, illogical  “off the cuff” authoritarian governance style  that never targets real solutions  ---  the POTUS keeps proving   " how far the nation has fallen from presidential accountability ."
This list is long for Trump, as the POTUS, keeps setting 
  the bar low on morality  --- time and time again.

February 21st 

What must children, overall think about Trump's decisions? What impact or influence does Trump have on their behavior?  Consider the Covington student who Trump is praising for suing the Washington Post as well as  disrespecting Nathan Phillips, a Native American Elder (who took  part in the Indigenous People's March).  Unfortunately, Trump dislikes people of color, a fact with plenty of evidence to substantiate it.  
Trump, therefore, says the Washington Post smeared the Covington children but Convington students keep smearing themselves in more ways than one, including by attending a school where the peculiar practice of  wearing blackface must have been normalized long ago as a cultural ongoing norm under the watchful eye of their school officials (since it was exposed by social media, recently.  D o these school officials lack the moral depth to notice how these acts  insult people of color? The question begs to be asked: What are these adults teaching their students about race relations (and Jesus)? Do they want their students to idolize Donald Trump? Do they want him to serve as  a stand-in role model for their students, a man who has lied more than 8000 times? 

To most Americans, the Convington  student was taunting, mocking and invading the personal space of an older Native American --- while a group of wild white teen-agers egged him on --- as if this was normal behavior. It was not normal behavior.  In other words,  it is not the Washington Post that needs to be sued it is the school who keeps setting loose this wild, impulsive  group of students in public spaces (without any chaperones who are capable of taking on leadership roles in sight ) that needs to be sued. It is the  student’s parents who need to be sued based on their child’s behavior for --- as it stands  --- he and his fellow classmates  still do not know how to distingush right from wrong if they were to ask people of color when it comes to living in a diverse nation. These parents must ask themselves if they are raising racists, on purpose and if they want their children to be just like Trump when they become men or when their brains are fully formed --- when all is said and done. . . .

February 18, 2019 
Are racist parents, who are not interested in evolving,  the problem?  
For instance: "Two mothe rs of students involved told ABC7 they believe Churchill administrators ---  grossly mischaracterized --- what was simply meant to be a spoof. One of the mothers went so far as to call the school's handling of the matter "libelous."

It is very strange that these same mothers, who care about the mischaracterization (?) of their own children, 
do not care if their children grossly
as n_ _ _ _ _ _. 

They should, therefore, take the time to ponder why this double standard is unacceptable to  Americans by studying the history of this word, including how the  n-word is used as

By Countee Cullen

Once riding in old Baltimore,
Heart-filled, head-filled with glee,
I saw a Baltimorean
Keep looking straight at me.

Now I was eight and very small,
And he was no whit bigger,
And so I smiled, but he poked out
His tongue, and called me, 'Nigger.'

I saw the whole of Baltimore
From May until December;
Of all the things that happened there
That's all that I remember. 

(OLUWA/MANY RAINS AGO) (Weeping willow tree, tell me what u know - River were u crying many rains ago -
Sacred baobab tree, lost your children to the sea - Taken from the land, many rains ago - Goodbye motherland koleba je wo - When i die i'll live on and on - For many rains to come. . .)

"In 1619, Virginia was still Tsenacommacah, Europeans were the
non-native species, and the English were the illegal aliens."
To learn more about the foundational facts that provide the context for
African American history, 
please click here

February 11, 2019

It was beyond mere sadness to read that so many Americans were incapable of noticing the cruelty of blackface, an abnormal, peculiar   practice that was normalized to promote white supremacy and/or to dehumanize African Americans. The  VA governor cannot be blamed for this racist U.S. American practice, a practice  that was in use everywhere  across the U.S.  What does this say about  this "particular chapter" in 
American history --- a chapter that occurred
after Jim Crow ended?

Why did organized black mothers (acting  on their own) have to bring national attention to this inhumane practice and  belief system that was 
embraced by far too many citizens of  the
United States of America?

According to Rhae Lynn Barnes:
The answer has to do with a largely forgotten "civil rights victory"                   spearheaded by black mothers in the 1950's and 1960's. These women, typically "Black Rosie the Riveters" married to veterans who believed in the "Double Victory" campaign --- freedom at home and abroad --- stood on the lines of school desegregation. Once those walls had been breached, they were horrified to discover that the music, poems, literature and plays to which their children were exposed were forms of amateur blackface minstrelsy. They ran a national media campaign and filed legal cases to ban blackface performance, dress-up and texts from schools and government institutions.   

Ironically, these courageous and determined mothers who envisioned a better world for their children were so successful at driving blackface out of the mainstream that schools now rarely (if ever) teach its history --- which is why so many white Americans are uninformed about how the practice persisted and why it  is so offensive and hurtful to African Americans. . . To read this article, please click here

February 9, 2019 (updated)
Celebrate Black History Each Month!
 In celebration of "Black History" in   and of itself ---- let us hope that all of the political plans focusing on equality and/or race relations are more than simple words on a piece of paper but are actual plans that are being implemented with a timeline in place. Moreover, let us hope that the politicians who hold centrist views (Howard Schultz, etc.?)
can tell the difference between right and wrong.  
(For more information on "the centrist paradox," click here.) 
In turn, let us hope that these same politicians understand how Trump has taken the lead in dividing the nation rather than choosing to  
(underscored by the  lyrics from the Hymn to Freedom).
For more information on the Hymn to Freedom,  
please refer to  its   lyrics and/or sheet  music. 
(This is music written and underscored 

February 6, 2019
  The only thing tolerable about Trump’s presidency is that he is being investigated for colluding with Russia based on the actual belief (!) that he and his partners could  interfere in a presidential
election ---- without getting caught.  With this view in mindhis SOTUA, too was filled with
gaps, cover-ups and incomplete thoughts.  

For instance, he talked about protecting children but made no mention about the children his administration has separated from their parents --- children that they say will never be reunited with their families.

He talked about abortions but made no mention about the mother’s health or the severe deformities of the fetus.  
And then there is his need for a wall that overlooks the real cause of illegal immigration and how to prevent it. In fact, the cartels are probably the only ones who support his wall for they know it will not prevent them from entering the U.S. 
He talked about socialism but did not mention the 1 percent or their “survival of the fittest” mindset ---  or that  overlooking the lives of most Americans only makes sense to him and other rich white men.  

He mentioned the job numbers but made no mention that employment has been improving since 1950. He talked about African American unemployment that fell by 9 percent under Obama but by only 1 percent under him.
He talked about unity but failed to mention his need to promote racism tied to his imaginary  national security threats.  Based on his previous decisions Justice Sotomayor  (last year) pointed out: “the Government invoked an ill-defined national security threat to justify an exclusionary policy,” “the exclusion order was rooted in dangerous stereotypes,” and “the Government was unwilling to reveal its own intelligence agencies’ views of the alleged security concerns to the very citizens it purported to protect.”

In a nutshell, the POTUS lies.  It, therefore,  stands to reason that the conservatives are  the only ones who can say the king has on clothes. This fact was reconfirmed by the optics of  his audience with  cameras showing  Democratic puzzlement , if not giggles based on the POTUS' current state of affairs. 
February 2, 2019

Are some states, districts and schools failing to support children in becoming culturally competent adults who can operate in a diverse world? Clearly, a white governor --- who posed as a Klansman or in blackface 35 years ago, should be considered culturally incompetent --- if there are currently no signs that he has evolved and changed.

If he has changed he should be allowed to keep his job because in America we do not hold guilty signs over people for a lifetime if they have made every effort to redeem themselves.

Certain questions, therefore, still have to be asked  about this same governor --- from a southern state that once  supported slavery, Jim Crow and white supremacy  ---- for, to date, he has not tried to minimize his state's murderous past by downplaying racism as if it as normal to him as apple pie. In fact, he is against Confederate statutes, Heather Heyer’s murderer and other white nationalists that Trump has called very fine people.   

Presently, there is no evidence either that he was trying to normalize the meaning
of the racist photos. There is also no evidence that he volunteered to be called coonman (based on his changing voice or his southern accent). His distracters then are left to explain (on their own)  why he wanted to be referred to as the N word or a N Lover (words that can be interchanged with coonman) by his racist classmates without complaint. Moreover, they would have to explain why he apologized to the black people who voted for him . . .  for such an act would have jeopardized his position as a stone cold racist.  

It is, therefore, very instructive that none of his classmates felt compelled enough to
call him and tell him about the racist pictures in the yearbook after 35 years. In fact, the examples in the yearbook --- of his classmates --- seem to show that painting oneself with black shoe polish was a regular tradition, a rite of passage that was highly acceptable at the school where he attended --- even in 1984. But did the governor have regular interactions with the individuals who posed in the pictures? His answer is  hinted at when he told the press to call the upper classmen who nicknamed him coonman.

Given these facts, if he was a participate, he would have utilized the "boys will be boys" excuse by now ---- a racially charged excuse (coupled with a misogynist one for still others) when it comes to vile acts. These excuses, after all, were invented for those who have become products of a racist/misogynist culture but whose actions  are too cowardly as human beings to admit it publicly.

Finally, if he is allowed to keep his job it would mean, in this case, that white privilege and its racist underpinnings --- for once --- have not won the day but reconciliation has . . . based on the governor’s recognition of past wrongdoings.  This, of course, is not a regular course of action in the age of President Trump, Roy Moore, Stephen King, etc. Under these circumstances, the governor should not be the stand- in or serve as the punching bag for the collective emotions of a nation who stands against Trump and his ongoing, current need to promote racism, etc. 

That so many democratic politicians want to quickly retaliate or to impose consequences onto the governor for behavior that he has long ago changed leaves no space for a higher standard to emerge. This standard should give rise to an understanding of what is required of all Americans who must live in a diverse world where cultural competence is learned and expected on any given day. This is a teaching moment, a lesson learned but it is not the time for condemnation.
January 21st

State & Local Report Cards Are Due Today!

By Dian Schaffhauser

equation --- with plenty of proof showing that  Trump has done nothing to improve their lives).  
When all is said and done ---  their stance ---  at best,   is based on an animalistic
"survivior of the fittest" plan of action  and nothing more.  
Americans know, however, we can do so much more ---

December 25th 
(Everywhere I Go) Somebody Talkin' Bout Jesus
Click here , here , here , here , and here

December 23rd (Updated)

Last year, Trump banned words such as "evidence-based, science-based, vulnerable, entitlement, diversity,” transgender and fetus from being used in official documents --- (probably so he would not have to contend with experts or the public when addressing and discussing certain healthcare topics.  But, does this ban on standards apply to other areas as well?

December 18th  --- 20th (Updated) 
Joseph, Mary & Jesus were " Refugees." 
Would Trump ban Jesus from the nation if he returned today since he had woolly hair and darker skin? 

December 13th
(Archived article. . . Ongoing concerns)
By Brent Greenwood for Education Week
The federal government has a history of failure when it comes to Native students. . .
By Denise Juneau

"BIE creates plan after plan intended to restructure, realign, reform, redesign, revise, and redo their education system, in actuality these plans are rarely carried out. The necessary changes to schooling simply remain words written on paper."
Will  this event today  with ED's Office of Indian Education continue on this same path?  

December 11, 2018  
(Archived Information) 
By  David Griffith
Also click here and here for more informtion. 

December 10th
What goes on in states, districts and schools?
 Your state and local report cards should include this information.
Also, please note: "ESSA requires SEAs to consult parents (hopefully not hand-picked parents) in the development of state report cards and, at a minimum, make state and LEA report cards available on the SEA’s website."
(For instance, parents want to know about teacher absenteeism, etc.)
Deadline: December 31, 2018. . .
Remember to review the ED.gov "Parent Guide on State & Local Report Cards"
by clicking here. For more info on this subject click   hereherehere, including (archived but still relevant info for discussions) her e , and here. 

November 30th
George H.W. Bush, the 'Education President, Dies at 94 By Mark Walsh

November 22nd

November 20th  (Updated)
It's not possible to vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi  unless you support  racism in the tradition of politicians such as " James Vardaman, governor of Mississippi in the early years of the 20th century, who campaigned on a policy of endorsing lynching as a means to promote white supremacy."  In this light, Mississippians must decide if they support the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, 
U.S. democratic principles, Supreme Court decisions,
the American value system rooted in racial equality
and  Jesus  rather than Hyde-Smith.

(In regard to  U.S. Supreme Court decisions, please refer to the  
the SchoolHouse Gate by Justin Driver.  In  the SchoolHouse Gate the author "recovers the language of white southerners" and even of Eisenhower who opposed the Brown decision for fear of white racial destruction (an ongoing problem now termed " white extinction anxiety") and/or the fear of  their own stereotypes of black men as bucks sitting next to  pure white  girls. One only wonders if they were projecting their own history of criminalized behavior  onto black people. There is plenty of evidence in American history to prove this fact --- both past
and present. . . facts that still need to be truly acknowledged
so white racists can move on from these stereotypes.)  

Juan Williams, a Republican and Fox News journalist.) 

Hyde-Smith won on paper but Lincoln once said that: "Whoever can change public opinion can change the government." Clearly, Trump has not changed  the minds of the majority of Americans (Also, please note that " suicide and drug overdose rates continued to rise in 2017, helping drive the number of U.S. deaths to the highest total in more than 100 years". . .) and neither has Ms.  Hyde-Smith. 
Why? Mike Epsy has now built one of the greatest grassroots movements that Mississippi has ever seen (since Reconstruction!).
This is the beginning of change --- in spite of the outcome of the election.  

Mississippians now have to ask how any God-fearing American in 2018 could vote for a self-proclaimed Confederate who wants to sit on the front row of a
public hanging. . . or who wants public highways named after Confederates and who sees nothing wrong with voter suppression. . . a person who dwells in the past without any ideals that represent American diversity. . . etc.   
Given her support of the former Confederacy, they also have to ask why she likes
wearing a Confederate soldier uniform in the presence of diverse audiences.
Hopefully, this means she only wears the uniform to 
remind her audiences that "the defeat of the Confederacy is a historical fact that will always   represent freedom for millions and millions of American people.”
On the other hand, if she dresses up as a Confederate soldier because she still wants the Confederates to defeat the Union army, it probably means she's still fighting the civil war in her own mind. As a result, most people (throughout the nation and world) see her as a racist who represents a small minority of individuals, overall who are failing to normalize racism
in the United States of America.
Public opinion, therefore, does prevail. . . in this instance, after all. 

 November 17th
By Carol Anderson
What's the take away from this article? Kemp's brand of abject racism and corruption includes a wide range of immoral tactics to win a election.
Kemp's tactics include: "hackable polling machines, voter roll purges, refusing to register voters until after an election, the use of investigations to intimidate groups registering minorities to vote, the use of Exact Match, a version of the infamous Crosscheck database, to put tens of thousands of citizens in electoral limbo. . ., closing voting precincts in majority African American areas, destroying the
server that housed statewide election data. . ., etc., promoting gerrymandering of  districts, drawn and redrawn by the Republican-dominated Legislature to 
mirror the inordinate and disproportionate power of a majority white conservative constituency that will continue to decrease. . ." and, he accomplished all of this in 2016 (or before 2016). He is now saying he won the election against Stacey Abrams . . . but not really. . . for he is very consistent in showing the world who he is. . . and he is a thief who glorifies in stealing electionswhich means he truly is the enemy of democracy (based on his ongoing record)
as it now stands in 2018.

Message to Nr. Kemp and others (. . .please consider this cross-referenced speech or  lesson learned from Abraham Lincoln, a true leader who would later lead the U.S. through its "greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. . ."): 
" Let it be remembered, that while occasions like the present, bring their sober and durable benefits, the exultations and mortifictions of them, are but temporary; that the victor shall soon be the vanquished, if he relax in his exertion; and that the vanquished this year, may be victor the next, in spite of all competition. How chastening in the hour of pride! -- how consoling in the depths of affliction!
And this, too, shall pass away. And yet let us hope it is not quite true. Let us hope, rather, that by the best cultivation of the physical world, beneath and around us; and the intellectual and moral world within us, we shall secure an individual, social, and political prosperity and happiness, whose course shall be onward and upward, and which, while the earth endures, shall not pass away. 
and American values are still embraced throughout the nation?

November 13th
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith says she'd be in the first row of a a public hanging.
Everyone needs to call Mississippi officals and tell them that  
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's (R-Miss.) name needs to be removed from the Mississippi Senate runoff on November 27th against Mike Espy. "

Democracy  & the Need for  Ordinary Love

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people
expects their elected officials to, at least, demonstrate  "true faith and allegiance
to the U.S. Constitution" --- or simply to stop lying for obvious reasons.
 For these reasons, the Republicans are currently recognized demagogues, based on what they do rather than what they say.  In other words, Trump and the Republican Party's
"center is not holding. . .  and all around them. . . 
things are falling apart."

This point has never been clearer with Trump's rush to denounce Democrats after the mass shooting at the Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh today, a point that speaks volumes about his misplaced priorities --- and/or his inability to stay focused on a horrific mass shooting, including how to prevent future ones.

His timid response to the recent home grown terrorist who mailed pipe bombs to American leaders is also a sign of a dog whistle to other white nationalists, a reckless, intentional act that broadcasts "what" he can do from a bully pulpit to cause divisions, and/or to contribute to the worsening racial climate. . . 

Trump's words (stemming from his belief that he cannot  win on merit, competence, reason, and logic) have also caused another one of his violent followers to murder two African Americans at a supermarket. If Trump was an intelligent man with any sense of morality he would be able to attract a different kind of voter rather than the ones who can be easy manipulated into believing his lies and hate speech --- or the ones who act on his dog whistles that keep leading to violent, deadly acts.

In his writings, Khashoggi, after watching the movie Black Panther made the point that  "the young king of Wakanda chose to use his country’s power to engage with the world for the greater good. Will Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who likely will soon become king of his country, use his power to bring peace to the world around him?" It sounds like Khashoggi was hoping for the best.  
To learn more, click here.


There's something wrong with the Republicans. We already know that there is something wrong with Trump who is an immoral leader whose heathen-like behavior includes admitting that he likes grabbing the private parts of women but we also know that female senators like Collins have lowered the bar on what passes as moral as well.
This includes her assessment of Kavanaugh. 
As historian Jon Ellis Meacham stated: Senator Collins, during her testimony, made
(Former Justice  John Paul Stevens is a lifelong Republican who leaned liberal on several

Could it be that Senator Collins is asking Americans to pretend that Kavanaugh's record is squeaky clean or morally sound enough to serve a diverse nation?  But there should be no pretense involved  in choosing a supreme court justice for a lifetime seat, in a democratic nation, if she wants Americans citizens to hold on to their conscience, especially when it comes to  Dr. Ford.  At best, (for her own sake) she wants Americans to render Dr. Ford invisible and    to refocus on Kavanaugh's brand new persona as Justice John Paul Stevens without filling in the holes or gaps in her explanation ( so that
overlooking his views on executive authority, hacked emails, legal protections for people of color, gun control,  his wishy washy views on Roe v. Wade. . .  or that he votes for

Most importantly, she  ignores the fact that he threatened  the majority of Americans by saying that "what goes around comes around"  proving that it is impossible for him to become an impartial, neutral, fair-minded, trustworthy judge.  Raising his voice and crying were never the issue: his threats were and are, which means the
supreme court will lose all credibility with him on it. 
She also wants Americans to forget the research on sexual abuse since she deliberately found the need to overlook it.   But her indirect request brings me back to my original premise: something is wrong with far too many Republicans and explains why their party has remained a lily white, male -led party for decades.  Clearly, this is not about democrats vs. republicans, it is about understanding the difference between right and wrong,
which  seems to be beyond their reach.

While we do not know if they have killed small animals when they were young, which is a precursor for becoming an adult serial killer we do know that the Republican gang-rule behavior of their males has " violated a provision of the Violence Against Women Act by disclosing Swetnick’s purported sexual preferences " to discredit her. But that  doesn't matter to Senator Collins either or perhaps  she has a selective memory when it comes to "who" is actually inhabiting the gutter that she spoke about. Clearly she does not mind covering up the   misogynist (and racist) behavior of her fellow Republicans who   are unable to recognize the humanity of all humans.

This applies to Kavanaugh, too who bragged about being a alumnus of a  young teenage girl who was "used" sexually  by multiple teenage boys. Is this a precursor for a gang rapist? Is it a precursor for a man putting his penis in a women's face against her will or worst? If so, there is something wrong with Kavanaugh who loves to drink even though he knows he tends to attack other humans when he does - - - women like Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, etc.  who he thought he could take
advantage of without any consequences.  

But Senator Collins omits these facts, too.  She also does not  speak about his need to hide   text messages to cover up the Ramirez sexual assault. It is, therefore, a travesty that she  has not considered "where" the omission of these facts might actually lead this nation if he is confirmed as a judge.  And yet, it is clear that anyone who supports this man without an exhaustive investigation - - - or without American women and girls  in mind - - - is not only proving that something is wrong with them, too but they are also proving that they think the lives and experiences of  American women and girls are worthless.  

All of this is happening on the anniversary of the Me, Too Movement. . .  of all days, a movement that does not overlook the experiences of women as Senator Collins has done. What happens when  the voices of Americans are heard?
It means the days of out of sight/out of mind are over. It means social exclusion is over. . .  
It means the United States Constitution and its democratic principles are being honored.  (It means Kavanaugh could be impeached if he is confirmed. It means
term limits could be placed on supreme court seats in this extremely partisan nation. )
But it also means that one day America could possibly become a nation where a democratic president and a republican vice-president could exist or vice versa
as John McCain once imagined. 

Who disagrees with the POTUS on the Kavanaugh supreme court nomination??
(Partial List) 
100, 000 churches and 45 million church goers. . . and growing. . .
2500 law professors and growing

September 24th
Rosenstein should not resign.
Trump is confused about stench and where it is coming from since his presidency has "always" been knee-deep in a sewer from day one. The Republicans who bow down to him each and everyday - - - and who cannot distinguish between right
and wrong --- despite the issue --- belong in this category as well .  If his followers support lies, political scandals, sexual assault, legislative incompetencies, including collusion with the Russians and/or unAmerican practices the stench belongs to them at a highly entrenched, deep in the mire level and/or has become a part of the social fabric
from which they, alone identify.  
September 12th
(Archived Info)
Good News to Remember at the Start of the 2018 School Year:
By Amanda Ripley
 "The smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective; directed more resources to their neediest children; enrolled most children in high-quality preschools; helped schools establish cultures of constant improvement; and applied rigorous, consistent standards across all classrooms. . . Of all those lessons learned, the United States has employed only one at scale:  A majority of states recently adopted more consistent and challenging learning goals, known as the Common Core State Standards,
for reading and math."
For more information on the CCSS, click here.

Remembering 9/11
Psalm 46

September 8th
Power of Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka
is overshadowed by ​ sexist power play. . .
By Sally Jenkins

September 4th
On the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing:  His past actions speak louder than his words. . .
or current amnesia. . . Where is the rule of law in this process? To read the blog,
focusing on this subject, click here.
 September 3rd
What are the states, districts, and schools across the nation doing to ensure that parents and community stakeholders understand the ESSA Implementation Process 2018?
(archived info)

August 26, 2018 
 Rest in Peace Senator John McCain, an American  Hero. . .  
"In the lark's song. . .  The song (is) seraphically free/Of taint of personality/ So pure that it salutes the suns/"The" voice of one for millions/In whom the millions rejoice . . ." He evolved and changed his mind about many issues. . . by responding to a purpose greater than himself,
a purpose that allowed him to impact the lives of all Americans. . . 
For more information, click here.
(Lark Ascending ---Tai Murray, Violinist)

(Updated From August 16th)
Rest in Peace Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. . .
To listen to a few of the outstanding songs that she 
brilliantly,   creatively and --- soulfully sang. . .
(For instance, consider "the extraordinary suppleness, clarity, and control in her voice at age 73 , during her performance at the Kennedy Center, an age when many vocalists have adjusted their most challenging songs to a comfortable register. Aretha took us beyond  "any limits we might have imagined for her. . . it was not effort. . .  but mastery. . . that drove her vertiginous ascent up the musical scale, that she would not miss a beat or let us fall, and that our role was not to marvel, but to revel." In this light, she gave  the world a "genuine" God-given talent  for "Aretha was certainly not untouched by racism, misogyny, vice, and exploitation, but she was unique in her ability to subsume these forces into her art without allowing them to shape or compromise her vision. . .")
click  herehere, herehere/ herehere,
and my all time favorite here (lyrics: "
and I'm keeping you right here in my heart
and it's all because I love you. . .).

August 24th
(Archived Info) Good News to Remember at the Start of the 2018 School Year:
By Amanda Ripley
  "The smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective; directed more resources to their neediest children; enrolled most children in high-quality preschools; helped schools establish cultures of constant improvement; and applied rigorous, consistent standards across all classrooms. . .
Of all those lessons learned, the United States has employed only one at scale:         A majority of states recently adopted more consistent and challenging learning goals, known as the Common Core State Standards, for reading and math."
For more information on the CCSS, click here.

August 24th Notes Continued. . . 
Americans Are Still In An Uproar About Betsy DeVos, Guns &
The  Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants
 Here's what we know (especially withTrump's supporters, in particular):
For more info on this topic, click here, herehere and   here.

August 23rd 
Do not forget to watch " America to Me," a Starz Documentary Series

August 22rd
By Amanda Holpuch in New York

August 21st
Has Trump used the N word?
He has called people ugly when they were not ugly, dogs when they were not dogs, dumb when they were not dumb   --- words that say more about his character than anything else he will ever say about his victims.  In this sense,  Trump's words resemble an automaton's thoughts, a man who has never had an original thought in his life, a man programmed to live in a bubble with like-minded people where "reason and depth" cannot reside. In fact, his name calling resembles something Hitler would would have said. Judging everyone by Hitler's Aryan standards simply shows that Trump lives in a limited, one-dimensional world.  Anyone can see the humanity and beauty in anyone if they choose to do so, but this is an idea that requires remaining awake and/or the ability to tell the difference between
an original thought and one that is not. From this perspecive,
who would look to Trump to define their  identity?
No one.  

How to Create a Positive School Climate
(Three practical, research-based suggestions for school leaders to support. . .)

August 12th
Charlottesville's Anniversary Against  White Racists, Terrorists & Murderers
Who is responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer? Trump and his so-called presidency, a low life presidency that racism built. . . should claim responsibility for this "murderous act of terrorism." He accomplished this task by creating the conditions for hate crimes to increase in this nation --- for without racism  --- Trump would not have been voted into office to feed racist sentiments or to serve as the occupant that merely sits in the office of the president  to cause racist messes. 
(What nation he actually represents, however, is not clear to most Americans and/or is being debated by still others. . .).
Furthermore, his unpatriotic, uninformed, racist, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists' supporters would not be confused about the "purpose" of the United States of America --- the purpose for which this nation stands --- if he knew or understood its meaning --- or, at least, read the U.S Constitution. 

And yet, to date (a year later) Trump and his supporters still  revere the symbols of the Confederacy  --- symbols that represent treason. In this light, these symbols serve as reminders of evil such as the   statue of Robert E. Lee , a statue that should no longer exist in any public space, a statue that  represents the unrecognized Confederate States of America
and its dehumanizing promotion of  slavery,
including "the awful criminality of those who held slaves in bondage."

And so when Trump and   Laura Ingraham m say they want to make America great again or that they miss the America that they once knew are they really announcing to the world that they long for the days of Jim Crow or even fantasize about the time of the unrecognized Confederacy --- and, therefore, a divided nation? But, what does it mean when they choose to  overlook the sufferings of poor whites  who lived/live in abject poverty ( in shanty houses with outhouses) whose numbers are still the highest (whites 41%, blacks 23%, Hispanics 28%. . .  )  for Americans living in poverty? Do they not know that everyone knows that these whites are used for their votes but ignored by their leaders ---- leaders such as McConnell and Trump? Is it any wonder that they are dying by the thousands due to dispair caused by incompetent, cruel politicians who are
busy find ways to benefit themselves or the rich 
rather than serving their supporters?
If so, why do Trump, Laura Ingrahamm. . . McConnell, etc. call themselves Americans if they do not care about America or  Americans? Why are they such cowards. . . when they (Trump, Ingrahamm, etc.)  could just say that they do not support the United States of America and  the U.S. Constitution? 
If they did believe in America they would finally say Heather Heyer's name out loud and say she was murdered by a white supremacist or a terrorist. They would admit that they are the ones who stir up hate or create and/or promote  policies that confuse ignorant white voters who do not study the facts --- who believe immigration is the problem when it is really the policies of
racist, lazy, greedy conservatives, overall who lie. 
They would have the moral strength and courage to finally stand with
the majority of Americans who believe in the American value system. 
In doing so, they would finally prove that they understand why their fellow Americans showed up in Charlottesville, on this day, last year --- 
as well as  today --- to support and and promote
American ideals tied to its purpose --- and not the ideals of racist terrorists.

August 4, 2018
Watch Now: The Netroots Nation Conference by clicking  here,  here,   here,  and   here .

August 3rd
Trump, the unprepared, incompetent president, (the so-called world leader (?) who projects how he feels about himself onto others . . . the wanna-be superior elitist who is destroying the lives of babies and children on purpose . . . , the liar , the misogynist,  the gangster  who is doing nothing to prevent Russia's interference in an election, the hardcore, inarticulate. . . infamous occupant in the White House who acts more like he's leading the unrecognized Confederate States of America with his low information supporters  who worship their white status under Trump even though Trump only serves rich whites ) is still doing the unthinkable  --- separating parents from their children. He now wants the ACLU to do what he will not do: reunite  parents with their children.)   More to the point, he wants
the ACLU to clean up his messes  ---   his bad decisions and policies or clearly stupid actions that keep allowing  parents to remain separated from their children.
To read more, click here .

August 2nd

DeVos Seeks To Rewrite The Rules On Higher Ed

(Ms. DeVos keeps missing the point about the U.S. public education system, overall. Innovation is worthless if it is not tied to transparency and accountability or school effectiveness. . .)

July 31st

Watch Now:  The Senate Judiciary Committee Focusing On:
The Separation of Immigrant Families
by the Trump Administration  
(referred to as the deleted families by Trump's staff. . . )

July 30th
  DeVos to Eliminate Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges. . . 

(Simply shameful. . .  But can anyone expect much from Trump/DeVos/Conservatives  who decided to ban gold and evidence based research findings to prevent American parents from learning about the widespread failures of the U.S. voucher program?)

July 27th

Call the President
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
​Tell them them to reunite the families, now! 

July 23rd
Oh dear, our thin-skinned president wants to stop American leaders from criticizing his political strategies   --- individuals who have unique insights and expertise  ---  tied to  the best interests of the nation. Their criticism of the POTUS is a good thing in a democracy and Americans need to hear their voices. Besides, rumors, gossip or whisper campaigns and conspiracy theories, etc. can be used against anyone in the public's eye --- but most people take the criticism with a grain of salt and know that their supporters can distinguish between the truth and lies. So why does this president care, a POTUS who has access to the loudest bully pulpit in the world and who uses it  to criticize everyone from movie stars to world leaders?  Does this mean then that he cares about the Yo President jokes, too, etc. that are brutal and widespread, not just in this nation but all over the world  targeted at him, a president who hangs out with thugs --- and brags about grabbing the private parts of women. . .  or  who  tortures babies by separating them from their parents, etc.? Will he try to stop the criticism in its many forms even the Yo President jokes? These jokes include but are not limited to: 
Yo your president is so stupid he calls immigrant babies that  cannot walk or talk  gang members. . . 
Yo your president is so stupid he changed his middle name to "Treason" . . .
Yo your president is so stupid he forgot he's the president of the U.S., and not Russia. . . 
If he cannot handle the criticism  the problem lies not with his critics but with 
his own weak presidential arguments, stances and strategies that
cannot  stand up against the thoughts in his own mind
where his belief system and fears are first formed.

July 22rd
The president is clearly anti-family, anti-child and/or is failing Americans across the nation. Is it any wonder that the EPA Inspector General's  report states that the EPA and its Region 5 office did not respond effectively to the water crisis in Flint? They did not have clear roles, responsibilities, risk assessments, effective communication, and proactive oversight tools. They repeatedly underestimated the urgency and scope of the problem.  As a result, the report calls on the agency to create a risk identification  system for drinking water, track citizen complaints, and provide training on oversight  tools. . . It calls on the EPA to update its Lead and Copper Rule." Trump (who keeps proving that he lacks the ability to serve American citizens) has ignored this request 3 times. To prevent American citizens from experiencing this type of governmental  leadership failure(s) again call your elected officials and tell them citizens want this "universally disliked rule" changed now, a rule that is "outdated, complex and insufficient." 

July 15th
The Craven Power Politics of Mitch McConnell. . .
He blocked a bipartisan statement on Russian hacking before the election.

(From the archives)
 By Joan Walsh

(Note; Trump blames Obama but does not blame or even mention McConnell (a Dixiecrat?) 
who blocked this type of info in 2016. But, Trump nor the Rupublicans  ever place their so called facts in context, a requirement of any leader who embraces morality,  if not, history. 

July 13 
The Trump Administration Kidnapped Children. Someone Should Go to Jail.
By Eugene Robinson 

July 11th
National Center for Youth Law
Using the law to help children in need. . .
To learn more about their strategies to protect children, click here.  

July 10th
Is Trump Destroying the Presidency?
(From the archives. . .)
By Jack Goldsmith 

(What type of person  separates children from their parents, loses them and then does not respond to a court order to return them???????)_

July 9th
By Leah Litman

Trump officials struggle to reunite migrant families
By Ted Hesson and Dan Diamond
As the deadline looms (July 10th), Trump officials struggle to reunite migrant families ‘It’s been really difficult to start the reunification process because we just don’t have a lot of direction from leadership,’ said one official.  

July 3rd
By Erica L. Green, Matt Apuzzo and Katie Benner
" The Trump administration will encourage the nation’s school superintendents and college presidents to adopt race-blind admissions standards, abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses,
Trump administration officials said."
Call your school superintendents, college presidents, elected officials and/or the White House switchboard at: (202-456-1414) 
and tell them race should be a factor in diversifying schools, especially with Trump occupying the office of the POTUS.

July 2nd

Please consider applying for a  grant focusing on the:
Statewide Family Engagement Centers.
To  contact the " U.S. Department of Education" about this grant or to attend their  pre-application seminar, click here.
To contact your "State Department of Education," click here.
Important dates to remember:
July 13th for your email stating your intent to apply &  
July 30th for the submission of your grant. 

July 1st 
It’s not about red or blue. . .)
By Joanna Walters
30,000 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.   T hey chanted, "Immigrants built this bridge! ! !"
Joshua Roberts

June 21,  2018

By Jonathan Blitzer

June 20th

Trump's Child Internment Camps

Tender Age Shelters

When will the children be reunited with their parents?

Is it possible for a predominately white Trump cabinet or Senate to address the urgent, critical problems tied to immigration since they only seem to be interested in preserving a predominately white nation or do not identify with a diverse nation? As it stands, Trump says that he does not have a problem with immigration but only if the immigrants who enter the U.S. have merit ---  according to his definition of merit ( Africans are better educated than the majority of immigrants who try to enter the U.S. but are still turned away ). His immoral decisions go against the U.S Constitution and have allowed him to  place poor, children of color in cages (!) (and to handcuff their parents around their wrists and ankles), a fact that uncovers an unheard of abject level of reasoning  that demonstrates and proves that he is incapable of identifying with their humanity.  

Without any connection to their humanity, Trump put in place an insane plan that allowed small children (who he says are infesting the nation) to be flown to different states across the nation (to designated shelters) by falsely branding them as " unaccompanied alien children" (children that may be lost forever --- under his leadership)  when he --- as the POTUS --- created the conditions that produced the parent/child separations. While some say he is merely feeding his racist base by treating the immigrant  children of color in cruel, inhumane ways, his actions, according to others, are only met to deter immigrants from so-called
sh_ thole nations from trying to enter the U.S  --- even though the U.S. represents an escape from life-threatening situations for many of the immigrant families.  His racism and stereotypes of the  children as  --- children of criminals ---  are, thus, lies and show and prove that he lives in a bubble with a belief system that has permitted him to turn his back on how poverty is produced and reinforced for years and years without caring why it exists and/or who created it and still creates it rather than focusing on
how a heaven on earth is created, a point that should not be lost on Sessions since he quotes the Bible.

While his base worries about whites becoming a minority  (. . . the real elephant in the room) for the wrong reasons and Trump seems to be stoking their fears on purpose as usual --- he, too --- is overlooking the root cause(s) of this concern: immigrants are not the problem --- more than likely they are the solution.  In other words, what he does not talk about is that the U.S. is losing its population so to speak   --- particularly its white population due to an aging white population. If he was not a racist man he would allow  immigrants into the country and would see this act as a reasonable remedy or solution pertaining to the 17 states losing population ---- unless. . . Trump lacks an imagination and wants to live in a white only nation --- rather than recognizing the humanity of all men, women and children based on U.S. ideals under God. 

Juneteenth: Our Other Independence Day
Celebrating the Meaning of the Juneteenth (1865) Celebration. . .
From the archives  ---  a speech from President Obama. . .  
in recognition of this holiday.

June 18th
Outstanding Sermons on
Immigration, Families & Powerless Children
Click here (Sermon by Dr. David A. Renwick, National Presbyterian Church) 
and  here (Sermon by Dr. Amy Butler, The Riverside Church in NYC. . .  scroll to 1:01 for the sermon)
to explore and discuss their views.

Also please, review statements from the United Methodist church in which "m ore than 600 clergy and lay members of the United Methodist Church are bringing church law charges against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Also, review statements from t he National Association of Evangelicals, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, The Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church who have joined with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and other concerned bodies of faith , etc.  who have signed the “Faith Leaders’ Statement on Family Separation. . . "   Also review statements from  a Coalition of Attorneys Ge nerals the American Academy of Pediatricians,  G overnors, the  American Nurses Association ,      Civil and Human Rights Organizations who have  Filed Joint Complaints with DHS on Behalf of Families
Forcibly Separated in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Custody, etc. 

June 17th

Happy Father's Day
Click  here,  here, here, and here for more info.

Taking a child out of the arms of a father. . . 
Click here to learn more.

June 14th

  Trump is breaking international law.  He  has committed an internationally wrongful act, a breach of an international obligation. "The current policy in the United States of separating “extremely young children” from their asylum-seeker or migrant parents along the country’s southern border constitutes a child rights violation, the UN human rights office, OHCHR, said. Although the U.S. has never ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it has signed the international accord and ratified others, which means that it has legal obligations to children in its care," the OHCHR spokesperson explained.

Please note: the GOP has developed a proposal to
ban Trump from separating families. 

Also, please read the   Keeping Families Together Act. 
Call your elected officials and tell them to support this act.   

June 6th
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to Secretary DeVos: "Will your commission look at the role of firearms as it relates to gun violence in our schools?
Click here to listen to her response. For a response to her answer, click here.

June 4th
Why Don't We Challenge the Narrow Vision of Ed. Leadership?
By Carolyn R. Hodges & Olga M. Welch
Click here to read this article.  

May 31st 

From The Archives: A Question Pondered By The BPS . . .
"Does every single school deserve a nurse? Does every single school deserve a principal? Does every single classroom
need one teacher?”

Click here to read this article.

May 3oth

Student-centered Funding Pilot

"In exchange for meeting the requirements of the pilot and using a student-centered funding formula,
the LEA receives freedom from many of the federal requirements for the funds included in the system (e.g., tracking time and attendance; creating schoolwide needs assessments and schoolwide plans for operating a schoolwide program under Title I, Part A; spending funds on particular allowable uses)."  
Click  here,  herehere, here,  herehere and (a lesson learned)  here 
to discuss this subject. 

May 28th
Thinking About Diversity on Memorial Day. . .
By August Schulenburg
Click here to learn more.

May 23rd 
Only Love 
The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade and Blake Shelton -
Finale: "Only Love"
 Click here to listen to this song.

May 21, 2018

What you should know about the
"Statewide Family Engagement Centers" and Funding
Click here to learn more.

May 18, 2018

"Let’s call it like it is: the horrifying inaction of Congress, slaughter after slaughter, has become a green light to would-be shooters, who pervert silence into endorsement. . .," said Sentator Chris Murphy. . .
(Note: What he said in February applies to all school shootings across the nation as well.)

Here's what parents should know: a U.S. cultural change is needed and it must begin with Congress actually serving the majority of U.S. citizens who want them to do something about gun violence. 

Here’s what Parkland survivors are saying about the Santa Fe school shooting. . .By Marissa J. Lang

  Also, one day before the Santa Fe High School massacre Secretary DeVos met with experts and survivors of mass shootings.
Click here to learn more.
Please refer to the COPACS Blog Post on
School Massacres to understand why
Congress should be blamed for yet another tragedy.

May 15th

Trump’s brutal policies target the most vulnerable Americans
By  Katrina Vanden Heuvel 

Click here to read this article. 

May 13th

Happy Mother's Day!

"Christian groups highlight plight of immigrant mothers on Mother’s Day. . . 
The Rev. Noel Andersen, national grass-roots coordinator for Church World Service, said the movement by faith groups to help the immigrant women is part of an effort to show solidarity but also to confront “unjust laws,
to fight deportation orders so they  can stay united with their families.”

Click herehere here, here and here  to learn more. 

May 12, 2018
Boycott Waffle House!
Click here to learn more.

May 12th
(from May 7th)

No Blame for Newtown on School Massacre, Judge Says. . . 

“This ruling (which every parent should read) should serve as NOTICE to all parents of young boys and girls: Our children are not safe in public schools,” Papcsy said in a statement (parentheses in original). Papcsy said Wilson’s decision ultimately holds that
schools “can never be held accountable if they failed to implement protocols
intended to keep our children and teachers safe in their public schools.”


Click here for more information. 

May 11th 
John Kelly's Racist Comments About Immigrants Are Not His First

Click here to learn more.

May 9th 
(From the Archives)

States Won’t Hold Schools Accountable
That's Your Job. . . 
By Tracy Dell’Angela
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State ESSA Plans Are Weak Tea,
But Here Are 3 Things We Can Do Right Now. . .
By Max Marchitello & Kaitlin Pennington
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Two years after Congress scrapped federal formulas for fixing troubled schools, states for the most part are producing only the vaguest of plans to address
persistent educational failure. . .
By Emma Brown
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(Parents, Community Stakeholders  --- Or The Public Should Call Their State Educational Officials and Elected Officials To Address These Ongoing, Persistent Transparency & Accountability Concerns. . .

May 8th

Rich parents are using doctor’s notes
to help kids cheat the SATs. . .

By Doree Lewak

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What are school officials & parent educators saying about this unfair practice?

May 7th
No Blame for Newtown on School Massacre,

Judge Says. . . 

“This ruling (which every parent should read) should serve as NOTICE to all parents of young boys and girls: Our children are not safe in public schools,” Papcsy said in a statement (parentheses in original). Papcsy said Wilson’s decision ultimately holds that schools “can never be held accountable if they failed to implement protocols intended to keep our children and teachers safe in their public schools.”


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May 7th

Grassroots Activism in View

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May 3rd

(From the Archives)

Can parents prod schools to get better?


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May 2nd 

Race and Legislative Responsiveness
in City Council Meetings

By Bai Linh Hoang (University of Texas, Arlington)

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April 30th

Revisiting  the Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District Ruling. . .

What kind of “educational benefit” does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act require public schools to provide to students with disabilities?

by Amy Howe 

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April 27th 

(From the Archives)
New CREDO Report Shows System-Level Supports,
Turnaround Expertise Critical to School-Level Improvements
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By Robin Lake

April 25, 2018

Implementing ESSA

Education Week is holding its second annual interactive event  aimed at meeting the challenges of implementing ESSA
(the Every Student Succeeds Act). 
Education Week journalists and other invited experts will answer your questions on May 1 from 1 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To learn how to register for this event: click here or  here.  

April 21, 2018

The scientifically proven explanation for why better gun control laws really will stop school violence. . .

To read this article written by
Robyn Pennacchia, click here

On April 20, 2018

Learn more about their call to action by clicking here and  here .

Find A National School Walkout By Clicking Here . 
25, 000 Schools Are Participating In The Walkouts. .

April 19, 2018 

What to expect from Friday's massive
National School Walkout. . . 

To read this article by By Holly Yan, CNN, click here

April 18, 2018

According to a Gallup Poll:
 guns and gun control are no longer considered key problems for Americans. 

Does this mean that Americans are no longer concerned about the safety of children who attend U.S. public schools? 

Does it mean elected officials are no longer focusing on gun control? Have they already decided to stop bringing constant attention to this
critical concern --- on purpose? 

(Note: What happened to the " Stop the School Violence Act " that 
does not mention gun control at all?)

To read this article written by Sara Shayanian, click here .  
To learn more about this poll, click here
To learn more about this concern, click here,  here, or here.

April 13, 2018

2018 AERA Annual Meeting
"The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education"
Friday, April 13 - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
New York City

(refer to Town Halls & Meetings that are live-streamed), 
including but not limited to: 

"Imagining Radically, Practicing Hope:
How Public Education Could Disrupt Racial Injustice," 

"Research on Gun Violence and Implications for Schools and Communities"

April 11, 2018

What Pop-Up Classes Do You Wish
Your Child's School Offered? 

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April 10, 2018

The Results from the 2017 NAEP mathematics and reading assessments are in!
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 
Data Privacy and Protection Hearing

Click Here To Watch This Hearing On CSPAN.

Also, consider other social media concerns (i.e. Twitter) such as this one. 

April 7, 2018

Learn More About the Town Hall Project (Connected to March For Our Lives) by Clicking Here.

April 4, 2018

MLK Jr.'s son reflects on his father's last days
Source: CNN

Also be sure to watch the HBO Special: King in the Wilderness.
To review the official trailer, click here

To read the April Blog: Remembering Martin Luther King, click here

April 3, 20018

Dayanna Voltich, a social studies teacher who operates a white supremacist podcast (learn more here. . .) was "removed from a Crystal River Middle School classroom and suspended on March 2, 2018." (Thank God!) She submitted her resignation on April 2, 2018. The Citrus County School Board will meet on April 10th to discuss if they will accept her resignation. Please note: parents have already expressed outrage over her racist views in the classroom.

Clearly, the U.S. public school system is not the place for racism, bias, inequality, inequitable practices, unfairness, covert white supremacist views or low expectations of children of color. A literature review on this topic shows that several authors state that "teachers’ perceptions, expectations, and behaviors probably do help sustain,
and perhaps even expand the black-white test score gap."
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April 2, 2018

To review: 
An Audit of State High School Graduation Requirements. . .
by Laura Jimenez and Scott Sargrad,

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To Review:
Improving Academic Preparation for College
What We Know and How State and Federal Policy Can Help
by Robin Chait and Andrea Venezia, 
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Everything Must Change

March 25th

When 800, 000 young people 18 and under can stand up to the NRA with signs saying"the NRA Must Go," a new day is here, a breaking of new ground is taking place for America based on fairness and/or commonsense.  As Cameron Kasky (co-founder of March For Our Lives) stated: "The world failed us and we're here to make a new one that's going to be easier on the next generation. If you're against that, then get out." Trump should be worried. In fact,  many of the signs were against  his stances on gun control showing: a younger America is triumphing over Trump and his  stronghold  on populism --- (or that go-to final factor) for which his presidency  depends --- proving that he is confused about
who is. . . or. . . was. . . the silent, hidden majority. Everything must change.
Morning has broken.  

March For Our Lives, March 24th
The Times They Are A Changin'  

Will elected officials listen to the specific legislative demands of U.S. students who want comprehensive gun control laws in place across the nation --- demands that are tied to their "March For Our Lives" event that will take place on March 24th? Will elected officials ensure that their demands are a top priority and/or that specific legislative efforts are underway that will keep them safe and alive? Will they end gun violence and mass shootings in their schools today?" For more info on March For Our Lives, click here .  Note: According to this NYTimes article  Americans support the following gun control solutions. (I would add   federal standards on gun safes an age requirement of 21 for gun use & ownership, the  funding of actual research on gun violence , etc.  including safety programming in schools, which Trump's 2019 budget will cut .) They include:
Assault weapons ban 
Bar sales to all violent criminals  
Semiautomatic gun ban 
High-capacity magazine ban 
Universal checks for gun buyers 
Universal checks for ammo buyers 
Bar sales to people deemed dangerous by mental health provider 
Bar sales to convicted stalkers 
Require gun licenses 
Ammo purchase limit 
Centralized record of gun sales 
Report lost or stolen guns 
3-day waiting period 

Gun purchase limit 
Workplace weapons ban 
School weapons ban 
Guns that microstamp bullets 
Require gun safes 
Require safety training 
Fingerprint gun owners 

March 23, 2018

Watch Full Episodes of Hope & Fury,  a documentary covering  the
civils rights movement. . .

The Murder of Stephon Clark

March 22, 2018

Protesters blocked the entrances to an NBA game and chanted
"Black Lives Matter" to bring attention to the murder of Stephon Clark. The police, once again, murdered an "unarmed" black man by shooting him 20 times in his grandmother's backyard on Sunday. Learn more about this murder by reading an article by Alex Horton & Wesley Lowery

March 20, 2018

About the Education Budget Hearing on March 20th. . .  Rep. Harris comments were knee deep in the world of stereotypes when he said the socioeconomic background of public school students was the cause of school-based concerns. At best, he has not done his homework on any of the topics that he spoke about for he blatantly chose to ignore the cause of school ineffectiveness and/or the inability of educators to educate. 
He also brought up guns but his statistics on gun violence were wrong. For instance, why did he talk about Baltimore gun deaths and the weaknesses of gun laws but never once felt compelled to mention the fact that 89% of gun deaths are due to white male suicides? Does he not know that " where there are guns there are gun deaths
Furthermore, when he stated that teachers are afraid to discipline black students he intentionally omitted what happens to white students who are not disciplined for committing the same acts ---
proving (often) that he is accustomed to taking part in lopsided conversations that depend on stock explanations for which substance is nowhere to be found. It seems then that Rep. Harris prefers 
to think of himself as an injured party --- one who wants or, perhaps, needs everyone to know that his colleagues have called him a racist. And yet, his comments show, based on his need to volunteer this information --- that it is he --- who wants to wear this badge with honor due to his obsession with the term --- even though no one, at least, during the hearing, brought up the term or called him a racist. Fortunately, Representatives Lee, DeLauro, Pocan, Clark, etc. brought much needed insight and profound substance to the hearing in spite of Rep. Harris and his positions ---and/or his failed attempts to  ask pertinent questions and/or his inability to respond to the critical information needs of the public.

March 20, 2018

Did Secretary DeVos hide the education budget  or did she simply "withhold vital information from the department’s budget " for the  fiscal year that begins in October? For more info on this subject or to listen to the House Appropriations Subcommittee's hearing on the FY19 budget, click here

March 14, 2018

Bravo. . . to the " Youth of theUnited States of America"  
who are taking part in the Student Walkouts across the nation! This is what "Democracy" looks like. . .
Making their voices heard, they are chanting:
Hey, hey, ho, ho. . . 
The NRA has got to go! 
What do we want?
Gun Control!
When do we want it? 
Gun Control Now! Gun Control Now! Gun Control Now!
To learn about Youth Empower of the Women's March, click here. For a Live Stream of the "Student Walkouts" across the nation, click here and  here.

March 13, 2018

By the ACLU
To learn more, click here .

March 11, 2018

Interpreting and Exploring the Latest  Betsy DeVos Interview. . .
 This interview was conducted
by 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl.

To listen to this interview, click here

It is very discouraging to hear that Ms. DeVos has not visited one low performing school. How could she overlook this critical priority and yet say that she cares about low-income children who are stuck in low performing schools? 

March 10, 2018
Interpreting the D.C. Public Schools

There are many ways to interpret the latest D.C. Public School Scandal ( here's a  guide. . .) but this article published today by the Washington Post gets to the heart of the matter. It is written by Emma Brown, Valerie Strauss, and Perry Stein. To learn more, please click this link.