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December 13, 2018

For the months of November (Starting November 23rd) through December dues are
5.00 dollars
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"If everybody in this country voted,” the economist John Kenneth Galbraith said,
“the Democrats would be in for the next 100 years.” VOTE!

Prepare to vote in 2020. . . Get your Voter ID's now. Make sure you are
not purged from the voter rolls in your state by racist officials.
Note. . . Lessons Learned from the 2018 Elections: Winning by voter suppression is not winning ; it  just means Trump's un-American election thievery (hate speech, lies,   voter purges , extreme gerrymandering. . .   
where Republicans, currently, choose  their own voters rather than voters choosing their own representatives, etc.) 
is in place for those who embrace it. . . For instance, Democrats received 12 million more votes than Republicans  (overall) for US. Senate races but still did not gain control of the Senate.  Clearly, the U.S. needs   
a constitutional amendment to prevent this license to steal an election from the bona fide winners.   Support  " oversight and accountability" in the election process
"Vote,  for Democracy ," the very foundation  of our nation!

December 13th(Archived article. . . Ongoing concerns)
By Brent Greenwood for Education Week
The federal government has a history of failure when it comes to Native students. . .
By Denise Juneau

"BIE creates plan after plan intended to restructure, realign, reform, redesign, revise, and redo their education system, in actuality these plans are rarely carried out. The necessary changes to schooling simply remain words written on paper."
Will  this event today  with ED's Office of Indian Education continue on this same path?  

December 11, 2018  
(Archived Information) 
By  David Griffith
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December 10th
What goes on in states, districts and schools?
 Your state and local report cards should include this information.
Also, please note: "ESSA requires SEAs to consult parents (hopefully not hand-picked parents) in the development of state report cards and, at a minimum, make state and LEA report cards available on the SEA’s website."
(For instance, parents want to know about teacher absenteeism, etc.)
Deadline: December 31, 2018. . .
Remember to review the ED.gov "Parent Guide on State & Local Report Cards"
by clicking here. For more info on this subject click   hereherehere, including (archived but still relevant info for discussions) her e , and here. 

November 30th
George H.W. Bush, the 'Education President, Dies at 94 By Mark Walsh

November 22nd

November 20th  (Updated)
It's not possible to vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi  unless you support  racism in the tradition of politicians such as " James Vardaman, governor of Mississippi in the early years of the 20th century, who campaigned on a policy of endorsing lynching as a means to promote white supremacy."  In this light, Mississippians must decide if they support the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, 
U.S. democratic principles, Supreme Court decisions,
the American value system rooted in racial equality
and  Jesus  rather than Hyde-Smith.

(In regard to  U.S. Supreme Court decisions, please refer to the  
the SchoolHouse Gate by Justin Driver.  In  the SchoolHouse Gate the author "recovers the language of white southerners" and even of Eisenhower who opposed the Brown decision for fear of white racial destruction (an ongoing problem now termed " white extinction anxiety") and/or the fear of  their own stereotypes of black men as bucks sitting next to  pure white  girls. One only wonders if they were projecting their own history of criminalized behavior  onto black people. There is plenty of evidence in American history to prove this fact --- both past
and present. . . facts that still need to be truly acknowledged
so white racists can move on from these stereotypes.)  

Juan Williams, a Republican and Fox News journalist.) 

Hyde-Smith won on paper but Lincoln once said that: "Whoever can change public opinion can change the government." Clearly, Trump has not changed  the minds of the majority of Americans (Also, please note that " suicide and drug overdose rates continued to rise in 2017, helping drive the number of U.S. deaths to the highest total in more than 100 years". . .) and neither has Ms.  Hyde-Smith. 
Why? Mike Epsy has now built one of the greatest grassroots movements that Mississippi has ever seen (since Reconstruction!).
This is the beginning of change --- in spite of the outcome of the election.  

Mississippians now have to ask how any God-fearing American in 2018 could vote for a self-proclaimed Confederate who wants to sit on the front row of a
public hanging. . . or who wants public highways named after Confederates and who sees nothing wrong with voter suppression. . . a person who dwells in the past without any ideals that represent American diversity. . . etc.   
Given her support of the former Confederacy, they also have to ask why she likes
wearing a Confederate soldier uniform in the presence of diverse audiences.
Hopefully, this means she only wears the uniform to 
remind her audiences that "the defeat of the Confederacy is a historical fact that will always   represent freedom for millions and millions of American people.”
On the other hand, if she dresses up as a Confederate soldier because she still wants the Confederates to defeat the Union army, it probably means she's still fighting the civil war in her own mind. As a result, most people (throughout the nation and world) see her as a racist who represents a small minority of individuals, overall who are failing to normalize racism
in the United States of America.
Public opinion, therefore, does prevail. . . in this instance, after all. 

 November 17th
By Carol Anderson
What's the take away from this article? Kemp's brand of abject racism and corruption includes a wide range of immoral tactics to win a election.
Kemp's tactics include: "hackable polling machines, voter roll purges, refusing to register voters until after an election, the use of investigations to intimidate groups registering minorities to vote, the use of Exact Match, a version of the infamous Crosscheck database, to put tens of thousands of citizens in electoral limbo. . ., closing voting precincts in majority African American areas, destroying the
server that housed statewide election data. . ., etc., promoting gerrymandering of  districts, drawn and redrawn by the Republican-dominated Legislature to 
mirror the inordinate and disproportionate power of a majority white conservative constituency that will continue to decrease. . ." and, he accomplished all of this in 2016 (or before 2016). He is now saying he won the election against Stacey Abrams . . . but not really. . . for he is very consistent in showing the world who he is. . . and he is a thief who glorifies in stealing electionswhich means he truly is the enemy of democracy (based on his ongoing record)
as it now stands in 2018.

Message to Nr. Kemp and others (. . .please consider this cross-referenced speech or  lesson learned from Abraham Lincoln, a true leader who would later lead the U.S. through its "greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis. . ."): 
" Let it be remembered, that while occasions like the present, bring their sober and durable benefits, the exultations and mortifictions of them, are but temporary; that the victor shall soon be the vanquished, if he relax in his exertion; and that the vanquished this year, may be victor the next, in spite of all competition. How chastening in the hour of pride! -- how consoling in the depths of affliction!
And this, too, shall pass away. And yet let us hope it is not quite true. Let us hope, rather, that by the best cultivation of the physical world, beneath and around us; and the intellectual and moral world within us, we shall secure an individual, social, and political prosperity and happiness, whose course shall be onward and upward, and which, while the earth endures, shall not pass away. 

November 16th
Voters Are Awake & Hoping for the Best with  the New Congress
The historic 2018 midterm elections ---- better known as the " Democratic Blue Wave" is still mind-boggling, a "Blue Wave" that has not happened since Watergate. The American people spoke. . .  and each voice, each vote
counted . . . It was a "Get Out the Vote Movement" led by women groups, African American women groups,  unions, civil rights groups, veterans, churches, community groups  including but not limited to  Swing Left, March On, MoveOn, Indivisible, Organizing for Action, the Democratic Attorneys General Association, Flippable, the Arena, Center for Popular Democracy Action, National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Latino Victory Fund, the Progressive Turnout Project, NewFounders, Mobilize America, Sister District, Wall of US, Working Families Party, Resist Bot, Stand Up America, Democrats.com, #VoteProChoice,
United We Dream and the Collective PAC, etc., etc., etc. . . .
All  of them should be congratulated on a job well done. 

This newly elected " Congress," however, has a new message and vision. . . they say. 
But, what is it? How will it differ from Nancy Pelosi's vision? What is her vision? ManyAmericans want to know who was really responsible for galvanizing a wide range of diverse voters and/or the platform for a progressive agenda, an agenda that the majority of Americans support. In other words, it is not enough for some of the new members to simply speak of change ---- without a vision and action plan in in place that's reflective of the people who put them in office. . . As historian Jon Meacham stated on Morning Joe: Congress represents (as public servants) a mirror image of public demands.  If so, the public must remain  in "wave" mode and always make demands on this new Congress.

For instance, who will be able to meet the demands of the American people on a national scale? Who does not need on-the-job training during this time of crisis? 
Who has the training to ensure that a healthcare law is passed? Who will provide the American people with a clear understanding of U.S. job creation and employment solutions, along with information on how to include Americans who have stopped looking for jobs out of despair? Will he or she address racism so it is never normalized ---  by bringing attention to it no matter where it is found? Will they call out racists such as Kemp and Desantis? Will they address the pre-clearance provision (of theVoting Rights Act) as a top priority area? Will they ensure our American allies or alliances (who  seem to think America is no longer America for even if Trump was impeached, they say, American voters would simply replace him with a duplicate. . .) that the New Congress is living proof that the majority of American voters understand the difference between right and wrong. . . and American values are still embraced throughout the nation?

November 15th
(Well, they passed a law in '64 to give those who ain't got, a little more
But it only goes so far cause the law don't change another's mind when all it sees at the hiring time
is the line on the color bar but who knows. . .)

Standin' in line marking time
Waiting for the welfare dime
Cause they can't buy a job
The man in the silk suit hurries by
As he catches the poor old lady's eyes
Just for fun he says, "Get a job"

That's just the way it is
Some things'll never change
That's just the way it is
Ha, but don't you believe them

[Verse 2]
Said, "Hey little boy, you can't go where the others go
Cause you don't look like they do"
Said, "Hey old man, how can you stand to think that way?
Did you really think about it before you made the rules?"
He said, "Son, ...

That's just the way it is
Some things'll never change
That's just the way it is
Ha, but don't you believe them

That's just the way it is
That's just the way it is

[Verse 3]
Well, they passed a law in '64
To give those who ain't got, a little more
But it only goes so far
Cause the law don't change another's mind
When all it sees at the hiring time
Is the line on the color bar
But who knows

[Modified Chorus]
That's just the way it is
Some things'll never change
That's just the way it is
That's just the way it is, it is, it is, it is 

November 13th
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith says she'd be in the first row of a a public hanging.
Everyone needs to call Mississippi officals and tell them that  
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's (R-Miss.) name needs to be removed from the Mississippi Senate runoff on November 27th against Mike Espy.
Note: "The First Amendment does not protect behavior that crosses the line into targeted harassment or threats, or that creates a pervasively hostile environment."  This is not about  Republican  vs.  Democrat: this is about  understanding the difference between right and wrong or in her case --- murder and home grown terrorism. From this perspective, just so Ms. Hyde Smith knows: "Although state laws vary, current statutes permit federal prosecution of hate crimes committed on the basis of a person's protected characteristics of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity,
and disability." Clearly, her words should not be interpreted as a a joke ---- unless our nation is normalizing incompetent, inarticulate politicians who support the public killing(s) of  their opponents since they cannot
compete with them in legal ways . . .

November 11th
WWI armistice centennial: French President Macron's speech, a brilliant speech that rejects Trump's nationalism (scroll to 8:50) and the UK's Brexit (scroll to 12:55)
Note: " W inston Churchill's grandson had some choice words for the president.
He stated: They died with their face to the foe and that pathetic inadequate @realDonaldTrump couldn't even defy the weather to
pay his respects to The Fallen, Nicholas Soames tweeted." 
November 8th
The 2018 elections were pretty amazing  --- except for Florida and Georgia to name a few. Will  voting recounts occur in these states?  Was the "exit-poll data
adjusted by pollsters to account for any disparities between poll numbers
and election outcomes?" Does the public know about this development?
Did the National Election Pool "resolve the whole issue by
making raw, unadjusted, precinct-level data available to the public?"  
(Remember that in 2016 the pollsters said that they got it wrong --- but did they? And. . . were their explanations proven ones?) " EDA's findings show that disparities often benefit Republicans and

Consider that Florida's DeSantis, a known racist, who could not win a legitimate election without resorting to abject racism, --- a man (many say) --- the "racists admit is a racist" (believes he) won even with a high turnout of democratic voters. But could he win if  he represents an abnormal form of politics in which the American value system is no where in sight --- if not forfeited for a gutter form of politics?  If so, this says a lot about Florida's voters who voted for this racist --- voters who do not mind that he uses words like monkeying around and jungle music to insult African Americans throughout the nation.

And then, there is Kemp, a man of this same ilk who could not win on moral grounds representative of America but only by "vote stealing tricks" used against Stacey Abrams (Consider "Mark Crispin Miller's books on Republican election corruption. . ."). Overall, Kemp's immoral value system is still allowing  him to use 
un-American strategies without shame ---
or just plain cheating, including conflicts of interest. . . and/or undemocratic strategies. etc. This means Americans must demand from their elected officials transparent elections or elections the public can authenticate to
address election corruption.

Both of these men are made in the image of Trump, (the white nationalist, a man who is known as a stone cold racist,) who said (today) he is a practicing Christian. What kind of Christianity supports Christians who promote or support (or vote for) racism, hate speech, sexual harassment, over 6000 lies, and un-American illegal tactics to  win elections? All of these men should serve as reminders for anyone who does not understand the importance of voting:
no one has an excuse for staying at home.  

the presidency. No one knows --- yet. . .  (And, I am not talking about socialism. 
I am, instead, referring to a bona fide democracy.) The solution:
Vote for qualified candidates who embrace ideals that represent equality.  

Here's what we do know: the conservatives  have failed miserably at serving Americans --- consider the high interest rates, high gas prices, high mortgage rates, the huge U.S. debt due to Trump's greedy tax cuts for the rich, etc.
The conservatives spend far too much time protecting  their racist ways
rather than creating solutions to improve the lives of all Americans.

Currently, they only seem interested in embracing what is now known as " white extinction anxiety,"  a condition that allowed a racist man to win the U.S. presidency. It is a condition that even shows that U.S. Christians are capable of supporting liars, racists, and hate speech leading to home-grown terrorism. 
This condition also causes them to support bogus solutions that  include anti-immigration strategies such as walls or separating families, including 
while true solutions remain nonexistent and invisible for the  
lower and middle classes. 

If conservative white politicians are  really worried about the white dwindling population, they should probably consider that their own solutions for this concern, in particular, are evil  --- solutions showing that they (and their voters) prefer to ignore the  difference between right and wrong. What about repenting to see if this helps? In this climate, under Trump as an immoral leader,  voting, praying and understanding the issues are the key solutions for everyone else who truly believes in open, fair and honest elections.
"Tuesday, November 3, 2020  or the  59th quadrennial
U.S. presidential election"
is a good time to start proving this point. . . 

October 16th ---  November 6th (Updated)
Can Democrats take back both the U.S. House  and the Senate? Anything is possible with God on our side. In fact, many Republicans are telling other Republicans to vote for Democrats.
in a presidential election.
The very act of voting is a guarantee, at least, in the U.S. that every voice counts and every voice should be heard. When parents and community stakeholders vote, they are also acknowledging that those who fought and died to ensure that everyone could vote did not die in vain and/or that 
"meaning" still resides in what you do with your vote. . .) 
Review the current blog or previous post if you prefer to discuss the issues . . . After you do. . . 
Vote for Democrats if you are one of the  young adults who did not vote  in 2014 . (Note: "Younger generations accounted for 53% of eligible voters but cast just 36 million votes – 21 million fewer than the Boomer, Silent and Greatest generations, who are ages 54 and older in 2018. . .)
Vote Democrat if you live in one of the 20 states ("Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Maine via Governor Paul LePage and Mississippi via Governor Phil Bryant")  trying to end pre-existing healthcare protections.
Vote Democrat where Medicaid expansion will be on the ballot in
Don't forget about state legislatures ("87 will be on the ballot in November. Republicans currently control 67 of the 99 chambers and control both chambers in 32 states, including strong majorities in the states that have not expanded Medicaid. . . Much of the attention on the 2018 elections has focused on Congressional races. The state elections, however, will have a direct impact on the health care coverage for millions of American families who rely on Medicaid and health insurance. These issues will be critical for health care voters.")
Vote for Democrats if your public school system is run by Republicans. . . For example: "Arizona is the deepest-cutting state, was providing 23.4 percent per student less than in 2008; Florida was providing 22.9 percent less; and North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Alabama, Idaho,
and Oklahoma were all providing over 10 percent less." 
Listen to Board of Education Candidrates' Forums (For instance, I was puzzled why one of the candidates (at this one) blamed parents for everything that goes on at schools. 
 Review and  Vote for the "Ballot Questions" such as 7 Smart Justice Ballot Questions
Vote for Democrats if you are against school massacres. . .. . . 
Vote for Democrats if you are against family separations. . . 
Vote for Democrats if you are against hate speech , misogyny, 
white supremacy, and  human rights abuses, including 

Democracy  & the Need for  Ordinary Love

Why should you vote on November 6th? If you are a Republican voter you should vote for Democrats, especially in North Dakota , Georgia, Kansas, and Florida or in any other place where Republicans are promoting voter suppression strategies or un-American tactics to win. Why? Republican policies are so weak that they think the only way they can win is simply to lie about their failed record(s) in serving their own supporters. In turn, the POTUS and the Republicans are proving (without shame) that they are incapable of accepting   U.S. democratic values and principles. In this light, their arguments are weak or  nonexistent. Their lies are legion. For example, Trump likes to talk about immigrants but he intentionally fails to mention that his own followers include home-grown deadly terrorists that
he irresponsibly incites to commit violence (based on  his ongoing pathological lies). 
As one Republican  official said:
“The world looks crazy and the Republicans  are in charge of it.” 

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people, however,
expects their elected officials to, at least, demonstrate  "true faith and allegiance
to the U.S. Constitution" --- or simply to stop lying for obvious reasons.
If these Republican elected officials cannot tell the truth it stands to reason
that no one will ever know who they really are and, most importantly,
"what" they truly stand for, period. . .  For these reasons, the Republicans are currently recognized demagogues, based on
what they do rather than what they say.  In other words, 
Trump and the Republican Party's
"center is not holding. . .  and all around them. . . 
things are falling apart."

This point has never been clearer with Trump's rush to denounce Democrats after the mass shooting at the Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh today, a point that speaks volumes about his misplaced priorities --- and/or his inability to stay focused on a horrific mass shooting, including how to prevent future ones.

His timid response to the recent home grown terrorist who mailed pipe bombs to American leaders is also a sign of a dog whistle to other white nationalists, a reckless, intentional act that broadcasts "what" he can do from a bully pulpit to cause divisions, and/or to contribute to the worsening racial climate. . . 

Trump's words (stemming from his belief that he cannot  win on merit, competence, reason, and logic) have also caused another one of his violent followers to murder two African Americans at a supermarket. If Trump was an intelligent man with any sense of morality he would be able to attract a different kind of voter rather than the ones who can be easy manipulated into believing his lies and hate speech --- or the ones who act on his dog whistles that keep leading to violent, deadly acts.

Lacking a "faultless moral instinct " or none at all --- Trump, to date, is only able to attract uninformed voters (unless racism does not matter to them. . .) who are confused about Trump  & the Republicans' policies. They worry about many things (such as immigration) but never about the right things or the things that are harming Trump's voters disproportionally (Note: It is not people of color or Jewish people
who are harming Trump's voters).  

For instance, Trump's failed policies are showing up as an increase in the opioid crisis under Trump's watch, which amounted to 72, 000 deaths last year alone, deaths happening disproportionally to Trump's voters --- deaths that have nothing to do with the 4000 nonviolent asylum seekers --- who are not invaders,  a caravan or stereotypes. Trump nor his voters talk about gun deaths. . . or the fact that 80% of gun deaths are  committed by white men who keep. . . committing suicide at high rates. . . a group that is still begging for jobs --- while he is only interested in giving his cronies tax cuts   --- as if his supporters are idiots. They are not idiots but they do know that the Republicans are not the answer. They were not the answer when they committed obstructionism under Obama. . . and they are not the answer under Trump. What are the  Republicans really doing about unemployment or about the epidemic of  alcoholism occurring under Trump's watch --- facts happening to his voters in spite of what they say? What about the U.S. Public School System cuts? What about the 6.2 million whites who are lifted above the poverty line by the safety net (safety nets the Republicans do not like) — more than any other racial or ethnic group? What about the high number of whites who die prematurely, especially white women? What about the infertility crisis that has nothing to do with the 4000 nonviolent asylum seekers?

Weak Republican policies are the issue(s)  --- issues that are never discussed since these followers are stuck on immigration so much so that they are distracted from the real problems Trump never addresses with any sense of urgency or without Democrats demanding change. These are the uninformed Republican voters Trump ignores. Nonetheless, they are Trump's followers ----  who are the ones who never seem to consider the consequences of Trump's actions on their own lives or the lives of others  --- the ones with weak identities who need to see him as a father figure --- or a man whose love of racism serves as a substitute for his inability to compete with true leaders (not even in providing the nation with
a decent speech during a crisis).  

At best, all of his decisions underscore the workings of a feeble leader, along with his undisguised violent leanings for he is doing nothing to deter hate crimes.
In fact, they are increasing  under Trump

Without mincing my words or in view of their congressional record, the bottom has, therefore, fallen out from under the Republican Party for they lie and protect their lies  without thinking about the U.S. Constitution or humanity in general: they simply lie to protect their special interests whatever the cost. The deliberative nature of Congress to gain broad support , is, thus, gone. They no longer think or care about their roles as elected leaders or consider the consequences of their lies and actions on the lives of American people. Americans, without question, have a right to know what the nation would be like with  fairness and equality as the reference points or the center of politics rather than special interests. Trump & the Republican Party, however, lie so much that their "oaths" have become expendable objects of distain for them --- plain anathema and/or discarded solemn promises. 

More to the point or from where they stand, their oaths, serve as a type of cultural shock --- the type that automatically sets-in whenever they are called upon to act like leaders --- as if democractic principles are too hard for them to grasp. Why? Chaos is all they know. Chaos, however, is tied to incompetence and chaos happens all the time to Trump and the Republicans --- so much so that Americans citizens should be asking: Is there a legal remedy for their inability to understand their duties or their  inability  to want to unite a nation What about during a national crisis ?  Better yet, what happens when a U.S. POTUS and the Republican Party  are no longer responsive to the needs of the public at all? What happens when they no longer do the things that leaders do on behalf of all citizens --- even though they control both chambers of Congress? As the nation is mourning the senseless murders of  Americans who then is providing the nation with a speech focusing on the prevention of domestic terrorism tied to hate speech
(while Trump is campaigning) 
or is the nation leaderless?? 

This leaderlessness or lack of accountability and responsiveness to the nation is not only  damaging the national political climate, it is an attack on democracy. Democracy must be upheld peacefully and nonviolently on a daily basis. For this reason, Trump and the Republican Party still need to go before the nation and denounce white nationalism, white supremacy, and neo-nazism by naming and referring to these groups as deadly hate groups who are not welcomed in the U.S.  
As leaders, they must address the easy access to AR-15 semi-automatic guns and the connection to and/or the deadly combination of Trump's rhetoric on his followers. They need to stand-up and acknowledge

Their lack of accountability and responsiveness is also underscored by their inability to show heartfelt empathy or sympathy for the victims of domestic terrorism (Trump seems more concerned about his hair.) as if they do not care. That they did not want to  call the national leaders who were targeted by a homegrown terrorist is not only terrifying but mind-boggling.  Unfortunately, their actions are proving that they are U.S. leaders who are incapable of  going before an entire nation to  acknowledge the sanctity of all human lives as if their white supremacist supporters will turn against them if they do. . .  When they make these racist choices, however, they, are forfeiting their right to be called U.S. leaders and will surely be  to be voted against.  U.S. leaders do not have the luxury of choosing deadly racism over their obligations to the American people and/or the US. Constitution. . .

Creating a "climate" for fear and copycat terrorist acts or other hate crimes (or how they are triggered) is, of course, a deliberate choice that they are making. It is  proof of their negligence as U.S. leaders --- acts demonstrated by their cold indifference to domestic terrorism and hate --- facts that will always rest on Trump's ability to recognize how he  radicalizes his own susceptible followers. . .
or uses them when he is losing. 

Trump's  obligation as a POTUS is to disavow terrorist acts immediately rather than to trivialize these acts, including ensuring that his followers know that he will track them down and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for any hate crime that they commit. Why then would he tell his followers that he would cover their legal fees if they committed violent acts as if he will always be  on their side
if they do commit  crimes.

This climate is fertile ground for confusion and chaos. No one has experienced an election season like this one. Trump and the Republicans' lack of leadership abilities  are clearly stirring the pot, especially with their impressionable followers in mind who do not seem to be able to tell the difference between facts and lies or right and wrong. Without U.S. leaders acting as U.S. leaders, the nation is witnessing a form of government no one has witnessed before.That Trump and the Republicans are now saying that they support  preexisting healthcare protections is a profoundly evil act since they do not support these protections ---- and it is an especially egregious decision if the Republicans take away these protections 
after the midterm elections end   --- if they win. . .

Clearly, the nation needs Trump to act like a responsible leader (throughout the nation and world) in spite of his low approval ratings or coarseness. But, is there a high correlation between low approval  ratings and ineffective leadership skills? Does he know how to address the divisions in the nation? When Sarah Huckabee Sanders says:  "The president in no way, form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged violence," is she covering up for the POTUS whose rhetoric  incites his base to commit violent acts (or to become radicalized)?   At the same time,  why is Trump still pretending that he has nothing to do with the " the long-term consequences of a divided nation and far-right politics espousing nativism?" Why is Trump pretending that he  does not have to take responsibility for anything and everything that  he says or does as the President of the United States of America?

On Monday when it was announced that a bomb had been delivered to Soros' home, Trump's negative rhetoric and tone continued nonstop. In other words, he did not stand before the nation to denounce this terrorist act or go before the nation to deter future ones. To anyone paying attention, his response, instead, seemed to set the stage for his own lies to increase at an alarming rate ---- terrifying lies that reeked of a growing, profoundly desperate need for him to attract votes by any means possible. His reaction also seemed to prove that  he cannot handle the prospect of losing either chamber of Congress, which is equally terrifying for it seems to portend that the rules do not apply to him even if the Democrats have
the highest voter turnout, ever. 

Reviewing his most outrageous lie is, therfore, instructive for it continues to signal the collapse of the Republican Party or their inability to even tell the truth. This amazing, reckless lie (once again) includes stating that " the Republicans support preexisting healthcare protections --- but the Democrats do not." As everyone knows, President Obama signed Obamacare into law on March 23, 2010 with the support of the Democrats so Trump's lie "as the POTUS" is simply  another sign of how desperate he is to influence voters --- by hook or crook. (These  profound lies apply to Republicans across the board, too  ---- proving, without question, that  the center is falling out from under the Republican Party --- a  centerless  party --- for this is not Lincoln's Republican Party by any stretch of the imagination.) If the Republicans cannot tell the truth as a whole (This includes Pence, too who is also a fantastical storyteller, a racist and a longstanding politician controlled by the Koch Brothers and the NRA) is it any wonder that Putin (who chose Trump to back) is saying that the nation is no longer a superpower? Americans, however, can vote on November 6th and undo what Trump has done.

Why? Trump's violent rhetoric is increasing. In fact, the POTUS' most recent statement is unprecedented even for him for he has --- now --- announced that he is a nationalist, which, of course, is another sign of how low he will go  to gain votes for the Republicans.  The increase of his "blowing of his own dog whistle at the presidential level" for all white nationalists to come out, come out whatever they are is a sign that all Americans need protection from this POTUS.
It is a critical sign that his racism needs to be exposed by the press as a vital, ongoing step toward a bona fide government based on transparency and accountability in his ability to govern on behalf of all Americans. . . . 
It is the reason why every American must vote against Trump and the Republicans. 
After all, the man who murdered Heather Heyer was a white nationalist. 
Timothy McVeigh was a white nationalist. 

Since Trump is now a nationalist will he tell white supremacists that committing hate crimes does not elevate their cause? Will he tell them that their cause is a losing battle based on the number of Americans (including the younger generations) who do not support white supremacy or the Republican Party? Will he tell them that U.S. demographics are against them as well? Will he tell them that due to white supremacy and their deadly acts that Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives will vote at historic levels and "when they vote the Democrats will be in office  for the next 100 years," according to the economist John Kenneth Galbraith? 

Will Trump tell white nationalists that when white supremacists commit these crimes it does not make  Americans hate Jews as white supremacists do? It, instead, means the number of Americans will increase and grow who want to vote all Republicans out of office, including him. It means that Americans will  join forces to protect them from these racists though nonviolent strategies. It means Americans will fight for stronger laws to combat white supremacy. It means their so-called victims will never be called victims but rather martyrs. It means their names will be remembered while their murderers names will be forgotten
as if they never existed. 

  Yet, Trump has also decided to   box with God, once again, and dehumanize the current   caravan of 4000 asylum seekers consisting of men, women and children of all ages making their way to Mexico. True Christians, however, have already noticed and rejected his lies  . . .  for they are against stereotypes or Trump's racism ---- facts that continue to frustrate him. As we all know, Trump's lies about the caravan have now caused one of his followers to murder 11 Americans. His words have cause another one of his followers to send pipe bombs to national figures. His words have caused another one of his followers to murder two African Americans at a supermarket. As it stands, people "who were not going to vote" are going to vote (in the midterms) as a referendum on his decision to remain  indifferent to racism and the increase of hate groups throughout the nation
reflecting his  violent and racist mindset."

Moreover, he must stop lying immediately about anything and everything that ultimately makes his followers violent or appear stupid and manipulated. It is unkind.  It is also for this very reason that he cannot appeal to "informed" Americans at all (to know him is to gasp in astonishment). The  majority of  Americans want to respect their leaders and do not want the leaders that they do respect  threatened by his followers.   That he enjoys lying, making fun of Americans and/or   threatening Americans and only appeals to uninformed citizens or home grown terrorists who do   --- is a historical fact that will underscore not only the upcoming election but his presidency overall, along with his need to
incite violence against journalists worldwide,
including Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi.  

For these reasons alone, he needs to resign or be impeached. This has been apparent since Monday when his violent stances and rhetoric increased and/or when Mr. Soros received a bomb.  It, therefore, doesn't make any sense for Americans to remain silent about this POTUS anymore even if it means losing a race.  A  normal POTUS would not promote racism.  A  normal POTUS would not require the press to accept his lies and then call them perpetuators of fake news when they do not. Given these facts, he is misinterpreting the meaning of the press. He is redefining democracy when he denies any American their right to be heard.  

Most importantly, he is proving that he cannot appeal to the voters that he needs to attract without doing or saying something outrageous (consider that he now wants to be called a nationalist), a fact that shows his presidency is not a normal one for he is intentionally trying to change the racial climate in America.  This has never been as apparent as it has been during this election period when his desperation increased, if not deepened, and his messaging changed (even though his remarks have awakened democrats who now plan to vote).  Still, he is dividing the nation and it is because he is unqualified for the role of the POTUS.

 In other words, if Trump or his followers had the capacity
to engage in nonviolent democratic "truthful" debates strengthen by
morally-sound  reasoned arguments. . . they would have done so by now.     
Yet, under Trump: "We are now fighting for the soul of America." 

While many Americans say that both parties have failed to address the concerns of their constituents it is mostly: " the present day Republicans who have intentionally  created poverty and, in turn, the anger that has led to white despair. Their  followers, however,  are confused about who is creating the poverty. Since they are easily manipulated and do not study the facts, they direct their anger at people of color rather than their own leaders. Note:   "6.2 million of whites are lifted above the poverty line by the safety net — more than any other racial or ethnic group."  And still, this is the safety net that the Republicans plan to cut to so that they can pay for
the national debt and/or their tax cuts for the rich.

This means, (as you  will learn after you study the facts rather than Trump's lies) , the Republicans are self-serving leaders. They use their supporters for their votes but they also use them for their public displays of support (at their rallies), a fact that seems more like an initiation strategy for their newly formed widely accepted Republican cultish gang.  This gang is a stand-in for their invisible policies.

Name a Republican who does not bow down and worship Trump and that is a Republican who is being harassed and threatened by Trump.  All Republican gang  members then are expected to give up their own identities, views and
ideas to worship him and accept and embrace
a shared belief in misogyny, racism, income inequality, etc.

Solution? All of them need a leader like Biden who could help them to distinguish between right and wrong, logically. After all, human morality is a human trait. It is a  "product of   evolution." It is the key trait for understanding how to cross the aisle.   

In this light, Biden knows, a real leader never lies to his followers . . . simply because he can. . .  A real leader respects his followers and engages with them as recognized adults who can distinguish between lies and facts. (Note: These followers can tell the difference between a destructive POTUS and a constructive POTUS and would never internalize a destructive one's vision or act on it.  
Biden knows that a bona fide leader can  stand before all Americans  to talk about the real issues facing them --- with the  full knowledge, experience and wisdom
that only a tested leader can demonstrate, which includes:
proving that he, indeed, has the
proven skills to lead and unite an entire nation.

In other words, the Republican's ongoing policies have failed Americans and democracy (facts that also stem from the ongoing Republican obstructionism  that occurred against Obama)  --- policies that are built on racism and classism. . .  policies that only serve the wealthy or the 1 %. And still, Trump/Republicans lie, lie and lie about everything that they do.

What Trump and the Republicans are doing to America is beyond sinister stuff.  Clearly, Trump/Republicans are not creating jobs for their followers. . . 
I repeat: they are not creating jobs for their own cult-like followers who never question what they say or do. Moreover, Trump/Republicans do not support preexisting health protections but they tell their cult-like followers that they do. Trump/Republicans do not support  safety nets
(Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) but they tell their 
cult-like followers that they do. 

Since Democrats exist under a more diverse umbrella, the Trump/Republicans know that  they cannot compete with the majority of Americans when they decide that they must vote to. . . let's say. . .  protect  American democratic principles or democracy, itself. As a result, Trump/Republicans  are perpetuating the extreme use of un-American voter suppression tactics to compensate for their lack of sound policies. Their unsound policies are even used against their own followers (consider their attempt to end Obamacare. . .). Many are hopeful that when Trump's cult, however, awakens from the nightmare of Trump they, too, will realize that the conservatives are " assaulting key formal mechanisms of democracy."

From this perspective, all citizens must study the facts and do their own homework so Trump's love of autocracy and autocrats cannot replace "U.S. Democracy."
This begins with citizens who do not want to remain the devoted followers of a cult with a leader such as Trump, a leader that they are expected to worship but never question. These citizens are finally asking why the leader of the free world is afraid of journalists. They are asking questions about his misogynist, racist and authoritarian behavior. These citizens want to stand for something by voting for
the leaders. . . who support the issues. . . that they can be proud of when all is said and done. This goal, however, can only happen if they study the facts, and, in turn, make informed decisions. No one can accomplish this  task if the  Republicans are constantly lying to them.  This means all Americans, including their followers must tell Republicans to stop lying once and for all. Let everyone start this journey by admitting that the Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare.  Let all Americans admit that the Republicans  are pretending to support policies that they do not support.  

What should you do next? What should their followers do next? Be brave. (Do more than watch Fox News. . . Note: "Americans who only watch Fox News are less informed than Americans who watch no news at all.") Be aware. . . of the Republicans who are promoting commercials that lie with no shame. Study the facts by looking at other television stations or reading respected newspapers to compare and contrast what they say with what they actually do. Document their lies. . .  Report their lies "i f you have problems on Election Day, such as being refused a ballot or if you are turned away from the polling place, or would like to report voter intimidation." You can also call: 1.866.OUR.VOTE. 

Let your elected officials know that  you are tired of  the Republicans lying day after day, week after week, year after year. . . Again, the Republicans could care less if Americans live or die for  they do not support preexisting health protections even though they say that they do when it is convenient.  They could care less if children are safe at school and prefer to ignore the research on gun control. They could care less if corporate heads make 1000 times what their employees make or that the tax cuts only benefit the wealthy.
They could care less about clean water and air.
They could care less about the minimum wage or that families
do not make enough to care for their children.

They could care less that ESEA Title One has moved away from its original purpose and is no longer a law that cares about  disadvantaged children or democratic principles. They could care less if " states have a capacity gap" and have no history of  improving the education of American children (thus some schools do not have one proficient student). . . They could care less about "real" ESSA guidance since "the  Republicans got rid of the Obama administration's

The Republicans support greed and low wage workers if not a slave class. . . and if that is not enough to get you to vote. . .you still have miles to go before you sleep. . . 

For instance, they do not care that Trump is a world renown pathological liar so much so that he just makes up things the more he speaks. He now says rogue killers murdered Jamal  A. Khashoggi (" a Washington Post journalist comparable to Tom Brokaw in Saudi Arabia"). He made up the rogue killer part, which is a regular tactic of his "deny, deny, deny strategy in action."  Also, consider that now the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has decided it is in his best interest to agree with Trump (even though Trump is a corrupt leader who literally hates journalists based on a Trumpian leadership model that's built on lie after lie, a leader who is slow to change his lies even when   the truth is staring him in his face  ---- a so-called leader who lies about  his multiple  human rights abuses  --  a so-called leader who knows  that everyone knows that he lies and, therefore,  lacks respect for him because of these facts.  What type of person sides with Trump but a guilty one
who has no other option. . . for whatever reason? 

And, still, for show, Trump sent Pompeo to Saudi Arabia to find out not only who committed the murder but who ordered it. The next thing we see on national television is Pompeo sitting and smiling with MbS (Pompeo appears to be somewhat of a sociopath since he is smiling profusely. . . or, at best, he is someone who knows that he is not in touch with his feelings after learning about the beheading of a journalist). The show must go on. . .  so he sits. . . for the sake of the optics. . . and keeps sitting with MbS (for who knows how long) as if it is the most normal thing in the world to do. But, at the same time, he is doing what he was sent to do: show the world that he, too (along with Trump and Jared) could care less about the "mountains of evidence" proving that the murder of Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi was premeditated. It is, therefore, business as usual for Trump & the Republicans who are once again still pretending that an ongoing investigation  is taking place even though one is not.
It is a cover-up, instead. 

At this point, (weeks after the fact) they are hoping for some type of public outrage fatigue to set in or occur so that Trump's apparent stalling about yet another investigation will, in time, be trivialized as a win, at least, by him.  But he has won nothing and there is no Electoral College votes to stand  in-between him and the  popular vote this time. This time. . . an avalanche of outrage by the American public will remain and it will show up in the midterm elections (in the form of votes) --- for  Americans will never support  the ideals of the POTUS and the Republicans who support him --- based on yet another breach of  American values. The majority of Americans will never support his son-in-law either who has asked Trump to stand with a criminal enterprise that has, in all likelihood, brutally murdered a Washington Post journalist. Americans will vote against  anyone who supports Trump, especially since he is still showing the world that he hates journalists. . . by recently laughing about a  so-called official who body slammed a journalist. 

Trump and the Republicans then are reducing the U.S. Constitution and democratic
principles into something unrecognizable. Their mind-boggling  incompetencies and appetite for corruption, racism, misogyny, voter suppression, income inequality, etc. represent Trump and the Republicans' abject worldviews as  American leaders for the whole world to ponder..   This is the sewer where the Trumps and the Republicans live --- with no shame. Unfortunately, they are dragging  America into this sewer where a Washington Post journalist was tortured and then beheaded  while Trump as an irresponsible U.S. POTUS teaches other autocrats to imitate him --- by methodically teaching them to turn corruption into fake news without penalties rather than taking the lead (as a super power) in promoting a fair and truthful free press worldwide. This is the example the current U.S. POTUS is setting for the world to view, a so-called U.S. POTUS who cannot seem to grasp that basic human rights standards should be his number one concern. 

In his writings, Khashoggi, after watching the movie Black Panther made the point that  "the young king of Wakanda chose to use his country’s power to engage with the world for the greater good. Will Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who likely will soon become king of his country, use his power to bring peace to the world around him?" It sounds like Khashoggi was hoping for the best.  
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Winning on November 6th
The Democrats  can do more than just win they can win both chambers of Congress at historic levels if they  just vote. Americans can send a message to  elected officials that  Americans love U.S. democratic  principles and fairness and not Trump or the Republicans' corruption. By voting. . .  Americans can send a message to conservatives that says they are tired  of greedy Republican  Leaders or the 1% of  Americans   who have changed America's laws to benefit  the few. . .Their greed has infiltrated the American public school system, the judiciary,  immigration, employment (reduced to  low wages), the healthcare system. . . etc.
They have stripped themselves of any signs of decency or
any signs of the Christianity that they pretend to tout. . .  
Democracy can win if young people vote.  Democracy can win if women vote.  Democracy can win if  people of color vote. Democracy can win if  every American who can vote actually votes whatever their age, race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. . .  
Americans, therefore,  must fight for  democratic principles and fairness  --- something America has never done well with the Republicans' out of sight/out of mind  model of governance in place.  Americans can win at extraordinary, historic  levels if they show up and vote. They can send a very loud, and powerful message that this nation needs to hear, confirm and send to Republicans and Trump, a message that begins and ends with
U.S. democratic  values and principles or the U.S. Constitutions' "We the People" role.
Show them that the impossible can happen or a nation for all Americans can exist
if Americans vote. . . 
Tell them:
Call the President. Tell him to tell Republicans to stop playing games by  
promoting  voter suppression!
Call the President
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Call Kemp in Georgia. Tell him to support  U.S. democratic principles. 
Call Jaeger in North Dakota. Tell him to support U.S. democratic principles. 
Republican Voters & the
Trumpian American Dream
(Dear White Republican Voters. . .
Click here to read the COPACS' October Blog. . .

October 15th

October 14th 
Vote! Based on voter registration data the Democrats' huge  blue wave will crash way over the Republicans' lies, a political party that is  failing to serve their own Republican
voters.  Democrats, merely, need to show up and vote to send a message to the Republicans that: we like democracy and not Republican authoritarian rule or  Republican gang rule or thier ability to overlook the U.S. Constitution's system of checks and balances. Most importantly,  please remember that the Democrats are focusing on the issues that impact the day-to- day lives of Americans. (For instance, they are focusing on   healthcare, etc.) The Republicans, however, are focusing on the issues that impact the bottomline for the  rich only --- with no shame. Study the issues!
Do not listen to Trump or  the Republican's lies: study the issues! 
It is your civic duty to vote to ensure that  America's values
and its democratic principles remain in place. 
Please click here to  check to see if you can still
register to vote in your state. 

October 13th
Biden says: Trump is trashing American values!

Democrat Willie Nelson ( Who Supports Beto O’Rourke ) Sings

From the history books: 
Martin Luther King's message to voters. . . Vote!
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Vote on November 6, 2018!  

Was Trump joking when he said that: "What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process? In our country, he said, a man or woman must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.” He should try applying that same standard to the Central Park 5.  What a pathetic hypocrite and racist. He should also try applying that standard to Christine Ford who he ridiculed as only a true misogynist could do as if he and the Republicans were capable of determining that Kavanaugh is, indeed, suitable for the role of a supreme court judge without a thorough investigation. The process was a sham process so how could he be a bona fide supreme court judge? 


Today, the Republican Party's legacy was not just changed but  forever stained. By choosing  Kavanaugh as a supreme court  judge ---
they have
ensured that Americans, if not the entire world community will always
remember them as cowardly willing partners who were controlled by Trump rather than a check on Trump. The American system of checks and balances, in this instance, failed Americans everywhere. 

History will ask: why did the Republicans allow the  POTUS to take over their advice and consent role, which was a blatant conflict of interest? After all, this is a POTUS whose lies and ongoing scandals have rendered  him unqualified to make decisions. Rules, laws, procedures and the truth are not his forte. What is even worse is that even though he has already told at least 4000 plus lies, the Republicans still continue to stand right behind him every step of the way by giving his  pathological need to lie ( for apparent gain) a platform to use against Americans, especially his followers. It does not help matters that all of them tried to use the FBI  as their intended escape goat by telling Americans all  across the nation that a thorough FBI investigation was taking place to address Dr. Ford's sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.  

For an entire week, the POTUS (along with the Republicans as his partners in crime) fooled everyone --- even the Democrats who were hoping for the best ---enough to believe that he would never lie to them during a supreme court nominating process, at least, not in the way that he lies to his gullible  supporters (e.g. His supporters just believed his 4230th lie about a made-up Feinstein Open Border Bill,   a lie that he tells with a straight face as if the only thing  that he can do well is lie in much the same way a sociopath lies without any guilt.). Americans knew he was lying when the FBI said it would take more than a tweet for them to conduct a thorough investigation without  limits on the leads: they would need the request in writing, a request that never happened.

Without the FBI supporting his lies, the POTUS then resorted to ridicule replete with more lies against Dr. Ford's sexual assault allegations --- backed up with a Trumpian convoluted world view without a basis in reality or a pot to cook in, a view nonetheless accepted without any need for depth or other cross referenced explanations that were    readily ignored  by the Republicans   who wanted the supreme court seat by hook or crook. This worldview applies to the Koch Brothers backed Senator Collins who has, in essence, said it remains a "given" that a privileged white man with degrees from Yale was not the man who committed the crimes against Ford and Ramirez (based on a theory that begins and ends with "the white man can do no wrong") so why bother to introduce a reality check
in this "staged and limited investigation . . .
or low bar set for a lifetime supreme court seat "
which produced a fraudulent and incomplete nominating process
as if the rule of law does not matter. In view of these facts, she embarrassed  women everywhere by
voting for Kavanaugh based on a false premise
in which the truth is lost in the details.   

No, neither American history nor world history will be kind to present day Republicans. They will, instead, be  studied as a morality tale or an object lesson in how to  prevent corruption in the form of a   Kleptocracy in which a  sociopathic, incompetent  POTUS or worse took the  reins of a nation as the Republicans simply watched. To date, this approach to corruption is an  ongoing problem of the Republicans who have, to most  Americans, stolen two presidencies and two supreme court seats or is it   three (?). . .  which have, in turn,  produced a multitude of questionable, illegitimate rulings based on the stolen seats . . . including the confirmation of a judge or rather two judges. . . with sexual conduct allegations who were allowed to escape exhaustive investigations even though one of them threatened  the majority of Americans by stating:
"what goes around comes around. . ."  

In this light, their Republican  legacy as a whole (except for Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska) will be based on their "failure" to follow the rule of law once again. This will happen because they chose to operate from a set of substandard, arbitrary rules dictated by a  POTUS who prevented  an impartial, neutral, trustworthy and fair-minded supreme court  judge from being chosen.  

Since the majority of Americans now believe the  prestige of t he supreme court has been damaged by the POTUS and the Republicans with the confirmation of Kavanaugh , the Republicans can expect a fight for supreme court changes.  Term Limits? Impeachments? Most importantly, they can expect to see much  larger crowds  at political events in an effort to to underscore the importance of  the
" We the People" "interaction  between the Constitution and U.S. citizens." This goal will reinforce the need for greater transparency, accountability and responsiveness from elected officials for the sake of democracy.  The Republicans' inability to abide by or live up to their  "advice and consent" duties in "good  faith" was their choice and they should be held responsible for creating an enabling environment and/or the context for a sham process  --- in spite of the POTUS. 

In the greater scheme of things, through the lens of history though, many people say the Republicans will be reduced to old white men and women whose time had passed  --- who were simply not capable of  acting outside of their conservative belief system. American culture, however, is too aware of its history to limit its leaders to any type of  survivor of the fittest notions that lack substance or context.  But in a diverse world no one is interested either in leaders whose growth has been stunted from living in lily white bubbles "lacking in action and change" in which wisdom has no place to grow. How can such leaders speak for the majority of Americans when, unlike the Democrats, they do not  want to live  in a world where diversity is welcomed. They live, instead, in a "them" against "us" world ---
a winner takes all world, an un-American world without democratic principles,
a conservative world that does not understand inclusivity. It is this culture that allowed the Republicans to corrupt the entire nominating process. But, in the process, they also destroyed the very legitimacy, power and purpose of the
US Supreme Court as if the American people would never notice. 
History, however, already begs to differ. 

There's something wrong with the Republicans. We already know that there is something wrong with Trump who is an immoral leader whose heathen-like behavior includes admitting that he likes grabbing the private parts of women but we also know that female senators like Collins have lowered the bar on what passes as moral as well.
This includes her assessment of Kavanaugh. 
As historian Jon Ellis Meacham stated: Senator Collins, during her testimony, made
(Former Justice  John Paul Stevens is a lifelong Republican who leaned liberal on several

Could it be that Senator Collins is asking Americans to pretend that Kavanaugh's record is squeaky clean or morally sound enough to serve a diverse nation?  But there should be no pretense involved  in choosing a supreme court justice for a lifetime seat, in a democratic nation, if she wants Americans citizens to hold on to their conscience, especially when it comes to  Dr. Ford.  At best, (for her own sake) she wants Americans to render Dr. Ford invisible and    to refocus on Kavanaugh's brand new persona as Justice John Paul Stevens without filling in the holes or gaps in her explanation ( so that
overlooking his views on executive authority, hacked emails, legal protections for people of color, gun control,  his wishy washy views on Roe v. Wade. . .  or that he votes for

Most importantly, she  ignores the fact that he threatened  the majority of Americans by saying that "what goes around comes around"  proving that it is impossible for him to become an impartial, neutral, fair-minded, trustworthy judge.  Raising his voice and crying were never the issue: his threats were and are, which means the
supreme court will lose all credibility with him on it. 
She also wants Americans to forget the research on sexual abuse since she deliberately found the need to overlook it.   But her indirect request brings me back to my original premise: something is wrong with far too many Republicans and explains why their party has remained a lily white, male -led party for decades.  Clearly, this is not about democrats vs. republicans, it is about understanding the difference between right and wrong,
which  seems to be beyond their reach.

While we do not know if they have killed small animals when they were young, which is a precursor for becoming an adult serial killer we do know that the Republican gang-rule behavior of their males has " violated a provision of the Violence Against Women Act by disclosing Swetnick’s purported sexual preferences " to discredit her. But that  doesn't matter to Senator Collins either or perhaps  she has a selective memory when it comes to "who" is actually inhabiting the gutter that she spoke about. Clearly she does not mind covering up the   misogynist (and racist) behavior of her fellow Republicans who   are unable to recognize the humanity of all humans.

This applies to Kavanaugh, too who bragged about being a alumnus of a  young teenage girl who was "used" sexually  by multiple teenage boys. Is this a precursor for a gang rapist? Is it a precursor for a man putting his penis in a women's face against her will or worst? If so, there is something wrong with Kavanaugh who loves to drink even though he knows he tends to attack other humans when he does - - - women like Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, etc.  who he thought he could take
advantage of without any consequences.  

But Senator Collins omits these facts, too.  She also does not  speak about his need to hide   text messages to cover up the Ramirez sexual assault. It is, therefore, a travesty that she  has not considered "where" the omission of these facts might actually lead this nation if he is confirmed as a judge.  And yet, it is clear that anyone who supports this man without an exhaustive investigation - - - or without American women and girls  in mind - - - is not only proving that something is wrong with them, too but they are also proving that they think the lives and experiences of  American women and girls are worthless.  

All of this is happening on the anniversary of the Me, Too Movement. . .  of all days, a movement that does not overlook the experiences of women as Senator Collins has done. What happens when  the voices of Americans are heard?
It means the days of out of sight/out of mind are over. It means social exclusion is over. . .  
It means the United States Constitution and its democratic principles are being honored.  (It means Kavanaugh could be impeached if he is confirmed. It means
term limits could be placed on supreme court seats in this extremely partisan nation. )
But it also means that one day America could possibly become a nation where a democratic president and a republican vice-president could exist or vice versa
as John McCain once imagined. 

Who disagrees with the POTUS on the Kavanaugh supreme court nomination??
(Partial List) 
100, 000 churches and 45 million church goers. . . and growing. . .
2500 law professors and growing

Update on the Kavanaugh Nomination
(What we know: a group of older white men are protecting another older white male. . . who has been accused of sexual assault. . . from being disqualified for a lifetime supreme court judge seat . . These older white males  are, in fact, telling us he is guilty for they believe (for some reason) that he cannot pass a thorough investigation so they are pretending a fradulent, incomplete investigation is enough to meet the very low bar that they have set for him. In other words, they believe his educational background and experience can serve as a replacement for morality. We have heard about these types of cover-ups before so we now know that this is the way of men who are complicit in. . . if not,   guilty of hiding "facts"  from the American public. . .   These facts are important facts and the public has a right to have access to these facts in order to determine if this particular man is, indeed, suitable to serve on  an impartial supreme court. That these white males have lied with straight faces about the investigation is merely a sign that he has something to hide. WE know that their actions then are based on their fear of a truly transparent and accountable investigation and its findings  in much the same way, for example, the recent PA priest scandal covered up the crimes of other priests . . . their victims ignored and silenced for decades. . . ) 

When Senator Flake said: "any current, credible allegation that has been made should be fully investigated,"  Americans believed that this would happen but then Trump blatantly lied about the procedures and turned the FBI investigation into a sham. At this point, we know that Deborah Ramirez’s corroborating  witnesses were never contacted, a Trump decision that has served as a  complete cover-up for Kavanaugh (as if he has something to hide). And yet, we know if a black man, for example, tried to place his penis in Ivanka's face we would also know that her corroborating witnesses would be interviewed. This can still happen on behalf of Deborah Ramirez if the morality of
key senators remains on the table.

Surely, John Sherman Cooper, a hero and Liberal Republican  is turning over in his grave by the sight of McConnell, his mentee (and/or Republicans, et.al.) who only seems to support racist and misogynist stances leading to unfair U.S. processes over and over again.   Cooper warned: if the “Party of Lincoln” were ever to align itself with the foes of civil rights, “it will do a great wrong because it will be supporting
the denial of the constitutional and human rights of our citizens.” That the Republicans continue to brazenly lie with straight faces about an actual thorough FBI investigation that never took place is an insult not only to Cooper's memory
but to Americans everywhere.  

In this light, whether the POTUS knows it or not  his need to place unfair parameters on the investigation will forever make Kavanaugh appear guilty, a fact confirmed by anyone who understands traditional American standards for fairness. In other words, this un-American act of the POTUS guarantees that Kavanaugh will remain forever on the public stage and challenged until he is impeached or removed from office. That the Republicans  intentionally set out to  protect him no matter what (without any reference to what is right or wrong. . .) with the blessings of an embarrassingly corrupt POTUS (who is a confirmed misogynist) is an act that will clearly become an historical stain on the
U.S. judiciary process of "advice and consent."

October 3rd-4th
We are in uncharted territory as the nation prepares for a shift from a majority white nation to the recognition of a more diverse nation (with whites becoming the majority minority), a fact that is causing Trump and other conservatives to ignore the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law. (Note: Millennials  and younger Americans who are accustomed to diversity are not aligned with the Trump/McConnell white-led conservative population who are clinging to  a racist, unequal world.)  Clearly, the "Global Citizen" world community is not a Trump/McConnell preference but unity, peace and  social justice leave them dumbfounded as well.
In this light, their corruption is legion on many fronts . For instance, as bona fide cowards, they are now relocating immigrant children to tent cities (in the middle of the night or under the cloak of  darkness) without informing the public about their plans.Trump, McConnell and Kirstjen Nielsen also  keep  overlooking the critical importance of  "fact dependent reasoning" within a logical context based on legal  parameters.
Instead, they keep trying to contaminate or impose immoral interpretations onto the United States Constitution in order to meet the special interests of an abnormal POTUS. This includes wanting American tax payers to pay for a wall, which is estimated to cost around 70 billion, a fee Trump said the Mexican government would pay for before he was elected but that has become one of the 4000 plus lies he has forgotten he told after he was elected, a fact further underscoring his corrupt agenda.  

The Republicans  are also  stacking the U.S. judiciary (overall at all levels) with unqualified hard-core right-wing judges, judges without  experience in serving a diverse nation . If they have their way, the judiciary, (overall) will lose its legitimacy and power for impartiality, fair-mindedness and nonpartisanship.  Yet, according to research findings, Americans still believe that judges must support their civil liberties, a commonsense requirement. Trump and McConnell, however, lack the morality to understand that outside of their bubble, in America, there are judges who can be impartial or nonpartisan, whether or not they identify as a black, red, white, brown or  yellow person. This means Trump must find these individuals or admit that he lacks the ability to take on this role as the POTUS. Clearly, he must raise his standards. This applies to Kavanaugh, a supreme court nominee who is showing the world that he lacks the capacity to be impartial, neutral, truthful and/or trustworthy, a nominee who has the audacity to be  annoyed that he has to be questioned. . . as if he is too privileged for  anyone. . . anyone  on the planet to determine if he is, indeed, suitable for the role of  a lifetime supreme court judge, no less

At this point, Trump, McConnell and other Republicans are scaring the white people, in their midst, who are finding that they cannot take any of their words at face value. This means Trump and McConnell are incapable of being truthful, but it also  means that they lack an identity and no one knows what they are capable of doing next, thus, the ongoing chaos. Who are they? No one knows.  

When Trump's followers, however,  embrace their civic duties and do their homework there is evidence that they have been  able to stop the POTUS in his tracks and, in the process, hold him accountable for his decisions. This very thing happened this summer when Trump tried to give the wealthy even more tax cuts, an idea that was quickly squashed by his voters.

But, they also have homework to do when it it comes to the Kavanaugh nomination. This information should include rather than exclude the FBI investigative procedures and  evidence. It must also be based on  a thorough and  legitimate  report without gaps tied to  Kavanaugh,
anything less will not do.

No one can study the facts for them nor should they allow Graham, et. al. to intrepret the facts for them in their place. Besides, without McCain by his side, it seems that Graham has lost his capacity for truthfulness. For the sake of clarity then they should also try to fugure out if Graham has actually become a performer (albeit a bad one)  to advance fradulent  information in the same vein as Trump. If so, Graham does not care about the Kavanaugh supreme court nomination at all. He doesn't care about Section 1 of Article 3 that says Kavanaugh can be  convicted or impeached by Congress. Graham simply wants to ensure that he says the things that he must say to please Trump or to ensure that he receives his promised job, which just happens to be Sessions' job.  

But there is still more to do to gauge Trump's capacity for the truth or his inability to serve his voters. . . For instance, a New York Times report  has documented his inability to act in ways compatible with a U.S. president or American ideals and democratic principles. But, Trump, like Graham, has an ulterior motive in mind to serve his own special interests in spite of the U.S. Constitution - - - as if Americans are stupid. It is no longer a secret that Trump needs Kavanaugh to ensure that his impeachment is an impossibility. Trump might sing a good song about America’s time-honored rules or promote his  “Make America Great Again” creed but it is built on
a con man’s interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
As an ineffective POTUS who is unfairly supporting policies that serve the rich at the expense of his voters, it is high time for his voters to call him out on on his political stances. Unfortunately, t here is ample  evidence "proving" he is actually working against  his own followers.  What is worst is that he allows these same Americans to be targeted by the companies who create the problems that work against them.  In other words, these companies actually  benefit from their problems.   (Click here and here for more information on this subject. . .) 

But, there is more. . .  Trump’s current policies are tied to a “ burgeoning trade war that threatens to raise prices on consumer goods, undercut business investment, and produce thousands of layoffs. And these losses will probably hit Trump voters the hardest. Tariff-exposed jobs are more than twice as likely to fall in counties that voted for Republicans or  Trump in 2016. He is also against the expansion of Medicare, raising wages, and guaranteed employment." He has done nothing to address inflation and interest rates.  He has done nothing to address high gas prices. He is even  weakening the way radiation exposure is regulated for the worst. More importantly, his failed policies are not addressing the high suicide, opioid and alcoholism rates of his voters based on Medicaid caps, which are preventing his voters from receiving treatment.  

In conclusion, it is no surprise then that his voters are being used by the POTUS to support a wide range of his failures.  As a result, they must ask why he is really targeting immigrants. If they are brave enough to ask these questions they will find that he is simply targeting immigrants to distract from his failures. Consider that the opioid death rate has increased by 9%. This percentage does not include the high suicide, alcohol, and infertility rates or the premature deaths of white women ---  or that the death rates of older whites are not being replaced by an increase  of birth rates in certain geographical areas. They, therefore,  must look at the root cause of these concerns and/or what is happening in  states, cities, counties controlled by Republican  leaders.  They must ask  why they are  disproportionally impacted by these concerns. . . that are tied to conservative policies.  

These voters must also ask what he has done lately for the middlle class and low income Americans. They must ask questions about  his misogyny or sexual assault history, including his racism against people of color and immigrants. They must ask about the supreme court  nomination process of Kavanaugh who must still prove that "he" is a person who respects the humanity of all humans, including the humanity of Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, 
a "simple requirement" for a supreme court judge that
the Republicans are fighting tooth and nail.
Trump's supporters must ask them why. . . for they, too are Americans 
who must be heard and not silenced.  
After all, when all is said and done, all of these issues are connected. 

October 1st
The Democrats want 24 people (at least) to be interviewed for the Kavanaugh FBI investigation, which should not be based on timelines, anything less and the POTUS will lack credibility. Yet, in the real world, the POTUS and McConnell already lack credibility. To date, for instance, no one has held Trump accountable for his 19 accusers or his own sexual assault history. This known fact really bothers women.

After all, this is a POTUS who has told over 4000 lies so it is not that farfetched to hear him say that an investigation is taking place but, at the same time, hear a former FBI agent say a full and thorough investigation is not taking place. Who is telling the truth? 

When the POTUS says Kavanaugh's capacity for impartiality is not a concern for him that's a hint that confirming a "qualified" supreme court judge is an unnecessary goal, at least, for him. When Senator Flake says: "any current, credible allegation that has been made should be fully investigated" but Dr. Ford still has not been contacted or questioned that is probably a sign that the POTUS is not telling the truth. When Deborah Ramirez’s corroborating  witnesses will probably never be contacted that is a sign that the FBI investigation is a sham or a cover-up for Kavanaugh as if he has something to hide, an act that makes him appear profoundly guilty based on unfair parameters intentionally set to  protect him by an embarassingly corrupt POTUS, a known misogynist. And yet,  we know if a powerful man with a Yale degree, for example, tried to place his penis in Ivanka's face we also know that her corroborating witnesses would,

With this view in mind: " the polling tells us that it is becoming less and less acceptable to presume the victim is lying or to build a furious defense for the powerful accused, even when he is Yale-educated and a federal judge. According to a Quinnipiac University Poll, 48% of Americans believed Ford; 41%, Kavanaugh. The public is learning. It is time our representatives do, too . "

These dismissed concerns, however, go on and on and on. . . But I
wonder. . .if the POTUS were to dig deeper would he be concerned about, let's say, Kavanaugh's  opposition to certain constitutional protections of Alaska Native tribes or will he underestimate the importance of this concern, too?  Mmmmmm. . .  Time will tell. . . .

September 30, 2018 

Bravo to Senator Flake for stepping forward (with conditions)to request a FBI full investigation into all of the sexual accusations against Kavanaugh.  But, as an upstanding, law abiding conservative, Senator Flake must now also "do the right thing" and withhold his vote for Kavanaugh on the grounds that Kavanaugh is not capable of acting as an independent judge.

Trump says his impartiality is of little concern to  him (or so he says) even if  the supreme court ceases to be the sureme court and becomes something else redefined by Trump and McConnell. (Note: Americans want their institutions to work even if they have to fight for term limits on supreme court judge picks in the future - - - due to racist conservatives who seem to want to destroy the institution.) mak.) Time,  therefore,  is of the essence for the Republicans in October of 2018 - - - weeks before the the historic mid-term elections. . . Why? The Republicans are sensing (based on their own bad decisions and actions) that
the "blue wave" will ensure that Trump is impeached.

Kavanaugh's possible confirmation  and his willingness to ensure that this will not happen based on McConnell's failure to notice that such an act would be: "repugnant to the constitution" and the American people is no guarantee that he will be able to stop a Trump impeachment though. (I do not know if progressives would want to see Pence as POTUS for he would be a stand-in for the Koch brothers .) The POTUS is experiencing his humpty dumpty moment or wide-spread public opposition anyway.  But,  Trump must try to save himself by hook or
crook. . . so his predetermined. . .  though invalid plan has miles to  go before it can reach its destination or before Kavanaugh can take on this role, a role that must first address his problems with women before he can take it on. Kavanaugh has already huddled with Trump's staff to strategize on how he could defend himself against the Ford sexual accusations (including being advised to deny, deny, deny everything,  a strategy straight from
the Trump playbook on sexual  assault. . .).

But, he has also made the choice to appear on a Fox  right wing,  opinionated show proving that he will be a partisan supreme court judge. . .  He has also disqualified himself (under oath)by threatening and/or vowing to rule against Democrats or democratic principles by stating that "what goes around comes around." (He should know that it is a "felony for a judge to peddle influence or to
threaten American citizens." )

Unfortunately, when we see Kavanaugh we now see Trump. (In this light, Kavanaugh must take a lie detector test, especially since he has ruled in favor of their use in the past  so that the nation  can better understand if he is capable of " neutrality, fair-mindedness, integrity, impartiality --- and/or to learn if he is capable of seeking justice for all Americans ." The president's behavior or corruption overall shows that he, too must be questioned about what  his definition of a supreme court justice means. Does it mean that a "Supreme Court Justice should be the embodiment of impartiality, fairness, and justice?" This fact is underscored by Americans who wonder if Trump encouraged  Justice Kennedy, as a swing justice, to retire for obvious reasons or if he offered him an. . .  either support my views. . .  or retire proposition.   Will Trump hold Kavanaugh's past over his head as well even though he is encouraging him to make certain statements?

But Kavanaugh (even under oath!) does not care about this appearance of partisanship or gang rule. He does not care that the majority ofAmericans can figure out that he is a habitual liar even when it comes to white lies --- no less. He does not seem to care that these acts, alone make Americans wonder why he needs to lie or what else he did or will do to support the "big lies. . ."  For instance, many of his Yale classmates say he was a sloppy drunk --- and still he denies these facts. . .  In fact, he wants Americans to believe that he is too privileged to be "questioned" about his  pretense of perfection, especially if the powerful  in the land will  close ranks (Graham, etc.) and support his lies by any means necessary  - - -   including limiting the scope of the investigation. The Republicans, therefore, should not be the ones defining what can or cannot be investigated.

 Furthermore, Kavanaugh needs to distinguish between "what" being "questioned" actually means from what it means for the Democrats to declare  that he is an actual sexual abuser. Senator Flake said it was understandable that Kavanaugh was angry about the accusations.  But this is the wrong response to his advise and consent duties. Kavanaugh was merely questioned.   People of color are rarely given the chance to be (simply. . .)  questioned (especially in highly-charged political environments where ineffectiveneess reigns free and can be readily identified as corrupt or unfair). In contrast, the world is watching a white man act as if he is so privileged that it is an insult that he has to be questioned to determine his fitness for a lifetime job, thus, the Kavanaugh hissy fit. In his mind, the Democrats are conducting a "search to destroy" strategy that is disgraceful. But, how do  the Democrats know what a real, ethical investigation with real parameters based on real timelines will uncover? What does Kavanaugh know that they do not know? In other words, his view is only applicable  if he knows that they will, indeed,  find out something that will destroy his nomination.  (Better his nomination than the  nation. . . for American citizens depend on the supreme court to be just. . . ) He, therefore,  still has no right to be angry or to yell at the Democrats in regard to Dr. Ford's accusations for they were merely doing their jobs  - - - based on a context that was fair and honest rather than contrived. . . 
What his outburst did do though was make Americans want an investigation to determine why he was so afraid of merely being questioned.

Given these facts, it is mind-boggling that the Republicans do not want the FBI to  expand the scope on the investigation. If so, these are Republican gang standards that will only serve a political culture that is limited and corrupt.   As Justice Frankfurter once said, "justice must (at least) satisfy the appearance of justice."  Will the public  be able to accept Kavanaugh as  an incarnation of impartiality, neutrality, and trustworthiness if he does not receive a thorough investigation?"  If not, this only means if Kavanaugh is confirmed he will be impeached and the court 's purpose  revisited under Trump/McConnell to better understand how the supreme court can become an impartial, independent  body that can serve a diverse nation . 

Kavanaugh  must, surely, know  that the majority of Americans are now awake (due to Trump's ongoing chaos) and understand know that  Trump/McConnell are representative of the downgrading of the  U.S. Constitution, a fact that will not stand.  Americans know that the POTUS and McConnell have not only ignored  sexual assault in the past without doing anything about it but they are also capable of lowering the United States of America's rule of law by stacking the courts (federal appeals court judges) with ultra conservative ideologues who are unqualified for their roles, a power play that is destroying the the concept of the judiciary, overall. This means anything Trump does will have to be reviewed
when all is said and done. 

With these views and questions in mind, Flake, Murkowski,  Collins, Heitkamp, Manchin, Jones, McCaskill and Joe Donnelly must bravely step away from the ideals of the Trump/McConnell Republican gang that cares nothing about this nation and the rule of law. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans Americans will support them for supporting the U.S. Constitution rather than Trump/McConnell's corruption. They must, therefore,  "maintain the public's necessary perception of the judiciary as the "citadel of. . . the public security.

September 27th --- 28th
Lindsey Graham insulted women all across the nation today when he called the hearing an unethical sham as if all women lie about sexual assault. The Republicans are afraid of a FBI investigation and they think Americans will  buy-in to Graham's performance --- but the older white male era of ignoring sexual assault is over. (This statement does not apply to those who have the wisdom, experience and morality to tell the difference between right and wrong, a skillset that this nation so desperately needs ---- under Trump.)

In this light, Kavanaugh  will not escape the need for a FBI investigation. He can insist on one now or later --- but he will not escape it. . . He may think that he will be allowed to sit on the supreme court without being reminded on a regular basis of the lies he tells, including what he did to Dr. Ford --- but he will not. . . until he does the right thing and supports the need for a FBI investigation. . .

When Kavanaugh says "what goes around comes around" he is openly threatening Americans everywhere and waking up people who never had any intention of voting. Americans believe that the arch of history bends toward justice. Americans do not believe in Kavanaugh's views that "power should take the place of justice."
Republicans, overall, should know that the majority of Americans
want the the supreme court to remain a legitimate body, rather than
a weak body controlled by a Republican gang with no ethics. . .
Clearly, Graham's misogyny or pure distrust of a woman for having  the audacity to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault is representative of the McConnell old white male unethical standard of dominating male/female narratives. But McConnell does not speak for Americans. Graham does not speak for Americans. In fact, Graham's comments were staged and were on full display as a fully planned, highly dramatic performance for Trump --- including his need to interupt questions that focused on Kavanaugh's lies --- which means Graham is a liar, too. (What does Trump have on him or what has he been promised to lose his soul in such a way?) If he had a soul, he would know that  Americans still want to hear from Mark Judge.
It is a logical step in this process.

It is a known fact, however, that  McConnell and the Republican "special interest"  gang must bow down and please Trump who needs protection from being impeached. They also need to serve their corporate donors, who are busy creating income equality across the nation. . . Kavanaugh will serve and support this purpose for the  Republicans who are deep in the mire or sewer with Trump even if they must sacrifice their own creditibility (and legacy)
and their Republican voters to attain it.

Unfortunately, the Republicans have no shame. In fact, their failures are legion, as elected senators, especially when it comes to their own voters. 
For this, Kavanaugh, who is unsuitable for the role, will be impeached if he is confirmed (an act that will be a national disgrace) as soon as possible. . . 
when the  Democrats take over both houses in November. . .  (and while they are at it they should impeach Clarence Thomas, too). 

September 26-27th
The Republicans have no right to ignore the American public
who do not believe Kavanaugh is fit to serve as a supreme court judge. . .
Kavanaugh might be able to dot his i's and cross his t's but he lacks the ability to reason. It is sad to think that he could say that he did everything right to become a supreme court judge but he still does not understand that treating women with respect was and --- is still --- missing --- from this  equation. He misses the point when he shows the world that he does not have the ability to recognize the humanity of all humans. He misses this point when he does not ensure that all humans have access to fair, complete, thorough processes. When he does not honor these truths or ask for a FBI investigation, the supreme court nomination hearing remains a sham and he proves, in the process, that he is unfit for the role of a supreme court judge. 

Surely, the Republicans and Kavanaugh know that  "the FBI is, in effect, a contractor for the White House. And so if the White House were to ask the FBI to reopen its file and go conduct the investigation, the FBI could do that."  

So, if Kavanaugh was not a coward. . . or if he was honest --- he would demand a formal FBI investigation so Americans would know and understand that he completely supports democratic principles (a timeline is irrelevant unless the Republicans have other unAmerican motives in mind for selecting Kavanaugh. Naming 65 women who the public should believe when it comes to Kavanaugh leads to other questions as well. Who are they? ). Given this need,  why is he  fighting and sobbing about this request for a fair process under oath as if his Yale degrees are substitutes for morality? They are not.  

Most importantly, why is Kavanaugh yelling, angrily at Democratic Senators as if he is drunk or acting as if he is above the law? Why is Lindsey Graham afraid of a FBI investigation? Why is Graham acting cowardly or  projecting his own misogyny onto Dr. Ford (on behalf of Kavanaugh) as if he is terrified that  her accusations are challenging and uncovering the unethical way this process is unfolding. Certainly, Graham already knows he could never speak for the American public or Democrats --- unless he has  already forgotten that
the public has already rejected Kavanaugh.  

Moreover, why is Kavanaugh afraid of a FBI investigation? If Kavanaugh was morally sound or equipped to answer the questions, he would "insist" on a process that honors the truth rather than lies, arbitrary rules and/or his own subjective views. But alas, he wants Americans to honor an unlevel playing field or to feel sorry for him if they do not honor un-American practices. This makes him a coward of the worst kind for he is demanding that his privilege be honored rather than a process that recognizes the U.S. Constitution . . . or the rule of law and/or the questions and answers that he demanded from Bill Clinton who was once in a similar situation.  

How embarrassing then for the nation to have to behold the optics of older white Republican senators forfeiting their duties to a female stand-in to uncover the truth about his suitability to serve a diverse nation. The fact that the Republican Party cannot fulfill their advice and consent duties is pathetic or evidence of their inability to serve as elected officials. 

This fact has deeper repercussions than what they know for it says they are not equipped to question a female since they stilll operate from a social order that accepts a divided nation and/or racism, segregation  and misogyny or favoritism as the norm  --- facts that interfer with the concept of a community of equals. They are operating from this world view when they automatically  place a man's views over a women's views. They are operating from this world order when they place women in  limited roles or ensure that women do not deserve equal treatment. They prove this fact when they overlook the need  for an investigation of the facts to add legitimacy to the process, a demand that must stand before he is accepted as a supreme court judge.

When Senator Hatch says that Dr. Ford is attractive and pleasing he is not only wasting time and proving that he is incapable of focusing on the truth  but he is  admitting that this culture is still alive and well in which her testimony  is seen as secondary to her appearance rather than a space for the truth to emerge.  (Note: She did not talk about the appearance of the male senators.)

Her ability to go before this hearing then is a clear statement that her merit does not rest on her being defined by Republican senators or a weak Kavanaugh who does not see women as a necessary part of a level playing field where  women have their voices truly heard --- complete with an investigation.  Her credibility stems from her own voice
and narrative based on an unwarranted sexual assault  from Kavanaugh.  
What matters is that she is believed by women
who are both Democrats and Republicans rather than older
white Republican males who operate in isolation and who only focus on 
their own special interests even if they originate from lies.  

And, yet the  POTUS thinks the Democrats are promoting a con job or a smear campaign against Kavanaugh without noticing that he, like Kavanaugh see women as second class citizens or in one dimensional ways. If this were not so they would be more than willing to allow all of the women who say they were sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh to be heard. Moreover, the Republicans would find Mark Judge and insist that  the FBI question him.  

But these actions elude the  POTUS for he still needs something from Kavanaugh --- he needs Kavanaugh to save him  from being impeached when the time comes or when the nation says enough is enough. This secret is the secret that everyone knows about but the Republicans will not discuss. The POTUS, McConnell and the Republican gang members  also need Kavanaugh to serve as a simple automaton programmed to serve as a servant of corporate donors, an acquired taste for the immoral. This job skill seems to be the only skill he can readily meet since Kavanaugh lacks the depth and experience to live outside of a privileged while male bubble where all people count --- including women.  

At best. . . he appears to be a chameleon or a person who changes his personality depending on who he is with (Mark Judge? Corporate Donors? Trump? the NRA?), a person who is incapable of being impartial or independent who lacks the ability  to tell the difference
between right or wrong on his own. The question is: will he work against American ideals pertaining to overall democratic principles?

As it stands, no one knows what he will do or who he really is. The FBI might have bought into his world view when they investigated him 9 times but they too might believe  the "white man can do no wrong theory" depending on who conducted the investigations.  

It always amazes me that people like Kavanaugh brag about what they do for marginalized or vulnerable Americans on the "surface level" but, at the same time, fail to talk about what they do to contribute to, let's say, homelessness or income inequality, etc.   He mentioned this very concern indirectly when he talked about his rulings at the hearing but his record shows that his ability to dig deeper or to  look at the specific cause of an issue is missing on a grand scale. In other words, he wants to pretend that his record shows that he has swooped down to be the white superman who saves everyone (helping women) but he ignores depth or cause and effect (on purpose, especially if he is as smart as his cronies say he is), and therefore, the real solution in the real world in a specific context. He, of all people, knows. . . band-aid solutions are for "show" but he also understands that he can keep offering the "ignorant" who celebrate his accomplishments a wide range of incomplete thoughts and fake solutions - - - as leaders often do (consider the POTUS). This means 
Kavanaugh already knows it is easy to fool the people who
buy into his showmanship on the surface level as if  the
"whom much has been given much is expected" view or 
its meaning eludes not only them but him as well.  

In this light, will he simply follow " Roberts in eviscerating  voting rightslegalizing briberydisempowering 
We do not know the answers to these questions since he has yet to answer these questions, honestly, thoroughly or clearly.

Before he takes on this role though he must get pass the American public or concerned voters who have already told their elected senators that they believe he lacks the commonsense (consider all of the women who have accused him of sexual assault. . .etc.) to be an independent, honest, impartial moral judge. (Note: "The unique position of the Supreme Court stems, in large part, from the deep commitment of the American people to the Rule of Law and to constitutional government. The United States has demonstrated an unprecedented determination to preserve and protect its written Constitution, thereby providing the American "experiment in democracy" with the oldest written Constitution still in force."

First of all, going on Fox News proves that he will not be an "impartial"  supreme court judge, which should disqualify him from being a nominee. He did not choose PBS or C-SPAN he chose a Fox opinionated show to speak to Republicans (Most Americans do not watch Fox opinionated or biased shows . . . ) in order to deny being a " sloppy drunk" who sexually assaulted women in high school and college. It also appears that Kavanaugh, McConnell and the POTUS are trying to intimidate Dr. Ford from testfying by reducing  her accusations against Kavanaugh as a smear campaign --- as if they do not intend to take her statements seriously. This fact alone shows that they all accept misogyny as normal --- or have set their standards so low that the POTUS, Kavanaugh and all of the white males on the judiciary committee have a proven ingrained prejudice against women. Yet,  with each passing day, more women are coming forward to say Kavanaugh is lying about his sexual assault history  --- the Republican gang members are ignoring these facts. 

This is just like Mitch McConnell and his Republican gang to corrupt the U.S. supreme court process in order to ensure that they have another misogynist and kleptocrat for their corporate donors to control on the supreme court. This is just like McConnell and his gang to lie to their gullible followers (a gang that hands crumbs to their supporters - - - Republican supporters who are dying at record numbers due to Republican policies) as if they are stupid. This Republican brand of older white males who are set in their ways and who have no intention of evolving should be voted out of office and a new set of  Republicans should be elected in their place.

Again, they grew up in time periods where racism, segregation  and misogyny were norms. Their policies still reflect their views of a social order that  shows up  up through a failing school system, the alarming number of whites dying from a wide range of health concerns to the number of Americans living in poverty. Their policies simply do not serve their own followers,
let alone all Americans, including women.
For more information,
refer to Part I and Part II on this subject.

September 24th
Rosenstein should not resign.
Trump is confused about stench and where it is coming from since his presidency has "always" been knee-deep in a sewer from day one. The Republicans who bow down to him each and everyday - - - and who cannot distinguish between right
and wrong --- despite the issue --- belong in this category as well .  If his followers support lies, political scandals, sexual assault, legislative incompetencies, including collusion with the Russians and/or unAmerican practices the stench belongs to them at a highly entrenched, deep in the mire level and/or has become a part of the social fabric
from which they, alone identify.  

To read the September Blog, refer to  Part I and Part II .
On the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing:  His past actions continue to speak louder than his words
. . . or current amnesia. . . Many women (Ford & Ramirez. . . and possibly  targeted women who Kavanaugh and Judge gave  drugs and alcohol to in order “to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them. . . Note: in the case of Ramirez other Yale students remembered students talking about  the incident of Kavanaugh pulling his pants down and putting his penis in her face. ) have stepped forward to identify Kavanaugh as the person who sexually assaulted them. Once again the Republicans are trying to close ranks on a type of criminality built on their domination/subordination gang rule --- with no shame. This type of " degradation of the system" cannot be hidden from view for their incompetence
keeps showing up over and over again. 

And, yet Senator Hatch says Christine Ford is "mixed up." Trying to silence Ford and Ramirez or all of the women Kavanaugh wants to remain invisible is not the solution but it is the telltale sign that Hatch and his cronies are willing to lie once again to allow their record of failures to prevail. They should not expect or count on Americans to collude with them in corrupting the system. First of all, it shows that the Republicans and Kavanaugh think that he is above the law, which means he is not suitable for the job.  But even worst than that it shows that the Republicans or willing to cover up what he has done to women, etc.

This is not the first time that Hatch and the Republicans have used their power to render a woman powerless. . . but this time they are ignoring the American public: the Amercan people do not want Bret Kavanaugh to serve as a supreme court judge. If Kavanaugh was brave enough he would know there are no  preordained dominate/subordinate  roles for women to take on in a community of equals. . . to save him or excuse  him for failing to uphold the standards set for the role of a supreme court judge (from hacking emails to recognizing that the voices of women are just as important as his voice.). He should know that voice and agency are always a part of  a community of equals with women being a part of the equation to ensure that the process is legitimate (with an investigation taking place before the fact  based on a good faith, principled effort) --- or with all parties being taken seriously. He (and the Republicans) should know women are allowed to speak and  claim their own narratives without someone else discounting or reinterpreting their own  experiences for them. (Consider the case of Clarence Thomas. . .  There were other women  who wanted to testify against Clarence Thomas but some of these same senators would not allow them to do so. . .  As a result, these same senators came to a conclusion about the Clarence Thomas nomination before Anita Hill even testified.) But that was then or before the Me, Too Movement. He should, therefore, withdraw his name as a nominee if he is afraid of an investigation that includes FBI questioning of his friend, Mark Judge, etc. or if he lacks character or has, indeed, assaulted women. . . .  

In other words, things have changed. The Republicans, this time,  will not find it as easy to close ranks around an unfair process that will erode the U.S. Constitution's system of checks and balances. If they do, everyone will know that they traded away their "advice and consent" duties for  clientelism(at best) ----  or Kleptocracy. . (As it stands, the current Republican supreme court judges are serving as bona fide kleptocrats   --- and are fooling no one about who they are or what they serve.)  Moreover, without an investigation, the hearing will go down as a Republican historical sham  --- or a poor theatrical production with weak performances by an all white cast of older "set in their ways" senators all serving in the starring roles --- playing themselves.

They still. . . however,  have an opportunity to act as if they are Americans serving as elected officials who believe in fairness and thoroughness. They still have the opportunity to ensure that Christine Ford and Deborah Ramirez are afforded the right to be a "part of a legitimate social order" where everyone understands the difference between right and wrong   --- morality and immorality    --- and/or, at the least, recognizes the need to "do unto others as they would have them do unto them" . . .  a belief representative of true American norms.

This standard must be upheld for Trump and the Republicans have a history of ignoring sexual abuse complaints by women.  Kavanaugh and his supporters (the POTUS, the Republicans, the 65 women who support him and the woman in the Kavanaugh commercial all of whom say Kavanaugh is a very fine person) --- may all believe that if leaders grab the private parts of women or attempt to rape and murder someone that these acts will be taken lightly but come November they will learn that they do not speak for the majority of Americans.   Americans, who recognize the humanity of women, will vote against them in record numbers knowing that   these acts are crimes. After all “ If political relations are to lose all resemblance to slavery (any form of slavery), free women and men must willingly agree to 
For more information, click here. 

​September 13th
The opioid crisis has increased by 9% with a record number of Americans dying last year  under the Republicans' leadership. This means they are allowing their supporters, etc. to fend for themselves. It also means they do not have the leadership skills to address these concerns if these numbers are increasing or if they do not care that their policies are causing their supporters, etc. to suffer. These failures include but are not limited to failing to address the Medicaid caps on treatment plans. At this rate, they will not have any supporters left if they keep allowing them to die due to decisions made by elected officials or  Republican decisions. . . (72, 000 last year, etc., etc., etc.,  . . . or before that these numbers were steadily increasing due to Republican obstructionism. Note: This profound historical crisis does not include the ones dying from despair based on  suicide, alcoholism, etc. for Trump's plans were never intended to reach his or their supporters --- if the truth be told --- that is not why he chose to run for the POTUS). This is happening even as Trump and the Republicans keep touting their tax plan, a plan that  gives to the wealthy by taking from their own supporters, etc. at the expense of democratic principles.   This point keeps catching the attention of the American public for obvious reasons even though Trump and the Republicans 
feel that they are powerful enough to ignore the public's views.
Trump and the Republicans, however, will learn. . . 
who is truly the most powerful in the land . . . when Americans vote - - - come November.  
September 12th
(Archived Info)
Good News to Remember at the Start of the 2018 School Year:
By Amanda Ripley
 "The smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective; directed more resources to their neediest children; enrolled most children in high-quality preschools; helped schools establish cultures of constant improvement; and applied rigorous, consistent standards across all classrooms. . . Of all those lessons learned, the United States has employed only one at scale:  A majority of states recently adopted more consistent and challenging learning goals, known as the Common Core State Standards,
for reading and math."
For more information on the CCSS, click here.

Remembering 9/11
Psalm 46

September 8th
Power of Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka
is overshadowed by ​ sexist power play. . .
By Sally Jenkins

September 4th
On the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing:  His past actions speak louder than his words. . .
or current amnesia. . . Where is the rule of law in this process? To read the blog,
focusing on this subject, click here.
 September 3rd
What are the states, districts, and schools across the nation doing to ensure that parents and community stakeholders understand the ESSA Implementation Process 2018?
(archived info)

August 26, 2018 
 Rest in Peace Senator John McCain, an American  Hero. . .  
"In the lark's song. . .  The song (is) seraphically free/Of taint of personality/ So pure that it salutes the suns/"The" voice of one for millions/In whom the millions rejoice . . ." He evolved and changed his mind about many issues. . . by responding to a purpose greater than himself,
a purpose that allowed him to impact the lives of all Americans. . . 
For more information, click here.
(Lark Ascending ---Tai Murray, Violinist)

(Updated From August 16th)
Rest in Peace Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. . .
To listen to a few of the outstanding songs that she 
brilliantly,   creatively and --- soulfully sang. . .
(For instance, consider "the extraordinary suppleness, clarity, and control in her voice at age 73 , during her performance at the Kennedy Center, an age when many vocalists have adjusted their most challenging songs to a comfortable register. Aretha took us beyond  "any limits we might have imagined for her. . . it was not effort. . .  but mastery. . . that drove her vertiginous ascent up the musical scale, that she would not miss a beat or let us fall, and that our role was not to marvel, but to revel." In this light, she gave  the world a "genuine" God-given talent  for "Aretha was certainly not untouched by racism, misogyny, vice, and exploitation, but she was unique in her ability to subsume these forces into her art without allowing them to shape or compromise her vision. . .")
click  herehere, herehere/ herehere,
and my all time favorite here (lyrics: "
and I'm keeping you right here in my heart
and it's all because I love you. . .).

August 24th
(Archived Info) Good News to Remember at the Start of the 2018 School Year:
By Amanda Ripley
  "The smartest countries tend to be those that have acted to make teaching more prestigious and selective; directed more resources to their neediest children; enrolled most children in high-quality preschools; helped schools establish cultures of constant improvement; and applied rigorous, consistent standards across all classrooms. . .
Of all those lessons learned, the United States has employed only one at scale:         A majority of states recently adopted more consistent and challenging learning goals, known as the Common Core State Standards, for reading and math."
For more information on the CCSS, click here.

August 24th Notes Continued. . . 
Americans Are Still In An Uproar About Betsy DeVos, Guns &
The  Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants
 Here's what we know (especially withTrump's supporters, in particular):
For more info on this topic, click here, herehere and   here.

August 23rd 
Do not forget to watch " America to Me," a Starz Documentary Series

August 22rd
By Amanda Holpuch in New York

August 21st
Has Trump used the N word?
He has called people ugly when they were not ugly, dogs when they were not dogs, dumb when they were not dumb   --- words that say more about his character than anything else he will ever say about his victims.  In this sense,  Trump's words resemble an automaton's thoughts, a man who has never had an original thought in his life, a man programmed to live in a bubble with like-minded people where "reason and depth" cannot reside. In fact, his name calling resembles something Hitler would would have said. Judging everyone by Hitler's Aryan standards simply shows that Trump lives in a limited, one-dimensional world.  Anyone can see the humanity and beauty in anyone if they choose to do so, but this is an idea that requires remaining awake and/or the ability to tell the difference between
an original thought and one that is not. From this perspecive,
who would look to Trump to define their  identity?
No one.  

How to Create a Positive School Climate
(Three practical, research-based suggestions for school leaders to support. . .)

August 15th
White House Falsely Claims Trump Has Created More Jobs for
Black Americans Than Obama Did.
By Linda Qiu

August 15th Notes Continued
Trump attacks Brennan to create a distraction from the Omarosa tapes as well as the Russian investigation. . . Everyone (e.g. Brennan with his expertise and unique perspectives and successes as a U.S. leader), however, who criticizes Trump is not his enemy --- some are just adding to the conversations that will, indeed, "Make America Great Again" and/or ensure that America lives up to all of its ideals. Foucauldian discourse, in this sense, is not limited to or created for one-dimensional tweets  --- but, instead, makes room and space for in-depth views.  
Click here to learn more.  Dear friend (N'Teri/click here and here/ here
let us share the path of humanity. . .

August 13th
'Insidious': Emails Show Trump White House Lied About US Poverty Levels to Discredit Critical UN Report. . .   A scathing new United Nations  report (pdf) concludes that President Donald Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress are "deliberately" working to make these already devastating crises worse by waging war on the poor while lavishing the rich with massive tax cuts.
By Jake Johnson
Click here here and here to learn more.

August 12th
Charlottesville's Anniversary Against  White Racists, Terrorists & Murderers
Who is responsible for the murder of Heather Heyer? Trump and his so-called presidency, a low life presidency that racism built. . . should claim responsibility for this "murderous act of terrorism." He accomplished this task by creating the conditions for hate crimes to increase in this nation --- for without racism  --- Trump would not have been voted into office to feed racist sentiments or to serve as the occupant that merely sits in the office of the president  to cause racist messes. 
(What nation he actually represents, however, is not clear to most Americans and/or is being debated by still others. . .).
Furthermore, his unpatriotic, uninformed, racist, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalists' supporters would not be confused about the "purpose" of the United States of America --- the purpose for which this nation stands --- if he knew or understood its meaning --- or, at least, read the U.S Constitution. 

And yet, to date (a year later) Trump and his supporters still  revere the symbols of the Confederacy  --- symbols that represent treason. In this light, these symbols serve as reminders of evil such as the   statue of Robert E. Lee , a statue that should no longer exist in any public space, a statue that  represents the unrecognized Confederate States of America
and its dehumanizing promotion of  slavery,
including "the awful criminality of those who held slaves in bondage."

And so when Trump and   Laura Ingraham m say they want to make America great again or that they miss the America that they once knew are they really announcing to the world that they long for the days of Jim Crow or even fantasize about the time of the unrecognized Confederacy --- and, therefore, a divided nation? But, what does it mean when they choose to  overlook the sufferings of poor whites  who lived/live in abject poverty ( in shanty houses with outhouses) whose numbers are still the highest (whites 41%, blacks 23%, Hispanics 28%. . .  )  for Americans living in poverty? Do they not know that everyone knows that these whites are used for their votes but ignored by their leaders ---- leaders such as McConnell and Trump? Is it any wonder that they are dying by the thousands due to dispair caused by incompetent, cruel politicians who are
busy find ways to benefit themselves or the rich 
rather than serving their supporters?
If so, why do Trump, Laura Ingrahamm. . . McConnell, etc. call themselves Americans if they do not care about America or  Americans? Why are they such cowards. . . when they (Trump, Ingrahamm, etc.)  could just say that they do not support the United States of America and  the U.S. Constitution? 
If they did believe in America they would finally say Heather Heyer's name out loud and say she was murdered by a white supremacist or a terrorist. They would admit that they are the ones who stir up hate or create and/or promote  policies that confuse ignorant white voters who do not study the facts --- who believe immigration is the problem when it is really the policies of
racist, lazy, greedy conservatives, overall who lie. 
They would have the moral strength and courage to finally stand with
the majority of Americans who believe in the American value system. 
In doing so, they would finally prove that they understand why their fellow Americans showed up in Charlottesville, on this day, last year --- 
as well as  today --- to support and and promote
American ideals tied to its purpose --- and not the ideals of racist terrorists.

August 4, 2018
Watch Now: The Netroots Nation Conference by clicking  here,  here,   here,  and   here .

August 3rd
Trump, the unprepared, incompetent president, (the so-called world leader (?) who projects how he feels about himself onto others . . . the wanna-be superior elitist who is destroying the lives of babies and children on purpose . . . , the liar , the misogynist,  the gangster  who is doing nothing to prevent Russia's interference in an election, the hardcore, inarticulate. . . infamous occupant in the White House who acts more like he's leading the unrecognized Confederate States of America with his low information supporters  who worship their white status under Trump even though Trump only serves rich whites ) is still doing the unthinkable  --- separating parents from their children. He now wants the ACLU to do what he will not do: reunite  parents with their children.)   More to the point, he wants
the ACLU to clean up his messes  ---   his bad decisions and policies or clearly stupid actions that keep allowing  parents to remain separated from their children.
To read more, click here .

August 2nd

DeVos Seeks To Rewrite The Rules On Higher Ed

(Ms. DeVos keeps missing the point about the U.S. public education system, overall. Innovation is worthless if it is not tied to transparency and accountability or school effectiveness. . .)

July 31st

Watch Now:  The Senate Judiciary Committee Focusing On:
The Separation of Immigrant Families
by the Trump Administration  
(referred to as the deleted families by Trump's staff. . . )

July 30th
  DeVos to Eliminate Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges. . . 

(Simply shameful. . .  But can anyone expect much from Trump/DeVos/Conservatives  who decided to ban gold and evidence based research findings to prevent American parents from learning about the widespread failures of the U.S. voucher program?)

July 27th

July 23rd
Oh dear, our thin-skinned president wants to stop American leaders from criticizing his political strategies   --- individuals who have unique insights and expertise  ---  tied to  the best interests of the nation. Their criticism of the POTUS is a good thing in a democracy and Americans need to hear their voices. Besides, rumors, gossip or whisper campaigns and conspiracy theories, etc. can be used against anyone in the public's eye --- but most people take the criticism with a grain of salt and know that their supporters can distinguish between the truth and lies. So why does this president care, a POTUS who has access to the loudest bully pulpit in the world and who uses it  to criticize everyone from movie stars to world leaders?  Does this mean then that he cares about the Yo President jokes, too, etc. that are brutal and widespread, not just in this nation but all over the world  targeted at him, a president who hangs out with thugs --- and brags about grabbing the private parts of women. . .  or  who  tortures babies by separating them from their parents, etc.? Will he try to stop the criticism in its many forms even the Yo President jokes? These jokes include but are not limited to: 
Yo your president is so stupid he calls immigrant babies that  cannot walk or talk  gang members. . . 
Yo your president is so stupid he changed his middle name to "Treason" . . .
Yo your president is so stupid he forgot he's the president of the U.S., and not Russia. . . 
If he cannot handle the criticism  the problem lies not with his critics but with 
his own weak presidential arguments, stances and strategies that
cannot  stand up against the thoughts in his own mind
where his belief system and fears are first formed.

July 22rd
The president is clearly anti-family, anti-child and/or is failing Americans across the nation. Is it any wonder that the EPA Inspector General's  report states that the EPA and its Region 5 office did not respond effectively to the water crisis in Flint? They did not have clear roles, responsibilities, risk assessments, effective communication, and proactive oversight tools. They repeatedly underestimated the urgency and scope of the problem.  As a result, the report calls on the agency to create a risk identification  system for drinking water, track citizen complaints, and provide training on oversight  tools. . . It calls on the EPA to update its Lead and Copper Rule." Trump (who keeps proving that he lacks the ability to serve American citizens) has ignored this request 3 times. To prevent American citizens from experiencing this type of governmental  leadership failure(s) again call your elected officials and tell them citizens want this "universally disliked rule" changed now, a rule that is "outdated, complex and insufficient." 

July 17th
What the heck is wrong with the Republicans? Why are they downplaying Russian's interference in a presidential election? For instance,  Rand Paul is criticizing American intelligence agencies but says he is stopping a war by doing so when he is, in effect, normalizing the criminality of Putin. What does he have to gain by taking on this role? Why are the Republicans  only mildly concerned that Trump was left in a room with a former KGB/FSB agent, a man who overlooks   human rights violations and acts of corruption, and runs a giant unaccountable spy state   --- (who knows his so-called win against America ends when Trump is impeached or resigns from office)?  Is it any wonder that Trump was Putin's choice for the POTUS, a weak, incompetent leader who is considering handing over 11 Americans to Putin and other unaccountable Russians who kill people who disagree with them? The only ones who have less integrity than Trump and the Republicans are Trump's uninformed supporters who want the "majority" of Americans to ignore  the  dead bodies, etc. all around Putin and Trump (?) ---  as well as   Russia's interference in an American presidential election. (Their response to Trump's relationship with an American enemy is astounding for any real American would not have to ponder or  ---  debate America's standards for decency.)  Unfortunately, poor Trump opened a door and walked into a room --- based on greed and power (owned by Putin) --- without an exit --- long ago. Yet, the Republicans who could still prove that they have some respect for the U.S. Constitution and the American value system  are  merely watching from the sidelines --- as if Putin, a thug   has no record of killing his
own people or of  manipulating what Trump says and does 
(or plans. . . e.g.  the unexplained   Syria plans  on the world  stage.  
This morality tale will, thus, be recorded by
world history on many different 
levels. . . in amazement. 

July 15th
The Craven Power Politics of Mitch McConnell. . .
He blocked a bipartisan statement on Russian hacking before the election.

(From the archives)
 By Joan Walsh

(Note; Trump blames Obama but does not blame or even mention McConnell (a Dixiecrat?) 
who blocked this type of info in 2016. But, Trump nor the Rupublicans  ever place their so called facts in context, a requirement of any leader who embraces morality,  if not, history. 

July 13 
The Trump Administration Kidnapped Children. Someone Should Go to Jail.
By Eugene Robinson 

July 12th
The Republicans real intentions were foiled on July 12th when they tried to reduce the Strzol hearing to an opportunity to hurt the Mueller investigation. Strzol's intelligent  testimony, however, reduced them to idiots. (Note: Trump nor the Republicans do well in two way conversations or when someone is actually allowed to respond to their questions on their own .)    While the pundits say Putin's influence over Trump and the Republicans was the real winner at the "hearing" yesterday (based on the circus nature of the Republican theatrical brand under Trump), they are wrong. Putin will only win if Americans are sidetracked into overlooking the real issues in which Trump's love of WikiLeaks or his publicized call for Russian hacking into an American election (hacking that took place on the same day of his request) . . . are considered normal actions of a POTUS,  a POTUS who has been summoned and must respond to Putin's call as if he is independent from
Putin's influence over him. . .  But, to date, the Russians have fooled no one.
Democracy still remains firmly in place. After all, democracy is messy but always inclusive.
Clearly, the Democrats saved the day with their take on the whole hearing.
Please click here, here, here here, here, and  here to learn more. 
In fact. . .  the Democrats were a much needed --- welcome reprieve, if not, a overdue break from Trump's lies for all Americans were allowed to weigh the facts by listening to different voices, not just the Republicans' voices or Trump's voice on matters important to all Americans or the whole world with worldwide protests taking place wherever he goes. Most importantly, the hearing allowed Strzok to speak out on his own behalf, a needed opportunity as well (that backfired on   the Republicans) to refute Trump's biased,  unAmerican, misinformed interpretation of his actions.

July 11th
National Center for Youth Law
Using the law to help children in need. . .
To learn more about their strategies to protect children, click here.  

July 10th
Is Trump Destroying the Presidency?
(From the archives. . .)
By Jack Goldsmith 

(What type of person  separates children from their parents, loses them and then does not respond to a court order to return them???????)_

July 9th
By Leah Litman

Trump officials struggle to reunite migrant families
By Ted Hesson and Dan Diamond
As the deadline looms (July 10th), Trump officials struggle to reunite migrant families ‘It’s been really difficult to start the reunification process because we just don’t have a lot of direction from leadership,’ said one official.  

July 3rd
By Erica L. Green, Matt Apuzzo and Katie Benner
" The Trump administration will encourage the nation’s school superintendents and college presidents to adopt race-blind admissions standards, abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses,
Trump administration officials said."
Call your school superintendents, college presidents, elected officials and/or the White House switchboard at: (202-456-1414) 
and tell them race should be a factor in diversifying schools, especially with Trump occupying the office of the POTUS.

July 2nd

Please consider applying for a  grant focusing on the:
Statewide Family Engagement Centers.
To  contact the " U.S. Department of Education" about this grant or to attend their  pre-application seminar, click here.
To contact your "State Department of Education," click here.
Important dates to remember:
July 13th for your email stating your intent to apply &  
July 30th for the submission of your grant. 

July 1st 
It’s not about red or blue. . .)
By Joanna Walters

(But it is about a lawless president (under investigation for various acts such as collaborating and colluding with Russia to win an election, foundation fraud, money laundering. . . etc. ) who ignores the U.S. Constitution proving that he does not care about this nation or U.S. citizens. (The question has to be asked: is Trump's idea of America all about partying, getting money & power by any means possible?) And, what about his abject need to harm powerless immigrant babies,  children and families, which entails breaking national and international laws --- decisions that have caused thousands and thousands of Americans to protest against his inability to lead as the person currently occupying the office of the POTUS?  

What can your elected officials do to stop Trump and the republicans from working against the U.S. Constitution?  More to the point, what are your elected officials doing to prevent Trump (a president under investigation for lawlessness) from nominating a supreme court justice?  Surely, they have a plan, especially since Trump's choice will have "the stain of illegitimacy" on his or her role as a justice, a role that will be forever stigmatized, used, tied and remembered for his desperateness to save himself from being indicted for crimes against the United States of America. 

As it stands the current supreme court has already lost its standing with its Citizens United ruling in which conservative justices continue to serve as "the enemy of democracy and liberties in this nation." But add the Jack Phillips holier than Jesus standard (a so-called Christian trying to play God, especially when considering Galatians 3:28) and Americans are again placed in a position to question their current purpose for even conservative supreme court justices must be servants of the law    without overlookin g  how  impermissible bias  will be measured in the long run. But also add Trump's ignorance of the U.S. Constitution, the "unsoundness of his policies" ( sanctioned by the court) to this mix  --- as well as his childish belief that everyone must take an oath of loyalty to him to save him from being impeached, (a decision that will lead to  a nationwide if not world outcry) and they --- the conservative supreme court  justices of America will remain
the most  dangerous thugs in the room. . .  

June 30th
30,000 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.   T hey chanted, "Immigrants built this bridge! ! !"
Joshua Roberts

June 25th
Does It Really Matter That 87% Of Republicans Support Trump? It Matters if conservatives must lose their souls for eternity in order to support Trump. It matters if the vast majority of American voters could never --- in good conscience --- vote for Trump (and the republicans who keep him in office), an immoral POTUS, along with his pack of grifters who keep viciously  turning their backs on the inhumane, immoral treatment of immigrant babies. . .  In fact, Americans do not know if they are trying to steal the babies. If they were leaders they would have solved this critical, urgent problem by now. They would also surely understand why they should wait until after the mid-term elections to choose a justice so it does not appear that they are truly  “a set of corrupt scoundrels. . .” who will be remembered --- and never forgotten by history for colluding with and bending the knee to a president under investigation for stealing an election. . .

Americans are still waiting for Trump to reunite immigrant children with their parents.  His supporters, however, are more disturbed about the treatment of Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders who says, based on her "political" positions on immigrant children, that she was shamed at a restaurant and was not served any food. . . 

In other words, Trump's supporters can talk about a missed meal (Note:  Sanders should have been served) but, to date, these same supporters have never displayed any type of public outcry, on the same scale, about the murder of Heather Heyer by a White Supremacist. (Also, please note: Ms. Sanders should not be confused with a real civil rights activist who supports civil and human rights for all humans.)  Moreover, it does not seem to  bother his supporters that he is boldly ignoring the United States Constitution or that finding powerless, missing babies of color does not seem to be an urgent, critical priority for him as the POTUS.  Given these facts, Americans expect more from their American elected officials and never expected the Trump/Pence Administration to deport immigrant parents without their children, which is a crime committed against the parents 
in the minds of most Americans.

Is it any wonder that Maxine Waters was disturbed by Trump/Pence and their supporters who do not seem to be  fazed that the president is dragging his feet on trying to find the missing  babies and children? What is even more disappointing is that democratic leaders are not making more noise about the missing babies or underscoring the profound urgency of returning them to their parents as if they are afraid to increase the criticism of Trump for tearing families apart, an act that could only be normalized by an insane president.  The next question, in this sense, becomes what are all elected officials  doing to prevent Trump from normalizing this type of leadership behavior and/or bonafide racism against children? What are they doing when Trump ignores due process laws for immigrants of color?  What are they doing when he deliberately ignores what is in the best interest of  immigrant children? This fact, alone, means
Trump is breaking international laws.

And, what about his latest rallies that seem more like Ku Klux Klan rallies where, he, as their grand leader ---  speaks not as a leader of an entire nation but as someone who serves and feeds his supporters' basest instincts to divide the nation by telling one lie after another lie or by calling whole races of people criminals --- and even  inciting violence against people of color?

What will they do when he misses the July 10th deadline? 

Surely, President Lincoln who died 153 years ago as the "savior of the union and  emancipator of the slaves" would be turning over in his grave if he knew Trump was the leader of the Republican Party. As it stands it is a party that has even forgotten July 28, 1968, a party that is more than willing to ignore the 14th amendment --- or that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. It is a shame Trump has to be reminded of this fact. . .or that the Republicans seem not to know they should be safeguarding this amendment.  But then again, Trump also needs to be reminded that he only won due to an unfair (unequal) playing field (refer to the latest on Comey) but not outright as a bonafide winner ---  another fact in which  the other 70% of Americans who did not vote for Trump must keep reminding themselves when they ever consider missing the opportunity to
vote ever again in their lives.

June 21,  2018

By Jonathan Blitzer

June 20th

Trump's Child Internment Camps

Tender Age Shelters

When will the children be reunited with their parents?

Is it possible for a predominately white Trump cabinet or Senate to address the urgent, critical problems tied to immigration since they only seem to be interested in preserving a predominately white nation or do not identify with a diverse nation? As it stands, Trump says that he does not have a problem with immigration but only if the immigrants who enter the U.S. have merit ---  according to his definition of merit ( Africans are better educated than the majority of immigrants who try to enter the U.S. but are still turned away ). His immoral decisions go against the U.S Constitution and have allowed him to  place poor, children of color in cages (!) (and to handcuff their parents around their wrists and ankles), a fact that uncovers an unheard of abject level of reasoning  that demonstrates and proves that he is incapable of identifying with their humanity.  

Without any connection to their humanity, Trump put in place an insane plan that allowed small children (who he says are infesting the nation) to be flown to different states across the nation (to designated shelters) by falsely branding them as " unaccompanied alien children" (children that may be lost forever --- under his leadership)  when he --- as the POTUS --- created the conditions that produced the parent/child separations. While some say he is merely feeding his racist base by treating the immigrant  children of color in cruel, inhumane ways, his actions, according to others, are only met to deter immigrants from so-called
sh_ thole nations from trying to enter the U.S  --- even though the U.S. represents an escape from life-threatening situations for many of the immigrant families.  His racism and stereotypes of the  children as  --- children of criminals ---  are, thus, lies and show and prove that he lives in a bubble with a belief system that has permitted him to turn his back on how poverty is produced and reinforced for years and years without caring why it exists and/or who created it and still creates it rather than focusing on
how a heaven on earth is created, a point that should not be lost on Sessions since he quotes the Bible.

While his base worries about whites becoming a minority  (. . . the real elephant in the room) for the wrong reasons and Trump seems to be stoking their fears on purpose as usual --- he, too --- is overlooking the root cause(s) of this concern: immigrants are not the problem --- more than likely they are the solution.  In other words, what he does not talk about is that the U.S. is losing its population so to speak   --- particularly its white population due to an aging white population. If he was not a racist man he would allow  immigrants into the country and would see this act as a reasonable remedy or solution pertaining to the 17 states losing population ---- unless. . . Trump lacks an imagination and wants to live in a white only nation --- rather than recognizing the humanity of all men, women and children based on U.S. ideals under God. 

Juneteenth: Our Other Independence Day
Celebrating the Meaning of the Juneteenth (1865) Celebration. . .
From the archives  ---  a speech from President Obama. . .  
in recognition of this holiday.

June 18th
Outstanding Sermons on
Immigration, Families & Powerless Children
Click here (Sermon by Dr. David A. Renwick, National Presbyterian Church) 
and  here (Sermon by Dr. Amy Butler, The Riverside Church in NYC. . .  scroll to 1:01 for the sermon)
to explore and discuss their views.

Also please, review statements from the United Methodist church in which "m ore than 600 clergy and lay members of the United Methodist Church are bringing church law charges against Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Also, review statements from t he National Association of Evangelicals, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, The Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church who have joined with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops and other concerned bodies of faith , etc.  who have signed the “Faith Leaders’ Statement on Family Separation. . . "   Also review statements from  a Coalition of Attorneys Ge nerals the American Academy of Pediatricians,  G overnors, the  American Nurses Association ,      Civil and Human Rights Organizations who have  Filed Joint Complaints with DHS on Behalf of Families
Forcibly Separated in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Custody, etc. 

June 17th

Happy Father's Day
Click  here,  here, here, and here for more info.

Taking a child out of the arms of a father. . . 
Click here to learn more.

June 14th

  Trump is breaking international law.  He  has committed an internationally wrongful act, a breach of an international obligation. "The current policy in the United States of separating “extremely young children” from their asylum-seeker or migrant parents along the country’s southern border constitutes a child rights violation, the UN human rights office, OHCHR, said. Although the U.S. has never ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it has signed the international accord and ratified others, which means that it has legal obligations to children in its care," the OHCHR spokesperson explained.

Please note: the GOP has developed a proposal to
ban Trump from separating families. 

Also, please read the   Keeping Families Together Act. 
Call your elected officials and tell them to support this act.   

June 6th
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to Secretary DeVos: "Will your commission look at the role of firearms as it relates to gun violence in our schools?
Click here to listen to her response. For a response to her answer, click here.

June 4th
Why Don't We Challenge the Narrow Vision of Ed. Leadership?
By Carolyn R. Hodges & Olga M. Welch
Click here to read this article.  

May 31st 

From The Archives: A Question Pondered By The BPS . . .
"Does every single school deserve a nurse? Does every single school deserve a principal? Does every single classroom
need one teacher?”

Click here to read this article.

May 3oth

Student-centered Funding Pilot

"In exchange for meeting the requirements of the pilot and using a student-centered funding formula,
the LEA receives freedom from many of the federal requirements for the funds included in the system (e.g., tracking time and attendance; creating schoolwide needs assessments and schoolwide plans for operating a schoolwide program under Title I, Part A; spending funds on particular allowable uses)."  
Click  here,  herehere, here,  herehere and (a lesson learned)  here 
to discuss this subject. 

May 28th
Thinking About Diversity on Memorial Day. . .
By August Schulenburg
Click here to learn more.

May 23rd 
Only Love 
The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade and Blake Shelton -
Finale: "Only Love"
 Click here to listen to this song.

May 21, 2018

What you should know about the
"Statewide Family Engagement Centers" and Funding
Click here to learn more.

May 18, 2018

"Let’s call it like it is: the horrifying inaction of Congress, slaughter after slaughter, has become a green light to would-be shooters, who pervert silence into endorsement. . .," said Sentator Chris Murphy. . .
(Note: What he said in February applies to all school shootings across the nation as well.)

Here's what parents should know: a U.S. cultural change is needed and it must begin with Congress actually serving the majority of U.S. citizens who want them to do something about gun violence. 

Here’s what Parkland survivors are saying about the Santa Fe school shooting. . .By Marissa J. Lang

  Also, one day before the Santa Fe High School massacre Secretary DeVos met with experts and survivors of mass shootings.
Click here to learn more.
Please refer to the COPACS Blog Post on
School Massacres to understand why
Congress should be blamed for yet another tragedy.

May 15th

Trump’s brutal policies target the most vulnerable Americans
By  Katrina Vanden Heuvel 

Click here to read this article. 

May 13th

Happy Mother's Day!

"Christian groups highlight plight of immigrant mothers on Mother’s Day. . . 
The Rev. Noel Andersen, national grass-roots coordinator for Church World Service, said the movement by faith groups to help the immigrant women is part of an effort to show solidarity but also to confront “unjust laws,
to fight deportation orders so they  can stay united with their families.”

Click herehere here, here and here  to learn more. 

May 12, 2018
Boycott Waffle House!
Click here to learn more.

May 12th
(from May 7th)

No Blame for Newtown on School Massacre, Judge Says. . . 

“This ruling (which every parent should read) should serve as NOTICE to all parents of young boys and girls: Our children are not safe in public schools,” Papcsy said in a statement (parentheses in original). Papcsy said Wilson’s decision ultimately holds that
schools “can never be held accountable if they failed to implement protocols
intended to keep our children and teachers safe in their public schools.”


Click here for more information. 

May 11th 
John Kelly's Racist Comments About Immigrants Are Not His First

Click here to learn more.

May 9th 
(From the Archives)

States Won’t Hold Schools Accountable
That's Your Job. . . 
By Tracy Dell’Angela
Click here to learn more.

State ESSA Plans Are Weak Tea,
But Here Are 3 Things We Can Do Right Now. . .
By Max Marchitello & Kaitlin Pennington
Click here to learn more. 

Two years after Congress scrapped federal formulas for fixing troubled schools, and states for the most part are producing only the vaguest of plans to address
persistent educational failure. . .
By Emma Brown
Click here to learn more. 

(Parents, Community Stakeholders  --- Or The Public Should Call Their State Educational Officials and Elected Officials To Address These Ongoing, Persistent Transparency & Accountability Concerns. . .

May 8th

Rich parents are using doctor’s notes
to help kids cheat the SATs. . .

By Doree Lewak

Click here to read this article.

What are school officials & parent educators saying about this unfair practice?

May 7th
No Blame for Newtown on School Massacre,

Judge Says. . . 

“This ruling (which every parent should read) should serve as NOTICE to all parents of young boys and girls: Our children are not safe in public schools,” Papcsy said in a statement (parentheses in original). Papcsy said Wilson’s decision ultimately holds that schools “can never be held accountable if they failed to implement protocols intended to keep our children and teachers safe in their public schools.”


Click here for more information. 

May 7th

Grassroots Activism in View

To Learn more, click here

May 3rd

(From the Archives)

Can parents prod schools to get better?


To read this article, click here .

May 2nd 

Race and Legislative Responsiveness
in City Council Meetings

By Bai Linh Hoang (University of Texas, Arlington)

To read this article, click here

April 30th

Revisiting  the Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District Ruling. . .

What kind of “educational benefit” does the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act require public schools to provide to students with disabilities?

by Amy Howe 

Click here to learn more.

April 27th 

(From the Archives)
New CREDO Report Shows System-Level Supports,
Turnaround Expertise Critical to School-Level Improvements
Click here to learn more. 
By Robin Lake

April 26th
(From the Archives)

Trump likes to talk about what he has done for African Americans but he never provides anyone with any concrete details to substantiate his claims. In other words, Trump thrives on the ignorance of Americans to promote his one-dimensional, alternative brand of news. This point has been proven time and time again for he needs the gullible voters (mainly his supporters) to ensure that he can remain the POTUS even as he receives lower and
lower approval ratings. 

Of course, African Americans do not buy into his lies (except for maybe
this person who is serving as one of Trump's much-needed distractions against the Russian investigation). For the rest of us, t he truth is still useful and must be addressed to create the solutions that make America --- the America that we all love and support.

April 25, 2018

Implementing ESSA

Education Week is holding its second annual interactive event  aimed at meeting the challenges of implementing ESSA
(the Every Student Succeeds Act). 
Education Week journalists and other invited experts will answer your questions on May 1 from 1 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To learn how to register for this event: click here or  here.  

April 21, 2018

The scientifically proven explanation for why better gun control laws really will stop school violence. . .

To read this article written by
Robyn Pennacchia, click here

On April 20, 2018

Learn more about their call to action by clicking here and  here .

Find A National School Walkout By Clicking Here . 
25, 000 Schools Are Participating In The Walkouts. .

April 19, 2018 

What to expect from Friday's massive
National School Walkout. . . 

To read this article by By Holly Yan, CNN, click here

April 18, 2018

According to a Gallup Poll:
 guns and gun control are no longer considered key problems for Americans. 

Does this mean that Americans are no longer concerned about the safety of children who attend U.S. public schools? 

Does it mean elected officials are no longer focusing on gun control? Have they already decided to stop bringing constant attention to this
critical concern --- on purpose? 

(Note: What happened to the " Stop the School Violence Act " that 
does not mention gun control at all?)

To read this article written by Sara Shayanian, click here .  
To learn more about this poll, click here
To learn more about this concern, click here,  here, or here.

April 13, 2018

2018 AERA Annual Meeting
"The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education"
Friday, April 13 - Tuesday, April 17, 2018
New York City

(refer to Town Halls & Meetings that are live-streamed), 
including but not limited to: 

"Imagining Radically, Practicing Hope:
How Public Education Could Disrupt Racial Injustice," 

"Research on Gun Violence and Implications for Schools and Communities"

April 11, 2018

What Pop-Up Classes Do You Wish
Your Child's School Offered? 

Click here to learn more. 

April 10, 2018

The Results from the 2017 NAEP mathematics and reading assessments are in!
Click here to learn more.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 
Data Privacy and Protection Hearing

Click Here To Watch This Hearing On CSPAN.

Also, consider other social media concerns (i.e. Twitter) such as this one. 

April 7, 2018

Learn More About the Town Hall Project (Connected to March For Our Lives) by Clicking Here.

April 4, 2018

MLK Jr.'s son reflects on his father's last days
Source: CNN

Also be sure to watch the HBO Special: King in the Wilderness.
To review the official trailer, click here

To read the April Blog: Remembering Martin Luther King, click here

April 3, 20018

Dayanna Voltich, a social studies teacher who operates a white supremacist podcast (learn more here. . .) was "removed from a Crystal River Middle School classroom and suspended on March 2, 2018." (Thank God!) She submitted her resignation on April 2, 2018. The Citrus County School Board will meet on April 10th to discuss if they will accept her resignation. Please note: parents have already expressed outrage over her racist views in the classroom.

Clearly, the U.S. public school system is not the place for racism, bias, inequality, inequitable practices, unfairness, covert white supremacist views or low expectations of children of color. A literature review on this topic shows that several authors state that "teachers’ perceptions, expectations, and behaviors probably do help sustain,
and perhaps even expand the black-white test score gap."
Click here to learn more about this subject or testing.
April 2, 2018

To review: 
An Audit of State High School Graduation Requirements. . .
by Laura Jimenez and Scott Sargrad,

click  here

To Review:
Improving Academic Preparation for College
What We Know and How State and Federal Policy Can Help
by Robin Chait and Andrea Venezia, 
click here

Everything Must Change

March 25th

When 800, 000 young people 18 and under can stand up to the NRA with signs saying"the NRA Must Go," a new day is here, a breaking of new ground is taking place for America based on fairness and/or commonsense.  As Cameron Kasky (co-founder of March For Our Lives) stated: "The world failed us and we're here to make a new one that's going to be easier on the next generation. If you're against that, then get out." Trump should be worried. In fact,  many of the signs were against  his stances on gun control showing: a younger America is triumphing over Trump and his  stronghold  on populism --- (or that go-to final factor) for which his presidency  depends --- proving that he is confused about
who is. . . or. . . was. . . the silent, hidden majority. Everything must change.
Morning has broken.  

March For Our Lives, March 24th
The Times They Are A Changin'  

Will elected officials listen to the specific legislative demands of U.S. students who want comprehensive gun control laws in place across the nation --- demands that are tied to their "March For Our Lives" event that will take place on March 24th? Will elected officials ensure that their demands are a top priority and/or that specific legislative efforts are underway that will keep them safe and alive? Will they end gun violence and mass shootings in their schools today?" For more info on March For Our Lives, click here .  Note: According to this NYTimes article  Americans support the following gun control solutions. (I would add   federal standards on gun safes an age requirement of 21 for gun use & ownership, the  funding of actual research on gun violence , etc.  including safety programming in schools, which Trump's 2019 budget will cut .) They include:
Assault weapons ban 
Bar sales to all violent criminals  
Semiautomatic gun ban 
High-capacity magazine ban 
Universal checks for gun buyers 
Universal checks for ammo buyers 
Bar sales to people deemed dangerous by mental health provider 
Bar sales to convicted stalkers 
Require gun licenses 
Ammo purchase limit 
Centralized record of gun sales 
Report lost or stolen guns 
3-day waiting period 

Gun purchase limit 
Workplace weapons ban 
School weapons ban 
Guns that microstamp bullets 
Require gun safes 
Require safety training 
Fingerprint gun owners 

March 23, 2018

Watch Full Episodes of Hope & Fury,  a documentary covering  the
civils rights movement. . .

The Murder of Stephon Clark

March 22, 2018

Protesters blocked the entrances to an NBA game and chanted
"Black Lives Matter" to bring attention to the murder of Stephon Clark. The police, once again, murdered an "unarmed" black man by shooting him 20 times in his grandmother's backyard on Sunday. Learn more about this murder by reading an article by Alex Horton & Wesley Lowery

March 20, 2018

About the Education Budget Hearing on March 20th. . .  Rep. Harris comments were knee deep in the world of stereotypes when he said the socioeconomic background of public school students was the cause of school-based concerns. At best, he has not done his homework on any of the topics that he spoke about for he blatantly chose to ignore the cause of school ineffectiveness and/or the inability of educators to educate. 
He also brought up guns but his statistics on gun violence were wrong. For instance, why did he talk about Baltimore gun deaths and the weaknesses of gun laws but never once felt compelled to mention the fact that 89% of gun deaths are due to white male suicides? Does he not know that " where there are guns there are gun deaths
Furthermore, when he stated that teachers are afraid to discipline black students he intentionally omitted what happens to white students who are not disciplined for committing the same acts ---
proving (often) that he is accustomed to taking part in lopsided conversations that depend on stock explanations for which substance is nowhere to be found. It seems then that Rep. Harris prefers 
to think of himself as an injured party --- one who wants or, perhaps, needs everyone to know that his colleagues have called him a racist. And yet, his comments show, based on his need to volunteer this information --- that it is he --- who wants to wear this badge with honor due to his obsession with the term --- even though no one, at least, during the hearing, brought up the term or called him a racist. Fortunately, Representatives Lee, DeLauro, Pocan, Clark, etc. brought much needed insight and profound substance to the hearing in spite of Rep. Harris and his positions ---and/or his failed attempts to  ask pertinent questions and/or his inability to respond to the critical information needs of the public.

March 20, 2018

Did Secretary DeVos hide the education budget  or did she simply "withhold vital information from the department’s budget " for the  fiscal year that begins in October? For more info on this subject or to listen to the House Appropriations Subcommittee's hearing on the FY19 budget, click here

March 14, 2018

Bravo. . . to the " Youth of theUnited States of America"  
who are taking part in the Student Walkouts across the nation! This is what "Democracy" looks like. . .
Making their voices heard, they are chanting:
Hey, hey, ho, ho. . . 
The NRA has got to go! 
What do we want?
Gun Control!
When do we want it? 
Gun Control Now! Gun Control Now! Gun Control Now!
To learn about Youth Empower of the Women's March, click here. For a Live Stream of the "Student Walkouts" across the nation, click here and  here.

March 13, 2018

By the ACLU
To learn more, click here .

March 11, 2018

Interpreting and Exploring the Latest  Betsy DeVos Interview. . .
 This interview was conducted
by 60 Minutes Correspondent Lesley Stahl.

To listen to this interview, click here

It is very discouraging to hear that Ms. DeVos has not visited one low performing school. How could she overlook this critical priority and yet say that she cares about low-income children who are stuck in low performing schools? 

March 10, 2018
Interpreting the D.C. Public Schools

There are many ways to interpret the latest D.C. Public School Scandal ( here's a  guide. . .) but this article published today by the Washington Post gets to the heart of the matter. It is written by Emma Brown, Valerie Strauss, and Perry Stein. To learn more, please click this link.