On Becoming A COPACS Member:
A Guide to Getting Started. . . 
Getting Started: The COPACS  Introductory Guide for  New Members
The COPACS Introductory Guide for members consists of information focusing on its purpose, mission, membership requirementsprograms, services, duesCOPACS Checklist, a registration form for membership, and  chapter options and a sample website for their chapter. Through the COPACS Introductory Guide, new members will learn why they should join COPACS at a foundational level based on equity & excellence goals tied to the public school system. They will learn about  the specific benefits associated with becoming a member  in an era when the U.S. public school system is still lagging behind other nations throughout the world. 

But parents and community stakeholders will not only receive information pertaining to our services & programs,  they will also learn "how to tailor or design specific stakeholder programming" to reflect the goals of their own school communities .  They will learn "how" to develop their own  website,  a local website that will keep their parents and community stakeholders informed about key federal, state, and local educational issues. Moreover, they will have the option of receiving supplemental guides associated with research-based studies or  best practices and lessons learned in student achievement. Overall, they will learn how to support transparency and accountability in public school systems tied to positive student outcomes. This ongoing need begins with genuine parent and community stakeholder involvement that addresses real-time school-based concerns.  
     Reference  Points: The COPACS Educational Checklist  2019/2020
Our checklist is a starting point for parents and community members who want to do more than
just review the information at the surface level when it comes to national, state and local educational concerns and political issues. 
Our members want to learn, prepare, and speak for themselves and do not want union lobbyists or politicians to make decisions for them. As members, they want to study and analyze the topics and subjects that advance and deepen educational equity and excellence in public schools for all students, not just some. 
Our members believe in the importance of  “shared spaces where knowledge is created, exchanged and used” and want to explore the issues through a wide range of in-depth school community discussions. They believe in democratic principles and their purpose or why they must actively contribute to these conversations and discussions. They, therefore, believe in the necessity of sitting at the tables where best practices and lessons learned are tied to the solutions that impact all children. Most importantly, they believe in public school systems that hold school leaders and educators accountable for student achievement. 
From this stance, they are the ones who are committed to public school effectiveness on behalf of all children. As members, they are the ones who support and promote transparency and accountability in school governance, discourse, and decision-making. They are the ones who understand the significance of showing up for public school children at school meetings and events. As stakeholders, they are the ones who believe all children deserve a world-class public education system ---  a public education system built from the blood, sweat, tears, and toil of all of those who have gone before them --- the very ones who taught them to always believe in educational excellence and equity  for all children --- without excuses. 
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