Trump & U.S. Public School Children  
Explaining Trump to Public School Children

(This is a developing story that will be updated on a regular basis.)

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by Ensuring that Parents & Community Stakeholders Understand the Importance of Voting or Affirming Their Own Voices!

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Trump, Nigeria & Haiti, and his latest racist comments and presidential lies (which capture his year as president in a nutshell proving, once again, he is incapable of telling the truth about anything , especially about  his involvement in the historical Russian election scandal. . . )
Focus on Charlottesville & U.S. Domestic Terrorism, click here to learn more.
Focus on Trump's Voters & How He is Ignoring Them. From the 50, 000 deaths that occur from the opioid crisis to their high rates of suicide and alcoholism.
Focus on Trump's Cavalier Response to Racism or the Importance of Recognizing All Americans.  
Public students should know that almost half of the U.S. eligible voters did not bother
to show up and vote for Trump  at all.  While he did win in 2016, it was only because no one thought such a vulgar, racist man could win the U.S. presidency. American citizens will do a much better job next time by remembering it is their duty to ensure that the very foundation of the U.S. remains in intact and is elevated rather than destroyed. 

It should, therefore, be a crime to remain silent about Trump. Everyone should get use to contacting their elected officials, on a regular basis, to complain about his inability to lead. .  .   

For updates on his latest comments about people of color as well as Martin Luther King's Birthday . . .click here .

Updates on Trump's racist comments --- in which Nigeria and Haiti are redefined (based on his very dark, vulgar mindset... with visible signs that the U.S. presidency has been replaced by a childlike boss platform that exists way, way below the firmament. . .)  He must remember that everyone knows  the background of many of the racist whites who ended up in this country, including his own family --- and most importantly, why (in spite of his and/or their holier than thou mindset)  ---  or why the barbaric mindset of slave owners as well as those who perpetuated the Jim Crow Laws, etc. were rejected all over the world. . . We also know that there are far too many Americans who remained silent about their fellow white Americans' barbarity  even as they claimed to be caring citizens --- a sentiment that is still demonstrated by many present-day Americans who remain silent about inequality.    

And, this, of course, produces confusion, for most Americans, who do not understand how Trump's voters could support a POTUS who is deliberately  weakening the very foundation of the United States  --- for which the U.S. public school system must stand. For Trump's voters, however, it seems to produce a quandary or a dilemma that should not exist for they are either for truth, justice, morality or Jesus or they are for Trump.  They cannot be for both or say they are for morality and then support Trump's ongoing immorality. They should not have  to hesitate either in weighing the cost or consequences of immorality unless they are having a hard time trying to figure out if it is wrong to have beliefs on par with his beliefs about immorality, vulgarity or selfishness. If so, the choice to reject Trump is a choice for them to reach higher, instead, of lower to sustain his immoral abyss, a choice to distinguish between right and wrong, a choice that does not "go along to get along" at whatever the cost ---  if it means supporting policies that, at their root, exist to harm other Americans.   

The relevancy of this statement then is as much about the POTUS as it is about the people who placed him in office so that anything that applies to him also applies to them if they fail to speak up. (Consider the German citizens who voted for Hitler and Nazism and, in the process supported "extreme racist or authoritarian views and behavior" in much the same way that Trump and the current Republicans are doing from the perspective of most people of color.) Trump's comments about Nigeria and Haiti or even Chicago are, therefore, comments that should be considered --- comments that his voters accept, too if they remain silent. (Please note: with all due respect to Chris Hayes --- any discussion about Chicago must begin with a discussion on "abject neglect" by elected officials, including the POTUS as a failure to lead and serve--- who must have the courage to field questions and then solve problems in a timely manner, etc. otherwise the focus is incomplete and blames the victims --- or turns Trump's comments into cowardice or complete ineptness. . .) If so, what type of world do they envision for all humans or what type of America do they envision for all Americans? Is America what the U.S. Constitution says it is or not? 

What is particularly perplexing about Trump's win is that the majority of his voters claim to be Christians, albeit white racist, Christian Evangelicals, etc. --- which is a contradiction in terms in many parent and community stakeholder's reflective practices. Needless to say, this marriage between Christians and racists has side effects.    The problem though with being  a white racist (or a white racist president or a white racist republican)--- and a Christian at the same time is that the racism may not trickle down to the children or grandchildren in question, which may be a positive or a negative development depending on who is experiencing or interpreting the side effects of racism --- per family. As a matter of fact, it has already been predicted that the nation will become a  majority Islamic religious nation by the year 2070, which is a relevant point to ponder (especially during Christmastide) to gauge how white racism is impacting Christianity. 

In the case of the "Don" Trump: the effect, however, should be immediate and should cause anyone to notice that the U.S. presidency has lost its authority in supporting morality, honesty and an understanding of basic human relations.  His cavalier response to the initial Russian Investigation shows that he thought it was just business as usual for him to do whatever it took to win an election.  

And yet, throughout the year he kept showing us that he does not know the difference between right and wrong. What his presidency taught us in 2017 is that  it is mandatory for every American to speak up and vote in every election to support fairness and decency, which genuine Christianity, surely, always supports --- even in the age of Trump and Moore. We also know, at the least, that it is this value system that has made this country into a super power supported by the vast majority of Americans who continue to believe in the U.S. Constitution and equality (even if the Republicans do not). . .  That we are all holding on to this premise and still expecting all of our leaders to understand this fact, on many levels, is the first sign and indication that the Republicans lack the moral guidance to grow their base and, in turn, our American Democracy --- and, as a result, need to be voted out of office.

For instance, we are, currently, the nation that uses most of the world's natural resources.   
President Obama set in motion many policies to address the environment, policies that still represent a higher vision for America (His policies also included policies for job creation and the economy that Trump is trying to take credit for without shame. . .). On the other hand, greed dominates Trump's vision for the environment or is his calling card even if it means  destroying the world,  a place where he, too must live.   Who intentionally chooses greed as their top priority while shunning gold or evidenced-based data and/or best practices --- or without acknowledging moral constraints as if he, along with his Republicans are still stuck in a two year old uncontrollable stage? 

Trump  . . . could start there in 2018 but he won't for his policies are a sign that his brand of corruption is the new normal for the United States of America (with the Republicans following suit) --- complete with an agenda that places his ineptness above humanity as a whole (as if he is the slouching beast who has escaped from his bubble to create unethical new rules for an immoral new world order). That he is tied to a Russian corruption scandal of his making, in all probability, is the only thing that makes sense about his presidency. . .). With this thought in mind, hIs platforms, currently, include turning the world against the U.S. --- forever. . . or creating policies that lead to the planet's end. Lacking reason, his gluttonous, impulsive leadership approach to world affairs then causes one to ask who is really primitive. . . even as his very own fawning, obsequious Republicans continue to stoop to bow and kiss . . . his hand.  

And, before he criticizes Haiti (or stigmatizes a whole nation, including children) he needs to get his evidenced-based figures straight on a grand scale --- but alas, he is such a lazy, inept, cruel man. If he was not so lazy, he would know that there are 10.8 million Haitians and they are not dying from AIDS by any stretch of the imagination. However, there are 67, 000 Americans dying from the opioid epidemic "each year."   In fact, this U.S. opioid epidemic is 
producing more deaths than AIDS did at its peak. This figure, of course, does not include the number of Americans who are killing themselves --- or those dying from alcoholism or accident-related deaths stemming from alcohol and drug abuse (His voters tend to make up the bulk of these figures and yet reports on these tragedies remained  sealed for far too long by Republicans), figures that are also at epidemic levels.

His inability to address any of the real problems at hand is just one more travesty of justice that his lack of leadership skills continues to cause --- among many examples. (Note. . . His tax plan is merely one of those examples, a tax plan that will only give most of  his voters a 60.00 refund. Unfortunately, this small refund has become a distraction for his voters who cannot seem to grasp the real purpose behind the tax bill or why he supports it, which is to use his presidency in the same way a robber baron of the medieval variety would use it. If this scheme works again, and again and again it will prove that he knows how to con his uninformed voters into believing anything. And, he will continue to con them or deceive them until they tell him to stop --- or until they withdraw their support of his shameless ongoing acts of using the presidency of the United States of America to support his  kleptocractic tendencies. . . Still, his petty comments about Kenya and Haiti are worth mentioning for he is teaching us who he is. In other words, he has met the threshold for evil --- at the  bottomless  pit level where we can all say his presidency operates from a daily rough beast, gutter mindset (as if his vulgar comments about women were not enough). 

2017 also gave us Charlottesville, Racism  & President Trump, including the pardoning of Arpaio who racially profiled Latinos. H is  clearly racist views on DACA  have followed him into 2018 and continue to demand a nationwide response for I do not believe white children would be treated in the same way. Moreover, he never mentions the positive contributions of the Dreamers  but chooses, instead, to focus on anything negative about immigrants in general, which is a sure sign he is a racist. In other words, he never mentions what drives immigration in the first place or why he has a responsibility to protect young immigrants, in particular. Unfortunately, he lacks a clear understanding of best practices or why U.S. immigration policies must be coherent  policies. This means he must ensure that he is not violating the U.S. Constitution or using tactics that are "“ fraught with risk of arbitrary, mistaken, or discriminatory behavior " and/or promoting crimes against humanity, which many citizens believe he is doing.   (Please contact your state representatives about DACA, click here to learn more)

So, what should school representatives tell children about President Trump and his inability to quickly denounce racism in 2017 with the events in Charlottesville and white domestic terrorists in mind? Clearly, his presidency willl always be marked by  Heather Heyer's murder, an activist who believed in social justice and equality, a young white woman who died defending these democratic freedoms. If he had denounced white supremacy or domestic terrorism sooner would two police officers, Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates still be alive?  

When he cavalierly talks about the " fine people" at the Charlottesville rally or "our beautiful confederate statues" the question is: would he say the same thing about statues and schools named after individuals who had murdered whites? Probably not. Why then is it so hard for Trump and his followers to understand that the confederates who fought for the institution of slavery were defending a barbaric culture --- a culture based on white supremacy that had already destroyed the lives of millions of African Americans? The famous (March 21, 1861)  Cornerstone speech by Stephens, the vice president of the confederacy states:

     Our "new government" is founded upon exactly the opposite idea of the US Constitution;      its foundations are laid; its corner-stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not        equal to the white man; that slavery -- subordination to the superior race -- is his natural      and normal condition. [Applause.] This, our new government, is the first, in the history of      the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

The POTUS then seems to be unaware of 1861 or the fact that his very identification with the confederate statues creates the impression that he is glorifying symbols of the confederacy (an enemy, of course, of the United States of America), a treasonous act --- at its root for the president, no less. His love of these symbols also means he cares very little about the lives lost during the civil war, and how African Americans were treated during slavery as if their lives did not matter or that the symbols continue to represent a primitive culture that legalized murder, kidnapping, forced free labor, torture, rape, and the forced breeding of human beings, including the promotion of the fancy trade that turned slave holders into the largest group of legalized sexual peddlers (pimps) of women and children the world has ever known. Against this backdrop, the POTUS must ponder, for the sake of the argument against the symbols, why it will always be necessary to acknowledge (at the same time) why African Americans have never wanted to commemorate confederate leaders who supported barbarity but who, from a historical perspective, were never convicted of any crimes. As the leader of the free world, he then needs to wonder why he, as the POTUS, is empathetic toward white supremacy but insensitive to works of iniquities caused by the inhuman institution called slavery.   

Without question, Trump has already demonstrated that he is incapable of serving all Americans for it has taken him far too long to denounce white racists -- and it is just not because he needs their votes. As the POTUS, he has set the standard dangerously low for race relations on a national and world stage and, in the process, keeps proving that he lacks the know-how to serve in a diverse, global world. On the other hand, Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe quickly told the white supremacists that "there is no place for them in America." His message is still resonating throughout America.

We still do not know if Trump believes in American ideals tied to the U.S, Constitution of the United States of America and/or if he has read it or what he knows about America (for instance he did not know that Lincoln was a Republican). Is he president in name only? Will he always be a president who cannot live up to the role? Will he always be without any actions to name, to date, that advance or even support American Democracy (Keep in mind that Trump and the Republicans omitted public hearngs and witness testimonies when it came to the tax bill that he signed and they supported.)?  

In 2017, based on his performance, it appears that the majority of Americans were without a bona fide U.S. president --- not only in theory but based on his overall actions. Will this practice continue in 2018? if so --- this is a call to vote, especially since he ignores all Americans who will not vote for him unlike previous presidents who served all Americans. For instance, he criticizes the violence in Chicago but plays extremely dumb about human rights or basic human relations, including the neglect of children (Consider CHIP, etc. ), along with the neglect of American citizens overall who experience racism, etc. as though it is not his job as the president to solve U.S. concerns. Most importantly, he has no qualms about threatening Americans who disagree with him. For example, he has intimidated witnesses in the Russian investigation through his tweets --- which means he tells lies over and over again on purpose. 

In 2017, he seemed to condone guns, sticks, chemical sprays, brass knuckles and cars as deadly weapons with the premeditated intent to harm and kill other Americans at an American rally. In 2018, will he be slow to condemn white racist behavior as unacceptable in America, overall? Will other world leaders around the world who understand how un-American the white supremacists are --- still feel compelled to do what he would not do with conviction --- and act in his place?  For instance,   Chancellor Merkel had to step up and say what he would not say in a timely manner about white supremacist terrorism. 

W ill Trump promote federal law enforcement efforts to guard against white home-grown terrorism as the majority of Americans expect him to do?  As he knows, the Nazis, Klu Klux Klan and white supremacists are not in support of the Constitution of the United States of America as Martin Luther King and his peaceful demonstrators were when they were addressing civil rights concerns. Unfortunately, the POTUS does not seem to be able to distinguish between American and un-American ideals or his own self-identifying white nationalist tendencies from  un-American blatant abject racism and what it entails (an observation that again applies to Posobiec and Groka as well.)  For instance, he tweeted recently about black crime but has not tweeted (yet) about  white supremacist terrorism or  white on white crime,  (which is higher than black on black crime), an omission that shows he lacks depth and/or a sense of morality when addressing these subjects.  

In 2017, Trump, instead, fed his followers' lies and intentionally stirred up a type of mob mentality --- while trying to blame people of color for the nation's problems. He also uses Duke, and the ilk he represents on a regular basis. Trump knows ---  even if they do not know --- that they have been ignored since Reconstruction, etc. or have been rendered invisible to rich whites --- such as Trump, etc. who count on their racism, ignorance or misplaced anger toward people of color to distract them from people like him, etc.  

Clearly, Trump has done nothing for these white racists for they are still jobless and will remain jobless until he creates training programs for them or, perhaps, a CEDA type program that would address their employment needs. He has done nothing to address the opioid crisis (for white women are still dying at double the rate of white men), a crisis that he is simply ignoring by telling his voters to just “say no” to drugs, alcoholism and suicide --- inspite of Connelly's efforts. (Note: white teenage girls are killing themselves at record rates as well). (Clearly, Martin Luther King and President Obama --- or even LBJ  have done more to address the actual condition of poor whites than Trump who remains silent on real solutions other than those that are meant to divide the nation.) This strategic direction also applies to  SessionsBannon, Gorka, Kelly, etc., who he uses to also feed his racist image, which, in turn, feeds his racist voters who will follow him no matter what he does (as he likes to brag about without any morality basis necessary) as a way to support a racist mob mentality at whatever the cost. 
What Charlottesville revealed about Trump in 2017 is that he does not understand  American ideals or values. His inability to denounce racist groups by name, in a timely manner or with a sense of urgency proves that he remains insensitive to home grown white domestic terrorism or acts that caused the devastating death of a young woman as well as two police officers. As a result, he has pardoned Arpaio for racially profilling Latinos but we are still waiting for him to convincingly denounce white racist or white supremacist support. He still defends symbols of the confederacy or  "718 monuments and statutes, 109 public schools, 80 counties and cities, and 10 U.S. military bases that are named on behalf of Lee, Jefferson, Davis, and other Confederate icons." C hurch congregations have also finally made the discovery that it is a contradiction in terms to support Christianity and evil at the same time.   Trump, however, cannot grasp why crimes against humanity should not be celebrated. In fact, his own defense of white supremacy and symbols of the Confederacy shows he is against the United States of America and would rather lead a Confederacy. 

His hard-core racist and  misogynist statements against women, Mexicans, African Americans, the Disabled, Muslims, and his acceptance of confederate --- treasonous --- symbols, etc. are complaints against him that are only growing in number --- a long list that has made him one of the worst American presidents the world has ever known in a relatively short period of time.

In other words, if "facts are to be submitted to a candid world," will he ever represent America? Will he ever make a point of  understanding the U.S. Constitution,  a must-do requirement for the job of the presidency? Clearly, his decisions seem to be based on the notion that all whites believe in white supremacy and social exclusion --- when it comes to people of color. This error is a lesson learned for Trump and his family who have remained in white racist bubbles. They instead have learned with Trump's presidency that most Americans do believe in equality no matter what their race is and have no intention of losing their souls to support Trump.

To prove this point, Trump had historically low approval ratings in 2017 based on his leadership strategies, presidential lies and racist views. Most importantly, he has not increased his base or won over any new voters even with his new tax bill that most people see as a huge failure of his administration, (along with the Republicans) rather than a win (no matter what the press says). In fact, if most Americans think it is a failure it is a failure. 

In 2017, having lived in a bubble surrounded by people who have never challenged him, will he continue along this same path and bargain wrong about spreading white racism throughout the world? Will he continue to underestimate how his treatment of people of color is impacting his presidency worldwide? Given the fact that he is currently known as an incompetent president on many levels and in many categories throughout the world his racist reputation has only spread and is still growing with citizens around the world sharing the majority of Americans' views of the POTUS. 

Without any visible implemented solutions that impact their quality of life in the U.S. or anywhere will only cause his racist political motives to remain on display. The evil quality of his policies remain astonishing, if not questionable and extend to ending health-related funding such as trying to end  AIDS funding, etc.   How Trump responds to the needs of American citizens will haunt his presidency and increase his unpopularity if he does have clear human rights policies. 

His belief in human rights, of course, originated from a myth from the start, a myth that most whites would support him in marginalizing people of color, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, etc. or his fradulent view of America. He learned in 2017 that Americans overall know that their humanity transcends their skin colors and that humanity is represented in diversity, a fact that has already made America great, now --- based on American values and beliefs. James Baldwin explained this fact best in  Stranger in the Village:

     The time has come to realize that the interracial drama acted out on the American continent has not only             created a new black man, it has created a new white man, too. No road whatever will lead Americans back to       the simplicity of this European village where white men still have the luxury of looking on me as a stranger. I       am not, really, a stranger any longer for any American alive. One of the things that distinguishes Americans         from other people is that no other people has ever been so deeply involved in the lives of black men, and             vice versa. This fact faced, with all its implications, it can be seen that the history of the American Negro               problem is not merely shameful, it is also something of an achievement. For even when the worst has been         said, it must also be added that the perpetual challenge posed by this problem was always, somehow,                 perpetually met. It is precisely this black-white experience which may prove of indispensable value to us in           the world we face today. This world is white no longer, and it will never be white again.

In 2017, Trump tried to undo all of the progress that the Obama Admistration made as if he, as the POTUS, was a jealous teenager  --- so returning to time in history when morality was ignored on so many different levels (with  clear-cut examples  here   here and here from  the president) will take some explaining when it comes to children. Ostensibly, most Americans have moved beyond the time when whites were afraid of level playing fields or needed to discriminate against people of color to attain their goals. Most of us, therefore, see no reason to give up on this nation or to think that it will ever return to a time when its ideals were not upheld ---- or when as a nation, its leaders overlooked the need to humanize America's history by ignoring its mistakes (Consider the end of Slavery or the Jim Crow eras, etc.). . .  

So, we. . . (just like so many other Americans in the past such as MLK, etc.) --- still believe, (sometimes in spite of appearances, or obstructionism in all its forms) that we can (Obama) (" hold its truths to be self-evident , that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." American children, of course, have been taught the meaning of these words but what do we tell them when the president says and does things that are not representative of America?

We must tell them that, as Americans, we will always believe in the United States of America 
in spite of Trump who, (unlike President Obama), continues to distort America's greatness by trying to be an authoritative leader or even racial and religious divisions among Americans. We must tell them that as the protests increase and grow around the nation and world --- these protests are, without question, a sign --- that the center is holding or democracy and equality are still supported --- in spite of racists or the misguided nature of Trump and other white conservatives --- who lack the leadership abilities to understand what it means to lead in a global world.  Clearly, they alone (even as their followers desert them) have chosen to overlook, on the most basic level ever, whether they like it or not, the fact that they are, of course, sharing the planet with other human beings who have every human right to expect the best treatment from their leaders --- a concept even children understand.

in 2018, we must, therefore, tell children that the adults in their lives will continue to transcend or go beyond Trump's one dimensional, conceptual range and/or his limited decision-making experience by  "supporting" the nation's highest ideals even if the people with the 12 pennies do not (This number is now hovering around 8 pennies based on voter's remorse. . .). When children hear about the POTUS or the insensitive ways in which he seeks to divide Americans they must, instead, remember that true Americans "will always believe" in America's values, in word and deed. True Americans will not support hate or treasonous ideals and/or any symbols and expressions of the confederacy. In this light, they, too must remember who they are as American citizens. . . This task begins by simply remaining focused on what America truly represents or how it became a world leader in the first place and when they do they will not have any reason to be afraid at all. 

In 2018, they must still keep in mind that the majority of Americans, based on the popular vote, will continue to reject Trump's ideas or his world views if they are not based on the Constitution of the United States of America. In other words, the vast majority of American people  do believe in everyone's fundamental rights (the Bill of Rights). They do want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally, which are " all ideas" emphasized and supported by the Declaration of Independence (Remember: t he Declaration of Independence was the promise; the Constitution was the fulfillment) and remains the supreme law of the U.S.   In recognition of this purpose then --- and --- with all due respect to President Trump --all children, everywhere, no matter who they are must learn and believe this basic truth:   "The Constitution begins and ends with: We the People."