What Are Some of the Benefits of Joining COPACS?

Everybody knows that the U.S.  public education system has overlooked or simply ignored a wide range of
educational issues  and concerns (throughout  the nation)for years. This unintentional failure to notice --- or to question why the U.S. has become less competitive on a global scale for all students --- in spite of the passage of ESEA 1965 is a matter of public neglect.  Unfortunately, many Americans, even highly educated Americans, have never heard of ESEA 1965, let alone ESSA.  This fact, in and of itself, shows that our nation views the U.S. public educational system as a low  priority area in which the educational needs of children can be, without much fanfare, underserved. The only way to change this fact is for the public to get involved by joining or collaborating with other interested individuals (i.e., friends, families, faith-based or social groups, etc. in their own communities) who want to know what their state, district and/or local public education system is doing to support the best life chances  for all children, not just some. This purpose then, at its root, supports public stakeholders  in becoming the  ones who promote school effectiveness as
"the" high priority goal of the U.S. public school system."

By Joining COPACS. . .

  • You will learn about ESEA 1965 and its many reauthorizations, including ESSA --- supported by supplemental guides that are only available to members. 
  • You will explore and learn about a wide range of educational topics that impact positive student outcomes --- supported by supplemental guides for discussion groups that are only available to members.
  • You will gain access to up-to-date information focusing on the latest educational issues and political concerns --- including if or how states, districts and schools across the nation are addressing these critical concerns. 
  • You will gain access to research based syntheses, PowerPoint presentations, webinars ---and conference call options  focusing on critical issues, etc.
  • You will learn about the individuals as well as educational and research organizations that have supported school effectiveness or best practices and lessons learned tied to student achievement.
  • You will gain access to studies that support stakeholder engagement  in public and private school systems, etc. based on gold and/or evidence-based research.
  • You will learn how to support and promote transparency and acountability in school governance, discourse and decision-making tied to student achievement. 
  • You will gain access to an up-to-date calendar of workshops and conferences that focus on parent and community stakeholder events, etc.

Membership Fees & Making Donations
Starting November 1, 2017, the membership fee is 25.00 for individual or network memberships. 

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