Donations & Dues

Donations & Dues

Donations & Dues

Promote Transparency & Accountability in Public Schools!
Schools are as segregated as ever and test scores remain low across the nation.
The U.S. public school system is no longer as competitive as other developed nations.
Yet, most American citizens have never heard about ESEA/ESSA.
They do not understand why the public school system is failing children.
Join COPACS and remain up-to-date on the issues
impacting the lives of U.S. students. 
Let children know  that they have not been left alone to
address public school concerns on their own.

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Note: Membership dues are 5.00 dollars.

Call (202) 534-1754 for more information.  

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Only members may make donations to COPACS, Inc, a 501 C 3 nonprofit corporation.
All membership registration information or donations will remain private and will not be 
published. ​By making a donation and/or paying your membership dues,  you are becoming a member of a community of stakeholders that is advancing COPACS' mission and purpose
To this end, your montetary contributions support and promote transparency and accountability in public school governance, discourse and decision-making tied to student achievement.  This goal supports constant attention to equity and excellence concerns in the U.S. public school system,  a necessity if all children are to have access to the life chances that allow them to reach their full potential.  
Again, thank you for all of your voluntary and/or monetary contributions. Your donation is tax deductible. (Note: please consult your tax advisor for information about

your specific details.)
Membership & Chapter Registration Information

(1) Review the membership options:
Active Individual Membership:
Active Individual membership in a chapter is open to persons who are parents of children in local school systems or community stakeholders who wish to promote and participate in the goals and objectives of COPACS. Active members enjoy all rights and privileges accorded to any member of COPACS.  Active members are eligible to vote in all elections of their local chapters; hold local chapter offices;  serve on the local board of directors; serve as chair or member of any local committee; nominate candidates for national office and awards; and to attend all functions of COPACS nationally and locally.

Annual dues are 5.00 dollars.  

Network Membership:  
Network membership is open to anyone who does not live in a city with a COPACS chapter. Network members may elect to affiliate with any COPACS local chapter and are entitled to all rights and privileges accorded to active local chapter members and to any additional benefits extended by that chapter to its members.

Annual dues are 5.00 dollars. 

Sustaining Membership:  
Sustaining membership is a national membership open to firms, corporations or organizations that support the goals and activities of  COPACS. Representatives of sustaining members are eligible to attend all functions of COPACS. Sustaining members receive one-year complimentary membership in their local chapter. Sustaining membership applications must provide the name of their organization, address, and chapter affiliation, which shall be sent to the COPACS' treasurer at the address posted on our website.

Annual dues are 100.00 dollars.  

Local Sponsoring Membership:
Local Sponsoring membership is available to any individual, local organization, or agency that desires to make an additional annual contribution to a local chapter. Local Sponsoring members have the full rights and privileges of active members. The sponsoring membership may not supplant sustaining membership in the Corporation.  

Annual dues are 50.00 dollars.

Legacy Memberships:
Legacy memberships are available to anyone who supports the COPACS mission and vision and/or wants to be recognized and remembered  for promoting transparency and accountablity in public school governace, discourse and decision-making tied  to student achievment.  

The minimum for one-time legacy dues
is  500.00 dollars.

Life Memberships:
Life memberships are available to anyone who supports the COPACS mission and vision and/or who wants to  support  transparency and accountablity in public school governace, discourse and decision-making tied to student achievement throughout their lifetime.  Life members may hold office, vote, or serve on the chapter board of directors. They are also eligible to attend all functions of the chapter or the Corporation.  

The minimum for one-time life  membership dues
is  5.000 dollars.