Should You Become a COPACS Member?
On Becoming a COPACS Member In 5 Easy Steps 

Before you fill out the registration form:
Membership Requirements:  

(1)    Please make sure  that you understand COPACS' purpose and  goals.    As you know,          the missing  link in public school systems throughout the nation  continues to be the          public. According to research-based  studies , it is the public  who must make                          demands on states, districts and  schools if the U.S. public school system is to                        improve. It is,  therefore, important that your voice is heard and  your mere                              presence is acknowledged  at  educational meetings focusing on student                                  achievement  in public schools.  
         In this light, COPACS  operates with the specific goal of strengthening the capacity            of  parents and  community stakeholders  in acting on behalf of public school 
         children and/or in  supporting  public school effectiveness.  While members  may                  decide that  all  they want to do is to stay up-to-date on the foundational issues                    impacting the  lives  of children and to make  occasional phone calls to their elected            officials, it is their  decision or choice to make --- or to  serve in the best way possible          based on their own value  system.  Public  school  students will still know that these            members support  public  school effectiveness.  
         But members can also let  public school students know that they are not left to
         deal with school based concerns on their own but that the adults in their lives are                showing up  at board meetings, hearings or town hall meetings, etc. to  ask                               questions and to  contribute to public school discussions that  focus on results
         and/or real solutions.  Moreover,  they can support a high quality public school                      education for all  students  by  ensuring that research-based policies and practices              are  actually being  implemented in public  school systems.  This is not a given. 
         In other words, this is not about remaining silent and supporting special interest                  groups  or Democrats vs. Republicans, it is about  supporting student  achievement.          It is about understanding the difference between right and wrong. . . at the                              foundational level.  COPACS starts  there --- as the majority of the public would want            any parent/community group to  do. Unfortunately, many groups are dominated by            special interest  groups who still do not understand the urgency of serving all public            school children.  In fact, their record in addressing the achievement gap spans                        decades and speaks for itself. 
         In contrast, COPACS provides a discussion space to back up its claims with  real                    research rather than off the cuff  goals and directives at the expense of public school            students. For more  information about becoming a member , you may reach us by                email at or by phone at 202-534-1754.

(2)   Complete and answer all of the questions on the online membership registration                   form  (Note: Individuals must  become  registered members before they can start                    and/or  join a  chapter.). 

(3)  Talk to other parents and community members to see if they want to start a chapter.  

(4) Determine if  your chapter will have active members or members who will simply                 support  the  ideas of COPACS' mission and purpose. Keep in mind that your chapter         website should reflect your  school community as a unified group that  supports                   transparency and accountability in school governance (including  federal, state and             local goals and how or if they are being implemented) aligned with student                               achievement at the foundational level. This focus underscores transparency and                   accountability tied to elected officials, state legislatures and school boards as well or           anyone who impacts the educational life chances of children.  

(5)   Review the registration form and info about dues, by clicking here
Start here: 

(1) Please review the " Getting Started Guide" as well as the membership options (listed on this page) or what members should support before they join. 
Membership Options:
Active Individual Membership
Active Individual membership in a chapter is open to persons who are parents of children in local school systems or community stakeholders who wish to promote and participate in the goals and objectives of COPACS. Active members enjoy all rights and privileges accorded to any member of COPACS.  Active members are eligible to vote in all elections of their local chapters; hold local chapter offices;  serve on the local board of directors; serve as chair or member of any local committee; nominate candidates for national office and awards; and to attend all functions of COPACS nationally and locally. Annual dues are 15.00 dollars.

Network Membership
Network membership is open to anyone who does not live in a city with a COPACS chapter. Network members may elect to affiliate with any COPACS local chapter and are entitled to all rights and privileges accorded to active local chapter members and to any additional benefits extended by that chapter to its members. Annual dues are 15.00 dollars.

Sustaining Membership
Sustaining membership is a national membership open to firms, corporations or organizations that support the goals and activities of  COPACS. Representatives of sustaining members are eligible to attend all functions of COPACS. Sustaining members receive one-year complimentary membership in their local chapter. Sustaining membership applications must provide the name of their organization, address, and chapter affiliation, which shall be sent to the COPACS' treasurer at the address posted on our website. Annual
dues are 100.00 dollars. 

Local Sponsoring Membership
Local Sponsoring membership is available to any individual, local organization, or agency that desires to make an iadditional annual contribution to the chapter. Local Sponsoring members have the full rights and privileges of active members. The sponsoring membership may not supplant sustaining membership in the Corporation.  Annual dues are 50.00 dollars.
Legacy Memberships
Legacy memberships are available to anyone who supports the COPACS mission and vision and/or wants to be recognized and remembered  for promoting transparency and accountablity in public school governace, discourse and decision-making tied  to student achievment.  The minimum for one-time legacy dues is 500.00 dollars.

Life Memberships

Life memberships are available to anyone who supports the COPACS mission and vision and/or 
who wants to  support  transparency and accountablity in public school governace, discourse and decision-making tied to student achievement throughout their lifetime.  Life members may hold office, vote, or serve on the chapter board of directors. They are also eligible to attend all functions of the chapter or the Corporation.  The minimum for one-time life  membership dues is  5.000 dollars.

(2) Please click
here for membership information and click here to review our chapter requirements.

(3) Please click here to complete our  registration form

(4) For information about dues, click here

(5) For "Getting Starting" Membership information, click here

 Members of locally managed chapters are nationally governed by members who serve as Corporate Directors and Officers. Local chapters are chartered by COPACS and organized to engage in activities that support its  goals, objectives and activities . Chapter members have the same rights and obligations as every other active member of each local chapter.

There is also a designated body that acts in good faith, care and loyalty (refer to  
District of Columbia Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law, Title 29/Chapter 4 for educational and charitable purposes) in serving the mission of COPACS, Inc.
If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at: 202-534-1754.