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Have you contacted your elected officials about CHIP, the Children's Health Insurance Program for low income children?  The leadership priorities of elected officials are on full display by how or in the ways that they are dragging their feet on CHIP --- thereby proving how                       oppressed children really are since they cannot vote.  Please                      contact  your  elected officials about this urgent concern.   
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Have you contacted your elected officials about the upcoming gun law vote?  Click here  (Sandy Hook's Promise) and here (Giffords Courage)
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Have You Contacted Your Elected Officials About the Tax Bill? If not, click here or click here here, here , here ,   here,  here, here   here , here ,   here,
 and   here   to learn what other organizatons are doing across the nation to oppose this bill. 

5 3% of white women voted for Trump, a known misogynist and, to many,   racist . What should parents do when their children say their teachers promote  the  POTUS and his biased if not racist ideas ? Clearly, Trump's policy preferences, etc . have made him into the least popular POTUS in history (for reasons that require mandatory teachable moments for children). This fact alone means that the majority of  Americans do not see him as the chief U.S. standard bearer or role model for children. Michelle Obama's words of wisdom, therefore, still stand: when (he) "they go low we go high" --- a necessary first step that should be easy to determine --- even if it requires all voters to  call and tell their elected politicians to: " hold the line " on behalf of  (anything and everything representing)  fairness and decency.
(Note " Clinton carried white, college-educated women: but just barely: 51% to 45% --- and ​ 34% of white women without a college degree."

which include those that address unfair disciplinary practices against ---let's  say a five year old... 

Them for College. . . Click here for more info.

 States are setting their college ready standards
too low... Learn more here and  here. Also read
why only 3 states expect their 8th graders to be
on a college ready path... by clicking  here.

To read: How States Are "Getting Honest" About How Few Kids Are On Track For College,
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Are parents being misled about test results? 
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 Eye opening stats about high school and
college dropouts... & The Mind the Gap Study

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As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear
Diplomas Come Up Short

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​​For updates on the Connecticut school funding case, (also refer to our page on  school finance systems) 
click here or here. Please take the time to read this case in its entirety, especially since it is  being appealed by the state of Connecticut.   Judge Moukawsher's  ruling states: " Connecticut is defaulting on its constitutional duty to fairly educate its poorest children."  (For example, during the budget crisis, school leaders, essentially, robbed
millions of dollars from poor schools and gave the funds to rich schools. . .) Overall, he ordered the state to come up with a new funding formula,  devise clear standards for both the elementary and high school levels, --- including developing a graduation test --- overhaul its system of evaluating teachers, principals & superintendents and change the irrational way the state funds special education services."​​
Bill and Melinda Gates
on the political debate over the
Common Core standards

When School Leaders Botch Accountability
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 Every Student Succeeds Act 
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officially released version, click here.   Click  here to view
President Obama signing the Every Student Succeeds Act.