On Starting A COPACS Chapter
5 Easy Steps & Requirements for all Local Chapters 

How to Start a COPACS Chapter:
  1. Chapter Requirements:
  • (1) Recruit 5 parents and community stakeholders (with at least 2 parents and 2                community stakeholders);
  • (2) Complete the online chapter  registration form (Note: Individuals must become              registered members before they can join a chapter.); 
  • (3) Parents and community stakeholders may also request the application at                      chaptersupport@copacs.org or by phone at  202-534-1754;
  • (4) Submit the application online; 
  • (5) Build your chapter and chapter website  by disseminating the COPACS flier. . .               Click here to learn more.

 ​​Members of locally managed chapters are nationally governed by members who serve as Corporate Directors and Officers. Local chapters are chartered by COPACS and organized to engage in activities that support its goals, purpose and objectives Chapter members have the same rights and obligations as every other active member of each local chapter.

There is also a designated body that acts in good faith, care and loyalty (refer to  
District of Columbia Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law, Title 29/Chapter 4 for educational and charitable purposes) in serving the mission of COPACS, Inc.
If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact us by email at chaptersupport@copacs.org or by phone at: 202-534-1754.  For donations, click here