Republican Gang Rule & 
the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing
​Part II​​
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The question still remains: Can Americans actually claim national ownership of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing or is the hearing a sham? It seems to me that once again the Republicans are proving that they have no respect for the U.S. Constitution and/or the rule of law.

When Christine Ford came forward to say that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her and the Republicans decided not to ask the FBI to conduct an investigation into her allegations, they were admitting that they, too doubt Kavanaugh's recollection of his own past. In this light, it now comes down to determining whose character can provide insights into what happened. Who is capable of telling the truth and who is not? Whose actions are morally sound and whose actions show that they can be easily swayed into acting in immoral ways?  Mitch McConnell, as a white biased man, is not the one to make this call. His  own character has already been called into question by his own statements when he says that the Republicans should plow through the process without honoring the true purpose of the hearing or the judiciary committee. This means he has already come to a conclusion about Kavanaugh without recognizing that Americans (including Republican voters) want a fair process, not a ceremonial one.  

Americans already know that Kavanaugh's past actions continue to speak louder than his words . . . or current amnesia. . . Many women (Ford & Ramirez. . . and possibly t argeted women who Kavanaugh and Judge gave  drugs and alcohol to in order “to allow a ‘train’ of men to subsequently gang rape them are included. . . Note: in the case of Ramirez other  Yale students remembered students talking about  the incident of Kavanaugh pulling his pants down and putting his penis in her face. . .) have stepped forward to identify Kavanaugh as the person who sexually assaulted them. It seems apparent that the Republicans are trying to close ranks on a type of criminality built on their domination/subordination gang rule --- with no shame. This type of " degradation of the system " cannot be hidden from view for their incompetence keeps showing up over and over again.

Given these facts, Mitch McConnell has taken to center stage to name call or to enforce an undermining of American democratic principles by forgeting what nation he represents, an ongoing tendency of his --- as the leader of a Republican gang who routinely acts in this way when they do not get their way. Since they are gang members they do not like their culture challenged or questioned (a culture from which Kavanaugh has emerged from high school onward in spite of his need to play  goodie two shoes, a troubling performance showing that he does not mind twisting the truth. . . Will he do the same on behalf of the POTUS, a con man and liar on a grand scale who demands allegiance from everyone, a man who is a known sexual abuser if not a rapist as deemed in court papers by his first wife who most decent people would not want to support, etc.? Will Kavanaugh tell the world why he felt compelled to hang around Mark Judge, a man who says that certain women deserve to be sexually assaulted in so many words? Will he explain why his roommate says Kavanaugh routinely got drunk and was capable of doing what Ramirez said he did? Will Kavanaugh volunteer to take a lie detector test?). In fact, McConnell considers questions about his decision-making abilities a challenge (?) as well as an insult to his intelligence as a leader of a gang as if everyone must pretend that the Republicans are what they are not (even as they give their own supporters crumbs and/or when their ongoing incompetence can be identified all across the land). As gang members, overall they think they are the only ones who can define the issues, including Kavanaugh's suitability for the position  --- their impartial, democratic oversight duties be damned. If anyone disagrees with them they consider the very act a smear campaign (consider Mitch McConnell's tandrum when the Democrats, merely, asked him for an FBI investigation) against their overall gang. They are, particularly, insulted when Americans do not fall for their tricks or distractions.

Clearly, Americans are watching McConnell and his gang's every step as they game the system by misnaming their own actions --- which are corrupt at their very roots. It is not a secret that Mitch McConnell and his gang become profoundly disappointed when the world does not share their world view, which goes something like this: white Republican men can do no wrong  --- no matter what they do --- as if their mannerisms on the surface should be taken at face value or cannot disclose criminality at a deeper level. In their world, Americans must take direction from corrupt, so-called leaders to fit in to this social order to become the lucky ones (?) and never challenge their  gang tendencies even as they close ranks around their own proven incompetence on purpose. 

And, yet Senator Hatch says Christine Ford is "mixed up." Trying to silence Ford and Ramirez or all of the women Kavanaugh wants to remain invisible is not the solution but it is the telltale sign that Hatch and his cronies are willing to lie once again to allow their record of failures to prevail. But, they should not expect or count on Americans to collude with them in corrupting the system. First of all, it would show that the Republicans and Kavanaugh want Americans to think that he is above the law, which means he is not suitable for the job.  But even worst than that it shows that the Republicans or willing to cover up what he has done to women, etc.

This is not the first time that Hatch and the Republicans have used their power to render a woman powerless. . . but this time they are ignoring the American public: the Amercan people do not want Bret Kavanaugh to serve as a supreme court judge. If Kavanaugh was brave enough he would know there are no  preordained dominate/subordinate  roles for women to take on in a community of equals. . . to save him or excuse  him from failing to uphold the standards set for the role of a supreme court judge (from hacking emails to recognizing that the voices of women are just as important as his voice.). He should know that voice and agency are always a part of  a community of equals with women being a part of the equation to ensure that the process is legitimate (with an investigation taking place before the fact  based on a good faith, principled effort) --- or with all parties being taken seriously. He (and the Republicans) should know that women are allowed to speak and  claim their own narratives without someone else discounting or reinterpreting their own  experiences for them. (Consider the case of Clarence Thomas. . .  There were other women  who wanted to testify against Clarence Thomas but some of these same senators would not allow them to do so. . .  As a result, these same senators came to a conclusion without a proper context in mind about the Clarence Thomas nomination --- before Anita Hill even testified.) But that was then or before the Me, Too Movement. He should, therefore, withdraw his name as a nominee if he is afraid of an investigation that includes FBI questioning of his friend, Mark Judge, etc. or if he lacks character or has, indeed, assaulted women. . . .  

In other words, things have changed. The Republicans, this time, will not find it as easy to close ranks around an unfair process that will erode the U.S. Constitution's system of checks and balances. If they do, everyone will know that they traded away their "advice and consent" duties for  clientelism(at best) ----  or Kleptocracy. . (As it stands, the current Republican supreme court judges are serving as bona fide kleptocrats   --- and are fooling no one about who they are or what they serve.)  Moreover, without an investigation, the hearing will go down as a Republican historical sham  --- or a poor theatrical production with weak performances by an all white cast of older "set in their ways" senators all serving in the starring roles --- playing themselves. 

They still. . . however,  have an opportunity to act as if they are Americans serving as   elected officials who believe in fairness and thoroughness. They still have the opportunity to ensure that Christine Ford is afforded the right to be a "part of a legitimate social order" where everyone understands the difference between right and wrong   --- morality and immorality    --- and/or, at the least, recognizes the need to "do unto others as they would have them do unto them"  . . . a belief representative of true American norms.

This standard must be upheld for Trump and the Republicans have a history of ignoring sexual abuse complaints by women.  Kavanaugh and his supporters (the POTUS, the Republicans, the 65 women who support him and the woman in the Kavanaugh commercial all of whom say Kavanaugh is a very fine person) --- may all believe that if leaders grab the private parts of women or attempt to rape and murder someone that these acts will be taken lightly but come November they will learn that they do not speak for the majority of Americans.   Americans, who recognize the humanity of women, will vote against them in record numbers knowing that   these acts are crimes. After all “ If political relations are to lose all resemblance to slavery (any form of slavery), free women and men must willingly agree to 
uphold the social conditions of their autonomy.”  For more information, click here for Part I