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Idea of the Month:
To further support & promote a -- Culture of Inquiry -- try developing a "Question Post'it Board" for future reference and/or use during decision-making activities.

​(Note: Children can benefit from one as well.)
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Every Student  Succeeds Act? 
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Does Money Matter in Education?
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 Did you know that under the Every Student Succeeds Act federal mandates for teacher evaluations will end? Learn why teacher evaluations will remain important, by clicking here . By ending this federal mandate are conservative politicians deliberately   overlooking equity concerns or the interests of children  in favor of the priorities of special interest groups such as the teachers' unions & the Tea Party  when it comes to ESSA? To l earn more about teachers and state policies (and/or priorities)  click here. . .  Also, learn why thinks tenure should be earned rather than given by clicking
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The "Statewide Family Engagement In Education" provisions can be found on page 580 or in
Part E, Section 4501.  Collaborate with other organizations to apply for this grant  or apply for it on your own. 
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What You Should Know About ESSA
President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act  ESSAHere is the official version of ESSA . To read the framework summary, click here . With ESSA, you will  need to know the names and numbers of your  state educational and/or  political  representatives in order to join the discussions  on  ESSA state accountability plans,  and  teacher evaluation systems  (emphasizing  teacher quality ).  You will need to know about school funding formulas    (and whether or not past inequities will exist under ESSA)  as well as the state flexibility provisions -- and how they will be tied to student achievement . This planning process should include parent and community stakeholder voice and input -- from start to finish. 
If you have a question or comment that you would like to add to our misicellaneous question board, please send your question or comment here:

COPACS is a collaborative of parents and community stakeholders (across races/ethnicities, gender, geographical regions, socioeconomic status and age groups) that was organized to support public school effectiveness.
This mission-driven goal moves beyond the “one size fits all” traditional school-based approach to parent engagement.  Instead, COPACS supports
parents as well as community stakeholders in gaining access to the latest research-based findings, best practices, lessons learned and/or the best possible solutions tied to positive student outcomes. 

To meet this need and/or to  further deepen parent and community stakeholder involvement in public schools, COPACS offers its members a wide range of programming ---  from capacity development opportunities aligned with research-based practices --- to "shared democratic spaces for knowledge creation, exchange and use." 

At its root, COPACS' purpose then underscores the importance of a culture of inquiry that guarantees  transparency and accountability in public school governance, discourse and decision-making connected to student achievement. 
To learn more about COPACS, please click here.
Joining  COPACS