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Republican Gang Rule & 
the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing

Can Americans actually claim national ownership of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing or is the hearing a sham? It seems to me that once again the Republicans are proving that they have no decency and respect for the U.S. Constitution.

This time. . .  Americans are learning that the Republicans are withholding information from the Democrats about Kavanaugh, the supreme court nominee, an unprecedented move by the Republicans, an act so profound that Americans should call their elected officials and tell them to stop the "hearing" until the Republicans disseminate the documents and stop covering up information about Kavanaugh. At one point, a senator from North Carolina said if everyone else turns over their emails he should turn over his emails. (Now, what sense does that make if Kavanaugh is the only one running for a lifetime supreme court seat?) All of them need to explain to the American people what the heck is going on. In other words, they do need to rush this process until all Americans know if the Republicans are following the rule of law. 

Mr. Kavanaugh could make this request himself but, to date, he has not, which speaks volumes about his character. His other option is to simply answer the key questions Americans want to know about, but he is playing games and is turning the confirmation hearing into a stain against this judiciary process, which will become a travesty of justice --- if he becomes a supreme court judge. ( Many are saying he will be impeached for lying if the Republicans confirm his nomination.If he was capable of telling the truth, he would have answered the questions he was asked --- without hesitation. 

If he had answered the questions, Americans would already know if he supports racial profiling and  racial spoils (a term used by white supremacists). More to the point, Americans would know more about his use of certain terms if he explained what he means when he uses them, for example, the term "one race" so Americans would not have to wonder about the ramifications of the concept in a racist world without remedies, which he did not address ---  and Roberts court is presently failing miserably at understanding.  Will he remain a "voice for the wealthy and the powerful? Will he continue to rule against civil rights, workers’ rights, consumer rights, and women’s rights? Will he suppress minority voting rights, etc.? 

These are important questions that he has refused to answer directly or clearly or    --- never really answered at all by avoiding the questions all together --- key questions of concern connected to his record based on his views. If he had answered the questions, Americans would understand whether or not he considers Roe v. Wade, indeed, settled --- without changing his answer. If he would simply cooperate (or stop pretending that he does not understand the questions), Americans would know whether or not he will ever readily admit that he received the  stolen emails that ended up in his inbox  (which will give Americans some idea of his relationship with the truth, which is in short supply with the current POTUS in office) etc. or where he stands on the Affordable Care Act, Climate Change or Citizen's United, etc. and if he will join with Roberts in maintaining a corrupt supreme court and/or working against the U.S. Constitution. If he respected the hearing process, Americans would know already how he will vote on gun rights or if he intends to expand gun rights ---especially since  "the NRA paid good money for his nomination as a way to ensure that their goals are met."

All of these questions that the Republicans are trying to suppress represent their own cowardice if not their inability to support a fair and moral hearing process with all Americans in mind. . .  It does not help matters at all that their own political history consists of an "out of sight, out of mind" record that allows certain Americans to be forgotten. Their own record shows that they mislabel individuals as Communists or Socialists when certain individuals speak on behalf of vulnerable groups as Americans who support U.S. Democracy. Given these facts, Americans must not underestimate this current supreme court nomination. It is a nomination that will impact the lives of everyone, click here to learn why. It should not be a nomination consisting of a sham hearing with Republicans guaranteeing Kavanaugh a supreme court seat before the fact. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that the last time Americans were this divided or passionate about a supreme court nominee was in  1987. Go figure.

And so. . . to date, on " Day Two," the Republicans still do not think that the rules apply to them. Their actions or inactions still include ignoring democratic principles. They are still preventing Americans from "trusting" the hearing process due to Senator Grassley's unwillingness to ensure that the Democrats have " sufficient access to the documents that the process demands  for decision-making purposes. The Democrats still need to review these documents in order to form the specific, relevant questions that they need to ask on behalf of Americans. Their questions will, in turn, help the American public to determine if  Kavanaugh is fit for the Supreme Court bench ." This process, however, depends on transparency and accountability principles, and should not be rushed --- if the hearing is to have any type of legitimacy. 

While Secretary Condoleezza Rice (a respected American leader) praises  Kavanaugh's record and intellect, a law degree from Yale, clearly, does not guarantee that he will be loyal to the U.S. Constitution. Based on his record, however, it does probably prove that Kavanaugh will "reaffirm and build on the Citizens United decision if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court. . .  Based on his record, it does prove that  he will dismantle campaign finance laws that restrict the ability of people and groups to spend money to influence elections."  Based on his record, it probably does mean that Kavanaugh will serve at the president's beckon call  --- or that he will, more than likely, be susceptible to corruption under Chief Justice John Roberts. For more information on this point, she should click here, scroll to 3:01:15 and explain to the American people what she knows that the American people do not know about legitimate, constitutional, confirmation hearing processes since,  as it stands, the Kavanaugh hearing is "t he most incomplete, most partisan, least transparent process," according to anyone watching it or experiencing it, according to Senator Leahy." 

Yet, "against this backdrop of a POTUS who is being investigated for collusion with Russia for interference in a presidential election," the Republicans are asking the American public to support Trump's choice for the supreme court, a nominee he will certainly demand loyalty from in order to change the outcome of the Russia investigation (a choice that has already made Trump look guilty by choosing Kavanaugh as if he is trying to hide from a charge of treason or worst. . . ),  a nominee the American public will know nothing about without a  legitimate transparent process. It is for this reason that the Republicans should listen to the requests for the postponement of the hearing by American citizens, over 100 advocacy groups, 478 law professors and legal scholars who oppose the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, more than 100 Civil and Human Rights organizations oppose him, the NAACP,   and the protestors who were at the Kavanaugh hearing today.

To be fair, it is also important to note the organizations that do support this strange hearing --- even though it is a hearing that is being conducted without supporting documents pertaining to a lifetime appointment of a nominee who refuses to answer pertinent questions. This is simply one more incident that historians will use against the POTUS and his influence over the Republicans. Anyone paying attention to this charade can see his influence all over them  --- the type of influence that has rendered them simple-minded puppets rather than a check on his decisions. If they cannot fulfill their responsibilities or their purpose they should all be voted out of office.  

At this point, (on Day Three) the Republicans are left with his academic record to support his appointment. It should be noted that they are also "still" trying desperately to find organizations and people who like him. Mitch McConnell has sought out the American Bar Association to serve this purpose. But, many people say the ABA is afraid of Donald Trump (or the POTUS is influencing their stance so we do not know where they stand on his appointment) while  others say the ABA tends to be a  racist organization or racist against people of color and biased against women  so their reputation falls in line with the present day Republicans. This means that their ability to think that Americans will overlook this fact is strange but it does reinforce why the Republicans' "advice and consent" role remains in question  --- especially since it is not clear if this reference, selection or choice for Kavanaugh operates in the realm of truthfulness if they are afraid of Trump.  Whatever they say would, therefore, be rejected by many Americans, anyway.  Way to go, Mr. McConnell. 

On Tuesday the Republicans were, at least, confident that Kavanaugh's fellow Yale alumni liked him (Birds of a feather, after all, stick together?) but that number is dwindling. They must now seriously consider an open letter from Yale law students as well as other Yale alumni and educators . . .  They state: "Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination presents an emergency — for democratic life, for our safety and freedom, for the future of our country. His nomination is not an interesting intellectual exercise to be debated amongst classmates and scholars in a seminar. Support for Judge Kavanaugh is not apolitical. It is a political choice about the meaning of the constitution and our vision of democracy, a choice with real consequences for real people. Without a doubt, Judge Kavanaugh is a threat to the most vulnerable. He is a threat to many of us, despite the privilege bestowed by our education,
simply because of who we are." 

Moreover, it is no secret that the majority of Americans are still waiting on the Republicans to explain why Kavanaugh once openly believed that the presidency should be above the law, an argued point he now denies in which the president, in fact, becomes a godlike figure based on a system of imperialism. This pitiful so-called secret that the Republicans think no one knows about begins and ends with Trump trying to save himself --- by choosing Kavanaugh who will, in turn, ensure that he will never be impeached.   If he or the Republicans were expert problem solvers or, at least, studied history they would know Americans will reject this idea (and whoever supports it). It is a criminalized plan, at its root, that will make America a  new nation built on shifting sand. Still, according to many other experts who have really done their homework and studied Kavanaugh's record, he remains an " open advocate for precisely the sort of imperial presidency that the founders of the American experiment feared—and that Donald Trump relishes" for obvious reasons. (Clearly, Trump searched and found Kavanaugh and has tagged him as the gift that will keep on giving. . .  moral legal analysis be damned. . .) This point is not lost on Americans --- or how "low" Trump and the Republicans must go to support a corrupt presidency.

What will this idea or belief system turn Trump into or what type of America will it produce in the future if the Republicans undermine their own "advice and consent" role --- or are less then thorough in the confirmation process. This point alone explains why each and every Republican senator should be voted out of office who supports Kavanaugh in spite of crude, uncivilized Republican gerrymandering. 
Nothing is impossible.  

(At some point, Republican voters must dig deeper or study the facts to find that overall Republican policies only serve the rich and are hurting them. They must do their homework and figure out that Trump's successes are built on the long-term impact of the Obama Administration's goals (No one can create a good economy overnight.).  It is no secret either that the Republicans' goal of obstructing everything that President Obama did hurt Republican voters the most and left them in despair as well as confused about Republican leaders who keep saying one thing but, on the other hand,  support policies that do not improve their voters' lives.)

Since Republicans keep proving that they lack a moral compass, they must explain, once and for all, why they want to prevent and ignore the need for  a full, transparent and fair review of Kavanaugh's background. --- Kavanaugh deserves no special treatment.   At this point, it proves that they are willing to undermine democratic processes or "U.S. Democracy" to support this candidate for the president.  It proves that the only thing they are really accomplishing is ensuring that there will always be a historical stain on Kavanaugh's nomination. They are achieving this goal by rushing the process, a choice that has already led to a  mockery of the hearing or any good faith efforts that should abide by the U.S. Constitution and its procedural constitutional safeguards against the president's judgment

In this light, why did the Republicans intentionally wait until the last minute to hand over to the Democrats (on a holiday) 42, 000 documents --- to read the night before the confirmation hearing? What are they hiding from the public? Why does this process appear to be corrupt since it lacks a "good faith" effort to support the rule of law? Why are they supporting Trump's White House decision to claim executive privilege and withhold over 100,000 pages of documents to prevent the American public's elected officials from supporting constitutional procedures tied to "checks and balances" for the Kavanaugh nomination? To learn more, everyone should listen to Senator Whitehouse's comments.
(Scroll to 3.01:15 for more information
. . .)

(P.S. Asking Kavanaugh about homelessness is not enough. Feeding homeless citizens, of course, is a necessity but, at some point, in his life, he must know that band-aid-responses must evolve into something more --- for to whom much has been given much is expected. . . He must start by asking how he can stop homelessness, completely --- in such a rich nation. He could start by asking how he has contributed to homelessness. . .  More to the point, does he support Citizen's United or the corporate capture of the supreme court and, therefore, income inequality? )

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