Republican Voters &
The Trumpian American Dream

By Stephanie D. Robinson
Dear White Republican Voters. . .

What has Trump done for you lately?  
Yes, everyone would like to support the POTUS but
his policies  only serve the rich, a fact that is apparent
to anyone who studies how he governs. . .

According to historian Michael Beschloss,  “Trump is not operating within the boundaries that the founders might have expected . . ." He also says, "Trump is undermining our democracy." Yet, in the age of Trump, Republicans, who control both chambers of Congress, are failing miserably as democracy's gatekeepers or as a check on Trump.   (Note:  While this has led  many  Republicans to say Trump is acting more like an authoritarian leader who is imitating   Putin's leadership style or model, they still are not  doing enough to safeguard democracy.
In other words, many  Republicans  lie as much as Trump does. American voters must, therefore, study the Republicans' actions or what they do. From this perspective, Trump and the Republicans' actions speak much louder than their words --- actions that even confuse other corrupt world leaders who know that these U.S. conservatives, too have been supportive of  a ruling class of oligarchs  or corporate donors who keep promoting 
election meddling and/or
voter suppression, etc .
Corruption is the operative word here.) 

And before you change the subject and say, well, look at " the employment rate, please note that:  " a "striking number of Trump counties are losing jobs ." Also, please remember that " the single most important factor in determining the size and composition of the labor force or the declining growth of the labor force is more a result of the declining growth rate of the population over the years."  You,  as one of his supporters, must also consider what exactly it means when he tries to cut billions of dollars from  the Department of Labor (ever since he became POTUS), including the fact that he wants to trivialize the importance of employment by wanting to combine it 
with the Department of Education. 

And, what about the Republicans as a whole
who keep trying " to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and
pre-existing condition protections." Consider that many of these same Republicans keep hiding from their constituents based on this very issue who should be voted against. They include: "Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Dana Rohrabacher and Mimi Walters of California, Peter Roskam and Mike Bost of Illinois, Steve Chabot and Steve Stivers of Ohio, Bruce Poliquin of Maine, Chris Steward of Utah and Bill Huizenga of Michigan." 

Since Republicans keep running away from their constituents is it possible for the Democrats to, let's say,   take over both chambers of Congress, including the Senate to ensure that things get done? This is the number one question many voters, such as you, are concerned about. Who then supports the Affordable Care Act? Democrats, of course, support the Affordable Care Act but some are in difficult races and need your support. They include:   
"Rep. Mike Espy of Mississippi, Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida; Sen. Joe Donnelly in Indiana; Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri; Sen. Joe Manchin in West Virginia; Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota; Sen. Jon Tester in Montana. But also consider:  Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who is challenging a Republican in Arizona; former Gov. Phil Bredesen who is challenging a Republican in Tennessee; Rep. Jacky Rosen who is challenging a Republican in Nevada; Jane Raybould who is challenging of Republican in Nebraska,and, of course, everyone's favorite: Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who is challenging
a Republican in Texas that the Republicans do not even support."

What about Trump's need to distract from the ongoing chaos that he creates on a daily basis or his need to  abuse the office of the POTUS  --- (all signs that he is failing to represent American citizens, effectively)? What about his relationship with the Russians or Putin (a leader  who also promotes the rich and hates jounalists)? (Note: Freedom of the press in the U.S is legally protected by the First Amendment to the U.S.Constitution. This amendment prevents the government from interfering with the distribution of information and opinions.) What about the 100 charges and guilty pleas from 32 people and three Russian companies tied to his presidency, ( list that keeps growing. . .)? And then there is that tape. . . proving that he is
a misogynist  and that report proving that he doesn't
respect America at all. . . or its citizens.
The solution? Vote. You must vote for anyone but Republicans if you want America to, indeed, become great again.   You must vote to ensure that both chambers of Congress are taken over by elected officials who believe in the U.S. Constitution.  As it stands, many Republicans are denouncing the Republican Party. In this light, Republicans are telling other Republicans to 
Vote Blue in November. 

Why? Trump is an unethical leader period. Currently, he is not only separating immigrant children from their parents he is also   allowing these same children to be considered for adoption 
without contacting their parents. Who in their right mind steals children under the cover of  a U.S. presidency or  both chambers of Congress "controlled by the Republicans" (who have done nothing to stop him as if they are all insane)?
These acts are reminiscent of the Holocaust. 
They are breaking international laws

If that is not enough to cause you to run away from the prospect of voting for him or the Republicans, consider that at this point in history, income inequality has become so bad all researchers everywhere say that it has reached historic levels. Trump, however, is pretending that he has not noticed this very visible concern, a concern that should be noticiable by a POTUS who should want to " restore sanity to our campaign finance systemwith voters in mind. My guess is that he will probably notice this income inequality problem
if you bring it to his attention. 

You can accomplish this task in two ways (1) You could ask him to support the Disclose Acta strategy that  would help address the Supreme Court's decision on Citizen's United, which continues to impact elections or (2) Tell him you won't vote for any Republicans until he specifically supports campaign finance reform measures. This second strategy would be very helpful on many different levels but, most importantly, as a strategy for Americans, at least, to vote for anyone but the Republicans at the next election in November and, perhaps,
the next national election after that. . .

Why should this concern you?
Income inequality has been impacting
you and other white people for a while . . .
"This includes p oor whites, in particular who though renamed by Trump and sometimes called elitests. . . your brethren are still in our midst and have not disappeared. You have seen them at 
his pep rallies for his losing policies that
work against all Americans. Otherwise, he keeps them
out of sight/out of mind . . .  except. . . when it is time to vote." And, as you know, its time to vote again.

Why should you care if  you do not plan to vote anyway. . . due to the Republicans' misogyny or their treatment of Ford and Ramirez? It is for this very reason that you should vote. " Our democracy has far too many missing voices, including the full diversity or sharp viewpoint differences in key areas of public policy. Certain voting populations are almost entirely ignored in elections and policymaking, in no small part because
they are missing at the polls." 

You should know that Trump nor the Republicans
care about the short term or long-term impact of their 
poverty-producing-policies on your status as an American.  
" When even the CEO of Goldman Sachs
is worried about income inequality, you know
the United States of America has a problem."

Why should this matter to you, personally? Since Trump only likes white people these facts should worry you most of all.   
It is, therefore,  instructive to figure out if he has
done anything at all to support
the white people who voted for him.  

As it stands41% of whites live in poverty based on Republican policies and, of course, "t he South has a much higher share of the country’s poor households" based on these same policies --- even with a lower cost of living.

This matters a lot. . . for white people tend to want to end public assistance programs when they think  blacks who are living in poverty are the only ones who need these safety nets. In contrast, people of color, who support inclusivity tend to know that none of us are free until we are all free - - - as Martin Luther King so eloquently emphasized in many of his speeches when he told Americans to vote. Trump, however, ignors this approach to governing and prefers to use racism to distract from his treatment of his own  white followers as if   safety nets do not matter.

In other words, anywhere, the Republicans govern the rich benefit at the expense of the poor. How is this accomplished? The Republicans " reduce taxes on the very rich, free the business community from taxes and regulations that interfere with its money-making abilities, and subsidize that community with public funds or your tax dollars with no shame.This formula caused the Great Recession and/or the economic downturn that had  repercussions on your life as an American on many different levels. You should know that there is: " a strong association between the magnitude of fertility changes across states. . . and "key economic indicators" including changes in per capita income, housing prices and the share of the working-age population that is employed across states.

Take McConnell who became famous for promoting obstructionism to hurt Democrats during the Obama years. This strategy failed miserably for it meant that nothing could really be done to address the concerns of all Americans as long as they stopped bills from being passed. Time and time again, the Republicans   blocked pro-growth policy and backed job-killing austerity at the expense of Americans, including their own Republican voters. The Republicans " refused to even allow votes on President Obama's jobs bill in the Senate; they dragged their feet on the payroll tax and even held up
environmental regulations."

Currently, the Republican and/or Trump's historic $ 2 trillion plus deficit, (over ten years that keeps growing) is another sign that they do not know how to govern. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations  is fueling the  32% increase in the deficit, to date, (in 2018) even as the Republicans try to divert attention away from their roles in perpetuating it as if all Americans are stupid.   Since they are not opposed to lying, they now want Americans to pay for their failures through domestic and  safety net programs.

In fact, (as quiet as it is kept) you are now experiencing a national emergency or serious economic conditions  affecting the U.S. general welfare” tied to the tax cuts --- (in Trump's own words) based on a letter he sent to Congress.
Why? How? You chose to elect a president who supports a  "government by the rich for the rich. This means  the poor will pay, not only through lower entitlements, lower wages, higher inflation,  higher interest rates, and tax hikes but perhaps also through a completely unnecessary recession ."

Yet, even now, for instance, i n 18 states, at least "60 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries are white: ranging from 98 percent in Idaho and 93 percent in West Virginia to 60 percent in Minnesota and Nebraska."  Yet , McConnell continues to say that “massive numbers” of people who receive food stamps should not receive them. In fact, he's the one who  "described welfare programs as the programs that make it excessively easy to be non-productive.” He's not the type to say that decent paying jobs remain the issue and without decent paying jobs
voters need safety nets. This is not rocket science
but it is to him.

But, you should know that the  unions  understand that it is just plain wrong  for  corporation heads to make 1000 times what their employees earn . Still, no one but the Republicans would say it makes sense for Trump to support income disparities. How is this happening? " Massive inequality is being driven by factors that include excessive financial returns to company owners and shareholders at the expense of ordinary workers and the rest of the economy; the ability of rich individuals and corporations to use tax havens that allow them to evade or shield trillions of dollars from tax authorities; public policy that permits market conditions that push down wages and infringe on labor rights; and extreme wealth that is inherited, not earned." 

And, so it is very strange that many " white working-class citizens of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin—Alabama, West Virginia and Mississippi— cast their lot with a party that endeavors to raise their taxes and gut their health care" even as the   unions keep saying  Trump is costing Americans' jobs.

It is also strange that when Trump and  Laura Ingrahamm say they want to make America great again, they never explain the time period. Was it before, during or after Jim Crow and/or before the 60's? Does it mean that the sufferings of poor whites do not matter to them? Does it mean that the whites who lived/live in abject poverty  (in shanty houses with outhouses) do not count or are invisible to them based on their assessment of the past? 

Unfortunately, Trump wants his supporters to worry about many things but never the right things. From this perspective, it is easy for Trump to pretend that people of color or immigrants are responsible for the   shrinking U.S. white population (the real elephant in the room) if you believe his interpretation of these lies, a strategy that causes divisons in the nation.  It does not matter if his interpretation is wrong if he thinks you are just as morally unsound as he is and, therefore, are lacking the incentive to study the facts or understand your limited usefulness to a racist and  kleptocrat. Clearly, he thinks you want to believe his lies and will never hold  him accountable for his inability to
represent American values. 

What is just as bad is that Trump's uneducated white voters (who are being disproportionally impacted by the opioid crisis)  have what is now being termed: "white extinction anxiety" due to his racist interpretation of immigration. White extinction, however, has no basis in reality and is, therefore, not caused by immigrants.  If his followers have some guilt based on Trump's racist practices or their own racism stemming from their need to support Trump's oppression of immigrants (Exodus 1:12, etc. shows God does multiply the oppressed  based on the actions of the leaders who oppressed them. . .), their problems are not biblical in origin but, instead, still
stem from weak Republican policies. 

Yet, when Trump and the Republicans take on un-American racist immigrantion strategies and  distractions (or sloppy action plans), it also means he. . . they are doing nothing to address the real problems associated with whites and/or  his supporters.  
It also means Trump and the Republicans will be forever branded as racists, a tactic that, in turn, ensures that
Liberals, Democrats, and Progressives will vote
against Republicans in every single election.

Most importantly, Trump and the Republicans avoidance strategies mean that their own followers are confused about the problems actually impacting them. If you, as a Republican voter, know that Republicans leaders prefer to promote white supremacist theories and do not mind suppressing the vote of people of color even as they promote policies for the rich, you must study the facts and demand Republican agenda changes based on real problem definitions tied to real in-depth solutions. In other words, they do not have to solve what they do not acknowledge or name. 

If you do not know what the Republicans and Trump are doing to address the opioid crisis, the white suicide crisis, the white alcoholism crisis, the white infertility crisis, the extraordinary record number of whites dying prematurely (especially white women)  and/or the profound increase in natural deaths --- all links associated with  the  volatility of right-wing politics, " then they must do more to solve these ongoing problems. If they have failed to acknowledge all of these problems, they have also failed to effectively implement timely solutions. For instance, they are failing to expand Medicaid and/or to address the caps on Medicaid to support the actual treatment of the victims of these Republican c rises. In fact, there is an 9 % increase in the number of deaths due to the opioid crisis proving these facts.  Please note: 

        Deaths now outnumber births among white people in                    more than half the states in the country, demographers                   have found, signaling what could be a faster-than-                         expected transition to a future in which whites are no                    longer a majority of the American population. . .                           Whites are dying faster than they are being born now in                  26 states, up from 17 just two years earlier, and                            demographers say that shift might come even sooner.

As a white voter, you could ask him to challenge  Republicans such as McConnell who continue to perpetuate the opioid crisis. You could ask him if he is really addressing this crisis despite his rhetoric and demand that he explain his plans, solutions and the time table for implementing the best practices and lessons learned tied to actual research-based findings.

You could ask him why he wants to cut Medicaid, and Medicare and/or healthcare (including omitting coverage for pre-existing conditions from your health plans). You could ask him why he is cutting housing assistance and food stamps. You could ask about the high number of whites dying from firearms. You could focus on white male joblessness and how it is tied to despair caused by weak political leadership practices or elite capture of the agenda  --- key facts that have nothing to do with people of color. You could ask Trump why he wants to stigmatize whites who actually need public assistance because of joblessness and why he wants to call it welfare rather than public assistance, instead. You could ask him why whites use public assistance more than any other race in the U.S.

You could ask Trump why he is not addressing the "low pay" job problem overall in the U.S. (Note: a job report ceases to be a real job report if it does not focus on jobs that actually allow Americans to make a decent living.) You could ask him why he is steering poor white children toward certain low paying jobs in the name of vocational training. 

You could ask him why he wants to combine the education and labor departments. These departments do not need to be minimized but need to promote strong oversight structures and processes that underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in job creation and educational effectiveness, especially when it comes to leadership goals.

Given these facts, Trump's pep rallies are created to distract from his weak policies. If you attend these rallies you must hold up signs that ask him to move beyond his adolescent-name-calling speeches and, instead, focus on the policies that are addressing "key concerns" that the Republicans have never addressed, including income inequality. You must ask him to address the wide spread patriarchy and misogyny that are running rampant in the Republican Party. You must ask him about the Republican gang rule behavior of their males, especially since they  "violated a key provision of the Violence Against Women Act by disclosing Julie Swetnick’s purported sexual preferences" to discredit her.

You must not be afraid to ask him about his tax plan that serves the rich but does absolutely nothing to help poor whites and is, in fact, a document proving that he thinks very little of you or any of his voters who are middle and lower class. You must ask him about the high gas prices,  inflation and interest rates overall, key areas that further burden America's poor. 

You must ask him about the tariffs impacting the farm economy and American businesses or the " burgeoning trade war that threatens to raise prices on consumer goods, undercut business investment, and produce thousands of layoffs. And these losses will probably hit you as a Trump voter the hardest. Tariff-exposed jobs are more than twice as likely to fall in counties that voted for Republicans or  Trump in 2016." 

You must ask him why he blames blacks for the high number of murders in the U.S.  when the majority of gun deaths are not caused by blacks but by whites, etc. You must start asking Trump about this smaller government concept and where it comes from or why he acts like a Dixiecrat who wants a small government but one  without safety nets such as public assistance, etc. or plans to combat poverty. 

You must him why some politicians say Trump is a Russian  accessory --- or why he is doing nothing to stop Russian interference in the upcoming election. You must ask him why he is blaming everyone but the Republicans for the future status of whites as the majority minority without studying the facts  --- a conclusion that (again) has everything to do with Republican policies, practices and actions and nothing to do with anyone else but  Republicans who cheat and suppress the vote of people of color due to this problem .

So it is you, Republican voter, who must call him out on his blatant, ongoing lies, which are legion (a fact that will always require you to demand greater transparency and accountability in everything that he does. . .  This means you must  fact-check every single thing that he says to you to better understand exactly "what" is motivating him to promote certain ideas and/or, more often than not, distract  you from learning about
critical issues impacting Americans.)?   

Trump's recent meeting with a citizen who wants to abolish the 13th amendment served this purpose. A POTUS who invites c elebrities to the White House to r einforce S tepp'in Fetchit  stereotypes speaks volumes about his poor relationship with people of color (as a protected class) who have civil rights that he tries to ignore.  (Note: Lincoln Theodore Perry as Stepp'in Fetchit was playing a role to meet the expectations of racist whites, during a certain time period. But, his historic
performances exposed his audiences for what they were: racists. These whites could only accept African Americans in limited, stereotypical ways and would lie or make-up things about people of color to meet their racist needs.  In this sense: racism is a mental illness characterized by perceptual distortion, a denial of reality, delusions of grandeur (belief in white supremacy), the projection of blame (on the victim), and
phobic reactions to differences. . .)

You must ask about the high turnover rate and chaos tied to the Trump Administration. You must ask why the Trumps tend to lack the ability to follow U.S. Constitutional rules and tend to cheat or pretend that they are running an effective government.

Sadly, Trump is  --- the world renown master of distractions, the real-life U.S. presidential symbol of deception, a weak leader by American standards, who, to date, depends on his supporters' ignorance to remain in office. 
This point, of course, creates the conditions for the
critical question first posed:

What has he (or the Republicans) done for you lately?

Absolutely nothing. . . . 

This fact, alone means you must do the same
for the Republicans in November as well.