School Choice  ​​

Note: Contrary to what Secretary DeVos believes and says about school choice it is not about equality: it's more ​​
about giving up on certain schools. . . U.S. parents who believe in "equality" in public schools stay put and address inequalities and ineffectiveness as well as  racism knowing that they have the power to change conditions in schools, etc. Our goal, however, is to empower parents to make their own decisions about their own children by ensuring that they have access to pertinent, meaningful information. This information should allow them to weigh, analyze and discuss the information or data that leads to informed choices.


Secretary DeVos & School Choice
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The Opacity of School Choice
by Mandy McLaren & Emma Brown
(Excerpt: Private schools can continue receiving voucher funds
no matter how poorly their students fare.),
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The Racist Origins of Private School Vouchers
 By Chris Ford, Stephenie Johnson, and 
Lisette Partelow. . . Click here for more info.

The Pros & Cons of School Choice
School Choice &
The Center for Public Education

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AERA & School Choice

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The Empirical Evidence on School Choice

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What the Research Says About
School Choice

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