State & Local School Systems

             Exploring  what the experts say about
              state departments of education 
            and local school systems


"Researchers have identified capacity challenges and barriers that states confront as they try to implement education policy."

Yet, ESSA has returned power 
back to legislatures, governors, and 
state education agencies.

ESSA also "ends"
requirements ensuring that states must take specific actions on behalf of children in low-performing schools.

"State and local
policymakers, teachers, principals, superintendents,
unions, businesses, parents and students
must, therefore, take part in an inclusive process to set a vision
for reform and identify priorities."

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Unpacking ESSA State Plans:
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State Educational Plans
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Analysis of state laws, rules, and regulations
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Principals Action Plan for
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Providing All Students With a
Well-Rounded  and Complete Education  
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State Education Policy Tracking
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Governors and State Legislators & ESEA Implementation?
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"Hold the public schools accountable! Note: This clarion cry, first heard
in state capitals in the late 1980s, has since been repeated and
amplified by many states, by the courts, and most recently, by the
federal government." 

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