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For excellence and equity in public schools
Student Voice & Empowerment
What You Should Know About Student Voice & Input in Public  School Decisions​​

Young People
to Change the

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Student Rights and/or
Student Voice & Participation
in State, District & School
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Student Voices

"The boldest voices to emerge in
the wake of last week’s
mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., have been unexpected ones. Surviving students at the school quickly spoke out on social media and to news cameras about the violence and, more broadly, about political leadership that they saw as having let them down," click here to read this article.

Throughout history, protests spearheaded by teens have helped facilitate change. . . 

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Amplifying Student Voice

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Giving Students a Voice

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Should Students Sit on
School Boards?

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Speeches Focusing on Gun Violence
  Speech by Emma Gonzalez
For speeches from high school students who protested
outside The White House,
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For Speeches from
President Obama focusing on Gun Control Solutions,  
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For a speech from

Senator Chris Murphy

Changing   the Scope of Tragedy

through Smarter Gun Laws,    

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For info from t he

and Solutions,


For Public Health Info on Preventing

Gun Violence, click here. 

Measuring Student Engagement:
Why It Is Important? 

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Defining Student Engagement
By How It Is Measured

(Preview) The Case for Consulting
Young People 

(Preview) Approaches to Student Voice: Empowerment, Evidenced Based Practices &


​(What Do Students Really Need to
Learn to Succeed in Life?)

The Shape of Deeper Learning
in Education: Strategies, Structures
& Cultures
Deeper Learning Improves
Student Outcomes 
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Student Diversity 

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about this subject,