Teacher Accountability
Are teachers creating high, quality "opportunities to learn"
for all their students that support positive student test results?
(They cannot have one without the other. . .) 

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform and/or
Fail to Succeed in School,  
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Why new teachers need many experiential
and practical experiences in the classroom
before they enter the profession of teaching. . . 
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Parents Need Evidence of Student Learning 
        (Should parents really have to explain why they want                    teacher evaluations tied to student test results                    --- especially if they are a parent of color?)

Standing Up for Annual Testing in ESEA/ESSA

(Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness) ,
and here for the: (The Power of an
Effective Teacher & Why We Should Assess It).

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence
How Students  Perform in School. . .



Explore, Discover, Learn, Discuss
       Politics & 
Teacher Evaluation Systems
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Please Note:
"​Teacher preparation organizations, college and university education schools,
and teachers unions protested  proposed federal regulations (under Obama) for assessing the quality and impact of 
teacher preparation programs."
 Under Trump/DeVos, these regulations,
were reversed, "a new low in the teacher wars." 
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What's Going On In the Classroom?

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          How Do We Know What Is Going On In Classrooms If Teachers' Evaluations Are Inflated?

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 The Excellent Educators for All Initiative
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State Plans to Ensure Equitable Access to
Excellent Educators

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Education Performance, 
Equity and Efficiency
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and here to learn more about the top performing countries.

Lessons Learned: What has Changed?
Testing in American Schools: 
Asking the Right Questions
 Click here  (page 89 for the questions). To read the NAP study focusing on accountability, click  here  (page 97 - 98 for the questions).  Also, consider the following question: Do standardized tests provide information about teacher quality that can improve our flawed system for evaluating teachers?
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 Did your state legislature end or delay tying teacher evaluations to student test results? If so, how are your state's  teachers being held accountable for student achievement?  
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