The need for Transparency
​                     and Accountability in Schools 
Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Schools
  Present day civil rights organizations
have taken a stand against the
opt-out of testing movement.

They state:
"P articipation in assessments is critical for expanding educational
opportunity for all students."
If Martin Luther King was alive today
would he agree with them?
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Why measure student learning?

"Teachers’ perceptions, expectations, and behaviours probably do help sustain, and perhaps even expand the black-white
test score gap. . ."

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How Is Your State
Performing On The 2017 NAEP Assessment?
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National Assessment Of
Educational Progress?

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The 2015 Longitudinal NAEP Scores
For 12th grade students,



Toolkit for Evaluating the Alignment of
Instructional and Assessment Materials to
the Common Core State Standards

Tests/Assessments Are Bearing Fruit at an Early Age, click here to learn more. 
K-12  Students Exceed Expectations On the New Common Core Aligned Exam
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Students have lower test scores in larger school districts and in districts in which the district's teachers union has negotiated a contract that is more favorable to the district's teachers,