Founded in February 2013, COPACS is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organized under the District of Columbia Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law, Title29/Chapter 4 for educational and charitable purposes. Its overall mission is to build the capacity of parents and community stakeholders in strengthening and advancing transparency and accountability in public school governance, discourse and decision-making tied to student achievement (at a foundational level).
Its 8 interrelated goals include: 
  • Initiating and expanding opportunities for parents and community stakeholders to be involved in the education of K-12 public school children and/or in creating greater equality of opportunities for students
  • Aligning meaningful parent and community stakeholder participation to public school effectiveness as an integral part of K-12 student success, specifically in assessing, monitoring, evaluating, and improving the academic achievement of public school children
  • Identifying and demystifying the processes and structures that impede or prevent strong parent and community stakeholder involvement from taking place within school communities (even when schools provide participatory mechanisms for parent involvement
  • Offering technical assistance projects and programs (at times in partnership with schools, districts and/or state departments of education) to school communities built on explicit and systematic participatory mechanisms that allow parents and community stakeholders to 
    understand, discuss and promote instructional quality, student achievement, school accountability, school choice, the parent and community stakeholder involvement provisions of the ESEA legislation  and other accountability and transparency issues and concerns that are needed to address and impact student learning and overall school improvement efforts
  • Collaborating with other educational institutions and/or non-profit organizations in order to provide channels for a wider range of educational opportunities that support accountability and transparency in school governance and decision-making tied to effective school leadership and positive student outcomes
  • Strengthening student achievement within public schools by uniting COPACS members with educational decision-makers in order to promote collaborative problem solving linked to positive student outcomes
  • Promoting an awareness of the educational issues and concerns that impede school and leadership effectiveness and, therefore, student achievement within public schools, and,
  • Serving in an overall watchdog capacity in order to scrutinize, track, monitor and understand the decisions that impact student achievement within educational systems by promoting participatory mechanisms and products that value, and therefore, provide a foundation for stronger parent and community stakeholder input and voice within school communities.



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